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  • Two versions of the "Jesus of Suburbia" music video exist, directed by Samuel Bayer. One version is a 12-minute edit, complete with a plot and dialogue; the other is a six and a half-minute director's cut, inclusive solely of the music itself and devoid of additives. The six-minute version is censored, whereas the twelve-minute version is not. The video starred Lou Taylor Pucci as Jimmy. Jimmy's love interest (Whatsername) was played by Kelli Garner. Jesus' mother was portrayed by Canadian actress Deborah Kara Unger. The plot of the video essentially follows that of the song. Despite the fact it is the second track, the video reveals Jesus' and Whatsername's relationship before it is revealed in the story. The video pays homage to "1979" by Smashing Pumpkins-it also made use of the snorricam which created the videos' notable up close shots in the convenience store and party scenes.

  • The story of a young adult with an aggressive nature. It follows the climax of relationships with his girlfriend and his mother.


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  • the story of St. Jimmy and Whatsername

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