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  • When a newborn disappears from the nursery, Princeton Plainsboro goes on lockdown, preventing anyone from entering, leaving or moving within the hospital. While House and his team members are trapped in various parts of the building, new insights about the team's personal histories, relationships and regrets surface.


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  • Open with a brand new father leaving his wife and older son to get them food downstairs.

    We see Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) has arrived holding some papers. She asks Chase (Jesse Spencer) if they can talk someplace private. When the father returns to the room, the baby is gone. Since no alarm has sounded, Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) realizes the baby has not gone through an exit. She orders the hospital on lockdown until the child is found.

    Chase tells Cameron he won't sign the divorce papers until they've had a chance to talk. She goes to leave just as there is an announcement. All non-essential personnel must remain in their current rooms.

    House (Hugh Laurie) ends up ducking into a dark room.

    The father of the lost baby wonders why police aren't questioning their nurse.

    Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) are stuck together in the cafeteria. They decide to start playing Truth or Dare.

    The nurse tells Cuddy the new older brother didn't seem receptive to his baby sister.

    Foreman (Omar Epps) and Taub (Peter Jacobson) run into each down in a file room. Taub has found the staff credentials files, normally guarded in HR. They have been moved before they are digitized and made permanently part of the record.

    The patient in the room with House, Nash (David Strathairn), is awake despite a massive dosage of morphine. It turns out Nash is hours from death with heart disease, and he had written House looking for help with his condition when it was only mysterious tooth pain. House basically says he can only take 1 of 20 cases and many of those he turns down die.

    Wilson and Thirteen discuss her bisexuality.

    The mother of the missing baby said her stepson has been getting in fights at school recently.

    Chase asks Cameron about her leaving him.

    Foreman and Taub go through House's file and find most of the documents are fake. Foreman suggests they take some pain killers he confiscated from a drug-seeker in the clinic, purely in the interests of briefly "walking in House's shoes."

    Nash was a research professor at Princeton. House wonders why he's dying alone and suggests giving him more drugs so he can sleep until death. Nash declines.

    Thirteen tells Wilson her dad did not overreact when she came out to him. Wilson says he's not dating anyone, "now." Thirteen won't talk about Foreman, so he gives her the dare of flashing her breasts at Taub.

    Cuddy talks with Walker (Riley Thomas Stewart), the brother of the missing baby. Walker says he didn't do anything to the baby, but admits he doesn't like his sister.

    House opens up to Nash about his rehab and the woman he met there. Nash tells House there is a "she" who is part of his problem and asks for the time.

    Foreman and Taub are now pretty stoned. They end up playfully punching each other in the face and Taub grabs Foreman's file and runs away.

    Cameron agrees to answer Chase's questions. He thinks she never loved him because he could never live up to the honeymoon-type relationship she had with her first husband who died after six months of marriage. Eventually Cameron surprises even herself by admitting she's not sure if she ever loved him.

    Thirteen presses Wilson about his current love life. He clams up and she dares him to steal a dollar from the cash register.

    Taub sees in Foreman's file that he faked a lab result back in school. He thinks Foreman came down there to destroy the file before it gets made permanent. Taub determines Foreman doesn't think he belongs in the hospital. Foreman grabs Taub's file and runs off with Taub in wobbly pursuit.

    Nash tells House the woman in question is his daughter Gracie. Nash left his family when she was six-years old after he'd had an affair. He'd only married Gracie's mother because she was pregnant. Gracie gets off work soon and Nash had wanted to speak with her one more time. House tells Nash he met someone in the psychiatric hospital who changed him before leaving. "We're better off alone," he says because everyone dies that way. Nash points out time before death is better when you are not alone.

    Wilson ends up getting into the drawer, but once he grabs the dollar an alarm goes off. He puts the dollar back on the register and back away sheepishly.

    Chase seems happy with the revelation because it means he didn't do anything wrong in the relationship. She says his assessment of her was correct and she did love him but it never would have worked because she's "a mess." They both apologize and Chase signs the papers.

    Thirteen said she lied about telling her dad she's bisexual and Wilson admits his ex-wife recently made contact with him. He's worried about reconnecting with her because even one date will make it serious.

    Chase and Cameron recall the high points of their marriage. He turns on some music and they dance.

    Foreman reads off Taub's ridiculously impressive resume. Taub is embarrassed because he hasn't achieved as much as he would have liked to this point.

    Cuddy and the mother of the missing girl discuss adoption (Cuddy's daughter is adopted). The mother says she's afraid she can never love Walker the way she loves her own daughter and wonders if it makes her a bad person. Cuddy notices there are extra towels in the bathroom. Cuddy then notices a different nurse is spaced out and the hair on only one of her arms is standing up. She having a type of seizure which allows her to function on auto-pilot. Cuddy thinks she dropped the towels off twice and could have taken the baby.

    Chase and Cameron start kissing and she locks the door.

    House helps Nash call his daughter. He get her voicemail and House notices he's not surprised. Apparently, Nash periodically calls to hear her voice and thinks he doesn't have a right to need her now when he wasn't there for her. House convinces him to call back and tell her what he needs to. Nash leaves Gracie a voicemail telling her "I love you."

    Cuddy finds the baby safe in a cart full of towels. Cuddy holds the baby and seems to have a moment with the child. The baby is returned safely.

    The lockout ends and we see Chase and Cameron lying together post-coitus.

    Wilson tells Thirteen he called his ex-wife and made a date. She admits most of what she said about her father was a lie.

    Foreman tells Taub he doesn't want his file after all. Once Foreman leave the room, Taub rips a page out of Foreman's file and shreds the page.

    Nash asks House for the extra morphine. House says he's sorry for not taking Nash's case. "Me too," says Nash. "Gracie was the cutest six-year old you ever saw."

    On her away out of the building Thirteen flashes Taub.

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