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Jackie putters around her basement, stashing pills.

Later, Jackie has lunch with O'Hara. She thinks Kevin asked his sister to stay with them to keep an eye on her. O'Hara mentions that Akalitus offered her chief of the ER -- just the title. She's not wooed.

The only mention of their eruption is when O'Hara warns Jackie that the next time she goes on the attack, "take better aim."

They hear a man at the next table cursing out a waitress for messing up his order. Jackie can't help but intervene. She identifies herself as the manager, even though she's wearing scrubs. He continues swearing and she tells him to get over it. She notices he's eating with a businessman and asks if he's a client. She asks the client if he feels comfortable doing business with an a--hole. The client says no, his daughter's a waitress. Jackie makes the complainer apologize. The waitress comps their lunch.

"Oh, I have missed you and the havoc that you wreak," O'Hara says.

Zoey marches around the ER, logging as much as she can on her pedometer. Gloria brings by a sign for a rival hospital's childhood obesity campaign -- their bid to lure Michelle Obama to visit. She wants the visit. She tells Jackie the fundraising campaign starts now, and takes her five bucks.

She insists on calling O'Hara chief repeatedly when she comes in.

Sam casually mentions to Cooper that Akalitus named O'Hara chief of the ER. Cooper's sure he would have heard about it. He goes to investigate, limping.

Eddie tells Jackie that Kevin invited him over for a celebratory "new job" steak. He brought a helmet for Jackie to wear for their ride home.

"You were right, now that Kevin knows you work here things have gotten so much more normal," Jackie tells him sarcastically.

Akalitus reams someone on the phone for not drumming up enough donors for a childhood obesity campaign. It's a nun.

Cooper interrupts, saying he wants to be considered for chief of the ER. He claims he's popular with the staff, which she points out he isn't. His counter argument is that he's had lunch with almost all of them. She says it's not set in stone and invites him to prove himself worthy.

"Like a dance-off?" "Like overtime." "Like a dance-off," he says.

In the ER lobby a man shouts that his wife is having a baby. When Jackie goes to check the man says his wife is up in OB but he can't stop dry heaving. Evan worries he's going to miss the birth. Jackie advises him to claim chest pains to get seen sooner. He does.

As Jackie is showing him back, a pushy woman steps in front of her to say she was there first. She says her daughter has asthma and can't breathe. Jackie looks to see the girl blissfully eating a bag of chips, seeming just fine. She tells the mom chest pains take priority.

Jackie gives him some Valium. Zoey marches by, running in place to notch her pedometer. She's also pulling her first double shift.

Evan asks if she's on speed. "I AM speed, mother------" Zoey says.

Jackie takes her for a decompression break in the chapel. Zoey announces that if she gets married she's sure she's going to be a sweaty bride.

Her pedometer urges her to get moving, but Jackie commands her to sit.

Thor walks by Akalitus filling in a fundraising thermometer. O'Hara joins and announces it looks like a "giant willie." She promises $2,000 just so Akalitus won't put her name on a sign as a donor.

Akalitus tells her about Cooper trying to win the chief title. She says he can't if O'Hara accepts, which she does, "but only so the title doesn't go to Prince John." Akalitus mentions Cooper is working overtime, so keep the news quiet for a week.

Lenny wheels in a guy named Lou who passed out in the lobby of a building before a job interview. Thor and Jackie help him. He has minor head trauma.

Cooper practices walking in his new Shape-Ups, measuring the size of O'Hara's office. He wrecked his instep playing basketball. He tells her he wants her office if he wins. She says that only seems fair. Cooper limps off.

Jackie tells Lou he has high-blood pressure. He recently went off his meds. Jackie says they'll get him a new prescription. Lou is very nice.

Cooper interrupts, telling Jackie to drop by. She sees him behind the curtain with his shoes off. He got Cortisone and wants her to inject it because he can't do it because he knows it'll hurt. She's miffed he was able to get himself cortisone. She looks at his foot and sees he has a bunion. He denies it. She injects him into the bunion and he howls.

Jackie visits Evan, who is feeling calmer, but now is freaked out about having a kid. On the way up he tells her that instead of putting together a crib last week, he sent messages to all his old girlfriends on Facebook.

When he refuses to get off the elevator, Jackie stops new parents so Evan can sniff their baby. Reassured that they all smell like that and will continue to as he freaks out, Evan goes on his way.

Downstairs, Cooper says he's working OT. But Thor corrects that they're working on changing their fantasy football team name from "Man Crush" to "Cooper Dooper."

O'Hara comes from seeing Lou and she and Thor agree he's the nicest patient of the week. Zoey gave him her pedometer because he walks to work.

Jackie meets Eddie outside. He bought dessert for the bbq. She holds on as he speeds off.

Back at the house, they laugh like old times inside. He reaches for her hair, but she pulls away.

Outside, Eddie talks to Kevin's sister. She thinks he's cute.

Upstairs in her bedroom, Jackie sees a dresser is empty , so is the closet. Outside, the girls tell her they're having a clothing drive for the less fortunate and Kevin took clothes to the parish. There was four boxes worth of clothes, including baby clothes from the basement.

Tunie tells Grace she sent Kevin to an Al-Anon meeting. He comes back.

Later, Kevin eats pie in the kitchen. Eddie and Tunie chat outside. Jackie says she wants to walk to the parish to check that Tunie didn't accidentally give away the girl's baptism clothes. She invites Kevin to go on a walk.

At the parish, Jackie goes downstairs to look through their stuff. She finds the box she was going through at the top of the episode. She finds a kid's mitten, with pills inside. She pockets the pills and contemplates the mitten.


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