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  • As Jackie's supply of pills starts to dwindle, her strategies become more intense and secretive. At All Saints, the saints from the chapel are being removed and carted off by the diocese. Between this, the lack of pills, her spiraling lack of control, and the saints leaving the building, Jackie finds herself unable to even walk through her own front door at the end of the day.


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  • At the bar, Fiona does a Google search for Lucifer for a school project. Jackie checks her search history and finds devil, Lucifer, hell and Justin Bieber in her search history. Bieber is oddly comforting.

    A fight breaks out at the bar. Kevin breaks it up by banging a baseball bat on the counter. The brawlers leave. Kevin comes over and tells the girls he wasn't going to the guys, he was just trying to scare them.

    At night in bed, Jackie wakes up Kevin by rolling on top of him. She says she misses him. Fully awakened, Kevin reverses their positions and they make love.

    Later, Jackie does an Internet search for Oxycodone, but clears her browser history when Kevin comes in. When he leaves to wake the girls up, she starts searching again. She breaks to make breakfast.

    Kevin sees the open laptop and finds her history full of searches for sobriety and withdrawal. He's pleased.

    At the hospital, Mrs. Akalutis complains about the church taking its statues back. She also tells Jackie she has hired a temp named Kelly.

    Jackie takes a pill out of her shirt lining and pops it.

    Eddie walks up and tells Jackie "there's been a little bit of momentum" with Tunie. He's planning to ask her out and wants to take her to the Museum of Natural History. Jackie assures him she'll love it.

    A woman with a gunshot wound in her arm is brought into the ER. She was accidentally hit while out walking her dog.

    A cop is brought in right behind her, complaining he got trampled.

    Cooper wants the gunshot, but O'Hara says no. Kelly the temp starts in on the gunshot victim, sidling up to Jackie but O'Hara sends him to the cop.

    When the cop says he was trampled, Kelly says he doesn't see any boot marks. The cop pleads with Cooper for morphine and he agrees.

    The woman who was shot in the arm is most concerned about her dog. Lenny assures her the dog is in his ambulance, then presents O'Hara with the bullet he found on the gurney. It went through her arm.

    Cooper tries to relate to Kelly (who is black). Cooper limps around the ER on a crutch for his hurt foot, telling anyone who'll listen that he "blew out my Achilles playing hoops."

    Even though she was shot, the woman says her pain is only a "2" on the 1-10 scale. Meanwhile the cop complains about his pain, saying it's an "11."

    Jackie gets the dog from the ambulance and puts it in the pharmacy with Eddie. Cooper comes in, whining about his mom's divorce and the chief "race" and his hurt foot. He asks what he did to deserve it. Jackie asks if he wants the long or short list.

    "I'm going to ignore you right now, til I feel safe," he tells her.

    He says he came that close to grabbing Mrs. Akalutis' boob -- his Tourette's compulsion. The crutch kept him from doing it. "So you're using the crutch as a crutch?" Eddie asks.

    He asks for a little extra TLC. Jackie takes the crutch and says she believes in him.

    Zoey tends to 95-year old Tottie, a woman who had an incident at "Jersey Boys." She doesn't believe Zoey is a nurse. "She looks like someone who gives eardrops to old cats," she tells her elderly son.

    Jackie joins them, then O'Hara. "Finally, a woman who's not wearing trousers," she says.

    In the nurse's station and seated at Jackie's preferrd desk, Kelly wows Thor and Sam with tails of treating people in Haiti. Zoey offers to school him, but Jackie says it's not necessary. Zoey shoes him out of Jackie's chair. He smoothly apologizes for muscling in on her gunshot victim, she pretends she didn't notice.

    When Jackie leaves, he takes her chair again.

    Thor and Sam are impressed.

    The gunshot victim asks Jackie to call her sister Haley to come get her dog.

    Thor asks Jackie what she thinks about Kelly. When she says he thinks he's great, Thor is relieved. He's giddy about him, which Jackie attributes to low blood sugar.

    Kelly looks at the cop's X-rays and says he's fine. The cop doesn't believe him. Cooper comes in and says the same thing. The cop is sure he felt a pop and heard something. He sees Cooper's boot and says his grandma had the same thing after bunion surgery, but Cooper insists he trashed his Achilles playing hoops. Last week it was his instep that was hurt.

    Tottie's son worries his mother will be thrown out of St. Alban's nursing home. He thinks his 45-year old wife will leave if his mom moves in with him.

    Zoey checks on the gunshot woman. She wants Zoey to give Lenny a note -- she wants to ask him out.

    O'Hara talks to Tottie alone, asking her delicately if she drinks. At St. Alban's they give her fruit juice at happy hour. She fondly remembers having a sherry every afternoon at 5:00 when her husband was alive. O'Hara offers to make her have a sherry a day, doctor's orders.

    Cooper and the cop swap stories about being in pain and how hard it is to put on a brave face. Cooper enjoys someone listening to his woes and so he tells the cops that maybe he sees a fracture on his X-rays after all, and will tell his cop buddies he broke all his ribs.

    Kelly continues to wow with story time. He tells Sam to work his sobriety, saying "it works if you work it." Jackie hears and tells Sam to get to the waiting room.

    Kelly asks if Sam's going to let Jackie talk to him like that, but Sam explains that's just how she talks.

    Tunie plays Mystery Date with the girls. Jackie calls the house and Tunie tells her Kevin's at a softball game and is in an awesome mood because he somehow found out Jackie was going to meetings. "It works if you work it," Jackie says.

    Jackie stops by the pharmacy to get Percocet for the gunshot woman. Eddie says Kelly already got it, then swapped it out for Motrin because the patient was tolerating the pain.

    Jackie goes to hang out with the dog in the back room. She takes out a pill, but Eddie comes in. She asks him please to not to go out with Tunie. She seems to consider it.

    Jackie checks on the dog, who's name is Bingo.

    Jackie checks on the gunshot girl. O'Hara asks if she's OK. She says Kevin is being a "dick." O'Hara cautiously offers to talk.

    Zoey asks O'Hara what to do about the patient who gave her number to pass on to Lenny. O'Hara advises her to burn it and scatter the ashes.

    Zoey rats on Kelly to Jackie for taking her desk. Zoey is disappointed when Jackie isn't outraged.

    Lenny eats a meatball sub. Zoey joins him and hands over the number. "This is for you, do what you want," she says.

    He uses the napkin to wipe his mouth. She says there was a number on it, but when she says it's not hers, he takes out the pocket watch she gave him. "Like I have time for anyone but you," he says.

    O'Hara, Eddie and Jackie contemplate the chapel, stripped of all its holy art.

    O'Hara mentions her 6 oz. of sherry prescription for Tottie. He can't fill it, but he offers up his flask of Jameson.

    Jackie takes Bingo the dog outside and joins Mrs. Akalutis as she watches the art get hauled away. Kelly thanks them for a great first day.

    "Don't tell me you were nice to the new guy," Mrs. Akalutis says to Jackie.

    "I don't know, you looked like you could use a miracle," Jackie says.

    Back home, Jackie sits on her stoop as Kevin, Tunie and the girls play in the kitchen. She doesn't look like she wants to go inside.

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