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The Entrance of Death

Author: Red_Identity from United States
10 September 2010

The second-to-last episode of the fifth season is one that bares all to let us know that the end is almost here, and it does so with some great scenes.

Pestilence, I thought, was way too messy, yet very much what one would expect in the show. The episode transitions from Pestilence to the known arrival of Death, the fourth and final Horsemen to make an appearance. Death's arrival in the city is done in an amazing slow-motion, very carefully edited scene that is perhaps one of the best scenes of the entire show. It is really brilliant, as is Death's conversation with Dean. It brings up a great point, as how death is neutral to everything.

Overall, this is a great episode and one of the best of the season. Much to look forward to.

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Too Late?

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2 May 2012

Dean has an argument with Sam that wants to say "yes" to Lucifer to trap him. However, they go to the Serenity Valley Convalescent Home where Pestilence is and they are defeated by the Horseman. Out of the blue, Castiel appears and gets his ring.

Bobby sells his soul to Crowley to get the information where Death is. Crowley recovers Bobby and makes him walk. Dean, Sam, Bobby, Castiel and Crowley head to Chicago to meet Death. Bobby, Castiel and Sam find that Niveus Pharmaceuticals will supply vaccines with the Croaton virus. When Dean sees Death in a pizzeria, the Horseman surprisingly proposes a deal to Dean; in return, he gives his ring to Dean.

"Two Minutes to Midnight" is a great episode of the Fifth Season. It is intriguing when Pestilence says to Dean, Sam and Castiel that it is too late. The creepy Death and his dark encounter with Dean is the best moment of this show. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil) : "Dois Minutos para a Meia-Noite" ("Two Minutes to Midnight")

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An amazing Prefinale

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
16 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I give this episode a perfect 10, simply because of an amazing guest star Julian Richings as Death, of course the acting and directing were great but it is not something new on Supernatural. After an amazing entry for Death, beautifully directed with the great well chosen track Jennifer Titus's "O Death,", Julian Richings delivered a great performance as the most intimidating Horseman, he was also an unexpected ally to the Team Free Will. He gave Dean the hard choice either to save the world or choose his brother.

That choice leaves us thinking about the tough end the brothers are facing when no one will be left to win. Dean is angry with Sam for ever thinking about saying Yes to the Devil and now he promised Death he will allow his brother to jump in the bit even if he didn't intend to keep his promise. Dean knows that his brother is the only one who can do it, but will he choose the world over his little Sammy? If Dean didn't fulfil his promise, what do you think will happen to that who lies in the face of Death? something nasty I guess, and the world will end badly. On the other hand if he chooses to let his brother do it he will end up loosing the most precious person in his entire life, he will end up loosing himself.

As for Sam, He will end up being killed by Michael or doomed to an eternity of torture in the Hell cage with the Devil himself, Of course needless to say the painful terrified look on his face when Castiel mentioned the need for drinking the daemon blood again. (But Sam, I like Bobby was proud of you when you stepped out and took the lead saving people in the warehouse, I know you can do it I know you can beat the Devil)

Cas has already lost everything, He may have found a new faith in the Winchester brothers but he lost his Angel mojo and became incredibly Human. He is a rebel not joining either team, Heaven of Hell and he will be left to face the rage of the winning team later. (On the up side He got to save the Winchesters from Pestilence and use firearms for a change)

Then there is Bobby, he might have regained his ability to walk but he already sold his soul to Crowley and even if Crowley was true to his word (and I strongly doubt it) and give it back, He will be left to face a world without his surrogate sons, the only family he has left in life. If it was tough for him to lose Dean before, Just think how would it be for him to lose both now. (Taking into consideration that Dean will never be the same if he loses his brother)

Finally there is Crowley, the unreliable ally to the team. He seems to be carefully weighing his options, betting on the team but making deals with others in the process. His hint about Pizza before taking Dean to Death and Death Intel on Sam's plans (which I strongly think it was Crowley who told him about it in the first place) and his hint to Dean that he had to wait for him to come, made everything clear that the daemon is already having a plan B in case everything goes down the sewers.

Matt Frewer was terrific as Pestilence and he deserved more on screen time but I guess the audience wouldn't stand any more disgusting scenes and he was cool with his "Hmm, you boys don't look well... It might be the Scarlet Fever, or the meningitis, oh... or the syphilis."

