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jotix10016 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There are a few interesting ideas running through this episode of "Modern Family". Haley tries to challenge her mother into letting get away with not studying, as she had promised. An upset Claire tries to reason with her daughter, only to get more aggravated with her. Having called the plumber, Claire must deal with the whining Phil who knows it all about fixing the problem. When a minor earthquake strikes their neighborhood, Phil decides to take care of other problems before getting Claire from being trapped in the bathroom.

At Jay's there is another issue. Gloria wants to have Manny go with her to church, but Jay believes he has a more important date with the golf course. Gloria tries to push into her son respect for religion, while Jay does not subscribe to her ideas. Manny, who wants an excuse not to accompany Gloria, ends up at the country club with his stepfather. There, everything goes wrong with Jay by missing easy shots, something Manny believes is divine punishment.

At Cam and Mitch's, there is another issue. Having been invited to Pepper's brunch, Cam does not want to go. As the earthquake in the area is felt, Mitch figures he has the right alibi for not attending the occasion. The lie backfires when Pepper decides to come to see the actual damage in their friend's house.

Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh and Elaine Ko wrote the screenplay for this installment. The different ideas behind the effect of the earthquake are developed by the writing team with their usual insight. Nathan Lane is the guest star. He does a terrific impression as Pepper, an aging gay man whose brunches have become something to avoid, but no one dares to tell it to his face. The other aspect of the heaven and hell, as explained by Jay is hilarious in the way Manny interprets his step- father's ideas. Michael Spiller keep things light in his handling of the material.
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