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Teen Comedy

Author: kosmasp
30 December 2010

Do not be fooled by the title. This is not a documentary nor anything for a mature audience. Well anyone can enjoy it, I guess, but the movie aims at a younger core audience. Teens that is and especially women/girls of course.

The main actress reminded me of a very young Nora Tschirner. She is sweet but still has fight in her. And has obviously her beauties. Though some might argue that she does talk too much. The plot though is very predictable and you do know where it's all going to end. Still Kudos for giving a character (bodyguard) more time on screen and more character beats than other movies would have done. Cheesy, but also adorable (in some strange ways)

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Pretty nice Comedy

Author: derhonk01 from Germany
2 September 2010

This movie is a pretty solid comedy. Nothing more and nothing less. The plot is very transparent and after the first 15 minutes you know pretty well how the story is gonnna unfold and how the movie is going to end. But nevertheless its fun. And after all that is all this flick wants to be. Its just good Entertainment for about 2 Hours. Granted its pretty shallow but if you just wanna be entertaint after a long and stressful day this movie will deliver. The actors are alright and there's a couple of really funny moments in the movie. Since its basically a teeny love story and Im well in my thirties I did not think that I was gonna be touched by the film. I was very surprised that even I had moments where I really felt with the characters and got dragged in by the story. Since its basically the old Cinderelly Story in a modern form (young girl finds her prince (in this case a musician), they fall in love and have to fight for her love (in this case against the management)), the movie probably aims mainly at girls from 10 to 16. But since its a pretty well crafted comedy I think that even people like me, who are way outside the target group, will enjoy this. Its definitely one of the better comedies from Germany.

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refreshing German teen movie

Author: wvhaperen from Netherlands
21 June 2012

Lila returns to Germany after a year in America, so she doesn't know that the cool boy she encounters on her first day back, is the lead singer of a popular band.Of course there are numerous bumps in the road for their relationship:the press,her classmates.The male lead actually does all the singing himself,and they even have a duet during the end credits. The story is entertaining, as good as most American teen movies, although it's a little more explicit in language being a European movie.I found this refreshing, most American teen movies are a little tame. The music is A-okay, the DVD has an English subtitle track, so all of you: import it to the States!Both lead actors are now big names in Germany and this movie was a huge hit. There are almost no faults in this movie (in my opinion anyway) so therefore it gets 9 out of 10.

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