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We open outside the dilapidated home of the Fairview strangler. "You might ask how such a monster came to be," our dead narrator prompts. Sure -- why not? Cut to Eddie, whose mother chugs Scotch faster than she can buy it. Later, Mom breaks into the boy's room and finds a journal containing clippings of the victims. Uh oh.

FLASHBACK. Several years earlier. Mary Alice jogs through town and discovers four-year-old Eddie hiding outside while his parents argue. "I never wanted any of this!" Eddie's bad father screams before leaving forever. Later, Mary Alice brings the suddenly single mom a casserole (that should help). Mom pours herself a big glass of wine (foreshadowing of what's to come) "He's going to be a heartbreaker one day," Mary Alice says of little Eddie. (Kind of foreshadowing!) A few weeks later, Mary Alice visits again -- and finds Eddie has been left alone. His mother is at a bar getting drunk with some loser. Mary Alice brings the drunk Mom whom whom she says "I really need a man." Eddie's lonely and broken mother cries when confronted. After Mary Alice leaves, she hugs her son and says "Oh, Eddie, it's not your fault you ruined my life." Eddie's mother is clearly over the edge and, in her twisted mind, she sees Eddie as the same image of her departed husband. This clearly sets up the stage for Eddie's lifelong neglect and abuse by his mother who blames all men for her misfortune.

A few years later, we see Gabrielle moving into her new house on Wisteria Lane. Eddie is hiding in the bathtub. He has been playing in the house "since the other people moved." When he meets Gabby for the first time, he calls her "beautiful" -- and she is flattered. Eddie even helps Gabby unpack moving boxes. He then gives her a pedicure. When Gabby asks Eddie what his mother is up to Eddie explains: "She has this new boyfriend and they like their alone time". A few days later, Carlos arrives home early from work with plans to seduce his wife. Eddie walks in on the pair -- naked -- while they sit in the bathtub. "Get out!" Gabby screams. After dressing, Gabby tells Eddie that they "can't hang out so much anymore." Eddie storms home, where he finds a BB gun. Angry, he takes aim and shoots a bird. (Another bad sign).

A few more years later, Bree has hired teenage Eddie to help paint her house. Bree asks if the boy has a GF (girlfriend). "Girls never notice me," he explains. Bree then attempts to give the boy advice in "wooing" women. He appears appreciative. A few days later, Bree visits Eddie's mother... who is either hung over or already drunk. It turns out that Eddie has a crush on Danielle -- and the boy has been giving her gifts. Bree thinks they are "sweet gestures," but she knows her daughter doesn't want to date the kid. When Eddie arrives home from school, his mother and Bree are waiting for him. "This lady says you've been stalking her daughter," Mom tells Eddie. Bree protests, but Eddie is crushed. Later, Bree tries to apologize, but Eddie rudely rebuffs her by saying. "I don't want a friend!" he cries. "I want someone to love me!" Cut to Eddie hiring a prostitute. He attempts to give her flowers -- and she howls in laughter. (Bad idea.) Eddie makes the hooker his first victim.

A few months earlier. Susan, who sees Eddie sketching at the coffee shop. "You have huge potential," Susan says. "I could help you if you want." Eddie enthusiastically agrees. A few weeks later, Susan is amazed at the teen's progress. "I signed you up for a two-week seminar at the art institute," she explains. Eddie is grateful, but explains that his mother will not allow it. "When you love something that much, you can't just let it go," Susan says to him. "To hell with the rest of them." Susan gives Eddie a big hug -- and he appears to enjoy it a little too much. Later, Eddie returns from the institute to show off his work. Susan comes down the stairs in a wedding dress. She is getting married to Mike. Again. Eddie is crushed. "Marry me!" he exclaims. Susan laughs, believing the boy to be joking. Later that night, he strangles Julie, after mistaking her for Susan.

One month earlier. Lynette and Tom are playing charades with Eddie. The door bell rings, and it's Eddie's drunk of a mother who screams: "Where's my kid!?" She then accuses Eddie of hiding her booze -- and yells at Lynette of making Eddie her "pet project." Eddie leaves ashamed. Lynette is shocked by the mean woman's nature.

PRESENT DAY. While Eddie's drunkard mother is breaking into Eddie's bedroom to look for any booze or spending money, she discovers his journal. Meanwhile, Lynette is worrying about the boy. "I'm livid with us -- the way she talks to Eddie and we let her," she tells Tom. "And we do nothing." Cut to Eddie returning home. He discovers Mom reading his scrapbook. "Why would you collect this stuff?" mom asks. "You got to tell me the truth, OK?" Eddie admits to killing the girls. Mom breaks down. "I didn't raise you to be like this!" she exclaims. "The worst mistake I ever had in my life was having you!" Eddie reacts by hitting her in the head with a liquor bottle -- and then strangling her. Just then, Lynette knocks on the front door. "Tom and I were talking and we would like it if you move in with us," she says. "You've got to get out of here." A horrified Lynette then notices mom lying on the floor. "Is she passed out?" she asks. Eddie nods and says, "Mom is "dead drunk" for sure. After sending Lynette away, Eddie wraps his mother's dead body in a shower curtain, disposes of it and her car to make it look that she left town, and settles in with Lynette and her family as his new base of operations to continue his killing spree against women whom he feels have hurt and humiliated him his whole life.

To be continued...
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