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Oh, Death, оh Death, my name is Death and the end ïs here...

Author: Chalice_Of_Evil from Australia
6 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They really go over-the-top with Pestilence. First it was his sneezing/wiping snot everywhere, now it's old people throwing up green vomit. Not exactly subtle.

The sight of Castiel in the hospital was somewhat amusing, but even more amusing was him saying he can't "zap anywhere". I love that the angels themselves don't have a proper word for what they do, so he just uses Dean's. Welcome to being "incredibly human", Castiel. Yeah, annoying how bug bites don't stop itching, no matter how much you scratch them. Good of him to apologise for what he said to Dean (though he could have added "Sorry for beating the crap out of you.").

'Serenity Valley' - nice shout-out to the series Firefly. Okay, I've lost count of how many times this season a character has made reference to the Winchesters' asses. Now we can add Pestilence to the list. Really, SPN writers, what is with the fASScination?? Pestilence was a bit over-the-top with his shouting to nurse demon. And her hugging him whilst he was covered in vomit? Yuck. Poor Sam and Dean. Syphilis? Yeah, Xander from Buffy will attest to that not being "fun". The actor playing Pestilence is more effective when he's *not* yelling. Heh, Castiel took a bus. I wonder if he had to put up with the bus arriving late and a cranky bus driver? Him cutting off Pestilence's finger (and the scream that went along with it) was very satisfying. The jerk deserved it.

Nice to have Crowley back yet again. And yeah, Bobby, you're a damn hypocrite for agreeing to give up your soul to Crowley (even if it's to get to Death), after all the crap you gave Dean about selling his soul to bring back Sam at the end of Season 2. Sam got the first great line of the episode, asking, "Did you kiss him?". Bobby's reaction and emphatic "NO!" was almost as good, then Crowley actually having a PHOTO of him lip-locking with Bobby just made the moment classic. Followed by Bobby asking why Crowley had to take a picture, and him firing back, "Why'd you have to use tongue?". Sam and Dean's reactions throughout all of this were hilarious.

The song playing over Death walking along a sidewalk and bumping the guy, who mouthed off (big mistake) and then promptly dropped dead? Best entrance of all the Four Horseman.

Why shouldn't Castiel bitch to you, Bobby? What have *you* been doing all season long? Bitching. So why should you be the only one? While I appreciate the show acknowledging when times were simple and the boys just hunted things, I wish Sam hadn't referenced that awful Season 1 episode 'Wendigo'. Nice of Crowley to give Bobby back the use of his legs (and good to hear Bobby actually thank him for it).

Sucks that Michael has settled on Adam as his replacement vessel for Dean. I mean, all this season we'd been led to believe how important Dean was in stopping Lucifer, but then when it comes right down to it...Michael settles for long lost brother? Kind of a cheat/cop-out, isn't it?

Oh no, not Sam's Achilles Heel (, throat)! Very happy to see Castiel blow the rabid dude's head off and save Sam.

I wish we'd seen Tessa the Reaper again with all the other reapers. She's awesome, and I like the way she interacts with Dean. I'm still holding out hope for a return appearance from her before the show's over.

Good scene between Dean and Death. Especially liked Death describing Lucifer as a "bratty child having a tantrum", though his letting Chicago stay because he likes the pizza did remind me of Spike wanting to save the world in Buffy because it had Manchester United and "Happy Meals with legs" (ie. people).

Nice effect with the Horsemen rings coming together. Of COURSE Dean's worried about losing his brother, Bobby! What a stupid question. Dean's got a hell of a decision to make.

This wasn't exactly up to Season 4's second-to-last-episode standard (I mean, 'When the Levee Breaks' ended with a punch-out between Sam and Dean, while this episode ended with...Dean and Bobby talking at a table). Still, it's good that Dean's weighing up just what is at stake here. His brother or the world (essentially). Here's hoping he doesn't pull a Buffy and do a swan dive into the pit. This was a pretty good episode, the second half was much better than the first half (mainly due to the actor playing Death, and Death as a character being much more intriguing than Pestilence).

I hope the Season 5 final is up to the same standard as the finals from Seasons 1, 2 and 3 (I wasn't overly fussed on Season 4's final, except for towards the end). Don't disappoint, Kripke!

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