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After a long day, Shinobu returns home and checks her family's mail. She finds a postcard addressed to her, but in turning it over, she smiles when she sees two little paw prints on it.

She quickly checks her journal, and our story begins:

A little fox named Kitsune has wandered into Tomobiki-cho, and is almost attacked by a pack of wild dogs, until Shinobu manages to save him. She thinks he is lost, and turns him in to a local police station, hoping they will help. However, Kitsune leaves and attempts to find Shinobu. Eventually, he sees her going into a makeup store, and wanting to be nice, secretly puts extra makeup products in her handbag. However, the store finds out about this and thinks Shinobu is attempting to steal from them. She argues with them before leaving.

Sometime afterward, Kitsune observes Ataru trying to be friendly with Shinobu, as well as Soban attempting to embrace her. in the scuffle, Shinobu has dropped a bouquet of flowers she was taking to school.

She soon arrives at Classroom 2-4, and finds the flowers there. She hears Ataru's voice from a nearby doorway, but is shocked to instead see a miniature version of Ataru with a foxtail and ears! Ataru eventually arrives, and soon everyone wants to know who the miniature Ataru is. Ataru attempts to hit him, and the little Kitsune turns back into his normal selves. Shinobu then realizes who he is, and now knows that he followed her, wanting to repay her for her kindness.

The little fox then leaves the room...only to return a few moments later, now in disguise as teacher Onnsen-Mark! The others tie up the real Onnsen-Mark, and have the little disguised fox teach the rest of the class...though his remarks are largely about how good of a student Shinobu is.


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