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Needs world wide release- Excellent show

Author: brianloughran55 from ireland
13 August 2012

Shows like this and Underbelly in Australia need to get world recognition,

I only discovered Underbelly travelling through Australia and its up there with Sopranos standard wise

This show Love/Hate is absolutely gripping from start to finish. Every actor shines and the plot is fantastic.

Its a take on the criminal underworld in Dublin and its quite terrifying.

Must watch and hopefully it gets seen by people oustside of just Ireland

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Best Drama by RTE

Author: btsarno from Sligo, Ireland
6 November 2012

Definitely one of Irish Television's best ever series. Written by Stuart Carolan, who also wrote some episodes of Raw (another excellent drama), this series is the story of modern gangsterism on the streets of Dublin.

The acting is chillingly effective from two of the main gangster leads, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Aiden Gillen. Gillen, especially, is a menacing, ruthless, bloodthirsty, totally amoral drug boss. Robert Sheehan plays a younger gang member who returns to Dublin from Spain when he has been in enforced exile. Naturally, he teams up with Nidge, his old buddy (Vaughan-Taylor), mayhem ensues.

Killian Scott, Aoibhinn McGinnity, Charlie Murphy and Ruth Bradley also shine.

Now in it's third season, beginning next Sunday (RTE One, Sunday, November 13th, 2012), this is a series to be seen by the world, not just Ireland.

As a drama, I would put this on par with the best of the best of BBC productions.

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Excellent Drama with international standing of quality

Author: samuel dylan from Ireland
2 December 2012

Season 4 . 2012

Being from Ireland I generally "Hate" Irish drama/ comedy/ thriller/ pretty much anything from my home country, as it generally portrays a kitschy, 80's cheap view of the country and our people. "very embarrassing" "cringe worthy TV"

That all said Love/Hate is a true gem of modern Irish film and production. An excellent series with the draw to have you sit in on a Sunday night.

Modern, Hard hitting, Well scripted, strongly acted and an overall "must watch"

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Who knew Irish TV could be so fantastic!!

Author: phillo74-1 from Ireland
5 December 2012

Being Irish myself, I was at first hesitant about this show. I mean, how good could it really be right? Especially when the bar has been set by the likes of Fair City...or Glenroe. But, I said I'd take my chances...and, boy, am I glad I did!

Love/Hate is gritty, funny, dramatic, intense. It leaves you with cliffhangers, and has you constantly thinking about what's going to happen next. The cast do an amazing job - sometimes I can't believe it's Irish talent I'm seeing on my screen - and, best of all, the series' are short and sweet; with 4 episodes in season 1, and 6 episodes (each) in seasons 2 & 3. I urge everyone to watch this show! Even the gardaí (cops in Ireland) think its realistic...

Try it out. You won't be disappointed!


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Don't do what I did!

Author: decfry from Ireland
6 July 2013

I too had dismissed this show. After all it was an RTE production and when did they last produce anything of merit? I apologise.

I tend to ignore terrestrial t.v and watch a lot of HBO box sets. The Wire is beyond everything else in my humble opinion. But credit where it's due Love/hate is something really special. Top notch acting (where did they all come from?), great story lines, tension, chases and a production that looks like money was spent on it. I was totally engrossed and the three series boxset flew by.

This is brilliantly done. It deserves to be a worldwide hit.

Congratulations to all involved. Really looking forward to series Four.

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Author: docnova-264-364862 from Ireland
16 January 2013

As I'm writing this review, 'Love/Hate' has been running for three seasons on Irish television, our own 'RTE'. In an age of multi-channels, this series slipped past me completely. I knew it was a new Irish drama but I wasn't bothered to look it up. First of all, the title. I thought it was a new mini-series about infidelity among the Celtic Tiger boomers hitting the hard times in Dublin during this recession. And secondly, it was an 'RTE' production whose past track record for drama has been very poor and moderate.

How wrong I was. I have never heard so many friends rave about a series before the new year and to my surprise, it was this 'Love/Hate'. So I watched the pilot yesterday and 10 minutes into it, I knew I had found a gem (emerald, excuse the Irish pun). And 16 episodes and some sore eyes later, I can honestly say this is one of the best series I have ever come across. It is gritty, tragic and even painfully funny at times. Most of the characters are polished and involving and the writing is groundbreaking especially for Irish TV. This won't be to everyone's taste but if you are reading this, you are already interested in it's promise and will not be disappointed.

Been Irish myself, you may say that I'm being biased, but I would be the first to criticize any production that was below par from any country. I just hope that this series can get it's feet onto the international scene and give recognition to it's creator/writer Stuart Carolan and director David Caffrey. I think my review is only the ninth to be written here and by right, there should be a hundred. If America could pick this series up, on the East Coast around NY and Boston, it would go viral as far as Australia and beyond.

So now there's hope for more new drama in Ireland for the future. Hats off to 'RTE', they finally got with the times. And now a 9 month wait for season 4. I have no problem giving 'Love/Hate' 10/10.

