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Think Like a Man is what it is. But its hangout factor is considerable, because the actors' charms are considerable.
Think Like a Man is so busy tracking courtship as if it were a science project that the bite-size love stories lack spontaneity.
As executed by an appealing ensemble of smooth operators, this adaptation often hits its amusing marks, but with a weighty running time of two hours, it often feels more like a lecture than an intended romp.
Surprisingly entertaining, thanks to the cast's collective chemistry and the film's balance of appealing elements for both sides of the gender divide.
Slant Magazine
Unfortunately, like so many women have prophesized regarding the weaker gender's lack of commitment, there's just not enough follow through.
The result is a tiresome exercise that circles at great length through various prefabricated stories defined by the advice each couple needs (or doesn't need).
While the result deserves some credit for finding a creative way to bring the book to life, the overlapping storylines simply aren't compelling enough, despite the best efforts of a game and attractive cast.
Village Voice
Enduring a day-long session of couples' therapy is more fun (and flies by faster) than this film.
It recycles the same tired battle-of-the-sexes premise employed by every third romantic comedy that gets made.
An insanely overlong infomercial for the book.

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