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High Quality Irish TV

Author: jackgoodway from Edinburgh
14 January 2013

Comparisons to "The Wire" are wide (and above) the mark; but LOVE/HATE does mark an ambitious and dramatic departure for Irish television.

Gritty, brutal, authentic, entertaining and accessible despite a grim portrayal of a corner of Dublin's gangland underworld.

Having the watched the compact (4 episodes) first series, The Law or Garda are absent from proceedings, mainly due to the gang's amazing ace lawyer. While divisive and simplifying the storyline somewhat, but this does give the close knitted band of characters free reign, to have their own suspicions, in-fight and dispense their own kind of justice; following the murder of one of their number.

The strong performances all round, departure in production value, plus the tone and intensity; rather story telling craft, mark this series out as one to watch. With the promise of better to come.

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A Must See

Author: lampyswift from Bristol, England
11 January 2014

Quite simply the best drama I've ever seen. Came across the first series by chance on Channel 5, and thought it was alright.

From then on it just gets better and better. The Wire was my favourite, and I appreciate how much more complex and entwined The Wire is, but Love/Hate genuinely gripped me from start to finish. I have seen all 4 series, and certain things could have been done better, without giving too much away, but it still delivers pure suspense and something UK residents can relate to, as opposed to The Wire. If you enjoy crime dramas you HAVE to see this, you won't be disappointed. Brutal, thrilling, gripping drama. Well done RTE.

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Most Underrated show on T.V

Author: Michael O'rourke
9 November 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first heard of Love/Hate from the lads I simply passed it off as another poorly produced RTE show that will lose audiences within a month. I can honestly tell you now that it was the Wrongest I've ever been in my entire life. Love/Hate has taken a forceful hold on me since the very First episode with its fantastic writing well scripted characters and an honest take on gangland Dublin

As the show has gone on it's clear that Love/Hate has dramatically improved into one of those shows that should not only have critical acclaim from the Irish nation but rather from the every nation.Its the closest an Irish show will ever get to the best ever made such as the Wire and The sopranos and it gives it a good run for its money.

With the sudden news that Season 5 of Love/Hate will be its last viewers can walk away from the show mesmerized by its fine attention to detail and again by the brilliant dialog from the shows writers. Love/Hate needs to be known to people. If not now than soon because it truly is a fantastic show with a lot of Love and no Hate!

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For lovers of on-running plots of the action-crime-thriller genre

Author: mairz from France
23 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a long time visitor to the IMDb website and find it extremely useful when I need information or reviews of TV shows. This, however, is my first review as other contributors have eloquently and at length written about my favourites(Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Hell on Wheels, The Walking Dead, to name but a few). Like the above programmes, the storyline in Love/Hate is on-running - an essential criterion for me as I have no patience for shows where each episode is self-contained with a beginning, middle and end, with perhaps an on-going back story of minor importance (I'm thinking here of popular court-room dramas where the issue at the beginning is done and dusted by the end of the episode).

Like other Irish contributors on here I initially dismissed it as yet another one of those mediocre Irish productions of the 1980's '90's characterised by a lot of poor acting and lame plot lines. As a result I only decided to give it a whirl after hearing it much discussed on the radio and having watched all of Damages, Dexter, Breaking Bad, the Tudors, Homeland many other programmes. And boy was I ever surprised, my standards and expectations had been raised by the American and British TV shows (check out Line of Duty)and Love/Hate in my opinion is genuinely in the premier league of the TV space. Apart from anything else it has a smashing and (like the best TV shows)completely unpredictable storyline - there is nothing like not knowing where a series will take you next to keep you mesmerised. Add to that some stellar performances by the lead actors (especially Tom Vaughan Lawlor (Nidge, Aiden Gillen (of Game of Thrones)(John Boy) and Peter Coonan (Fran). What is also good about the show is its character development and evolution, something that viewers of today have come to expect. SPOILER ALERT. Nidge, for example starts off a kind of happy-go-lucky rogue, but by season 4 has evolved into a dark, angry and (even more) ruthless thug. END OF SPOILER ALERT. The music is great too - there is no theme tune per se. Each and every episode starts and ends with a different song or piece of music, from rap to rock, crooners to classical....a nice touch.

To the reviewer above who found Nidge so detestable, I would suggest that he/she watch some interviews on you tube. The real life personalities are NOTHING like they characters they portray, which attests to the calibre of their acting. Some have criticised the show for its violence and for not portraying what are essentially violent, lawless criminals in a more negative light, but what about Dexter, the psychopath serial killer? Did we EVER want him to receive his comeuppance? Or Tony Soprano, for that matter? Or what about 'Hannibal' which contains some truly horrifyingly violent scenes.

So yes to summarise, I would highly recommend this show, however with one or two caveats: the first season, while good is the weakest, but writers really up their game from season 2 onwards. Viewers unfamiliar with the Dublin landscape, won't, of course have the added attraction of seeing Nidge and co in familiar backdrops and surroundings. Plus it has has to be admitted that some of the colloquialisms (bleedin', brasser, knackered, a few scoops) may be beyond certain viewers, its still pretty comprehensible (I think!.

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