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Jules (Courteney Cox) is getting a new bathroom, larger than the previous one. Coincidentally, Travis' (Dan Byrd) bedroom is now a bit smaller. Grayson (Josh Hopkins) can't think of a new song, Laurie (Busy Philipps) informs Andy (Ian Gomez) about a "great shirt alert" (not really, it's just fun to say), and Ellie (Christa Miller) is ticked that they're hanging out at Jules' house with all the noise. Although Gerald, the person installing the tile, appreciates all the advice the gang has given him. (must have issues delivering those Miller High Life cases and taking them from people) But Jules is proud of her new bathroom; so much show she's having a bathroom-warming party. It's BYOL (bring your own Lysol).

While "posing" for Travis' photo club pictures they talk about Grayson being in a relationship with Sara (Sheryl Crow). Jules doesn't know how to react, since she really hasn't shown an interest in Grayson. But she is a little depressed about it. (And thinks she takes great pictures when she's depressed.) However, talking to Sara in a coffee shop seems to have lightened the mood.

The bathroom-warming party is going well. The bathroom does look great, and it even has one of those electronic Japanese toilets...that yells at Jules in Japanese from time to time. (wasn't explained, and I didn't ask for details) Unfortunately, the party is about to be ruined by Grayson and Sara. Everybody figures Grayson is going to be all cocky and full of himself.

GRAYSON: Yeah, my little Sare-Bear's tummy was growling, so we got a wittle num-num for her. A wittle num-num! (he even holds Sara's purse for her)

They leave right away because the "ol' ball and chain" (he was kidding) had to go. But Jules, Ellie, and Laurie are convinced that Grayson is "pursey-whipped." (Their phrase, not mine, thank God.) Jules confronts him about her bathroom...which she hasn't left in two days. She shows him some of the evidence from Travis' camera (which thankfully is no longer taking pictures of everything, including Ellie naked), such as feeding Sarah ice cream and painting her toenails. She tells Grayson not to smother Sara or Sara will start pulling away. Grayson writes it off to Jules being jealous. Jules consults Laurie and Ellie on her bathroom...and they agree with Grayson that Jules meddles too much. Jules channels her inner Monica to say that she won't ever do that again, which elicits laughs from both of them, and Travis, and Travis' girlfriend Kylie.

Andy is having problems with Ellie because they haven't had sex in a while. He follows Bobby's (Brian Van Holt) advice to act cool about it and not let her think he's dying to have sex. It works, until Ellie drops her robe. Andy goes back to Bobby for more advice, because that never goes wrong. Bobby says his only recourse now is to get all the sexual desire out of his system so he doesn't go crazy for Ellie. He's gotta make a few "shower babies." (I BEG you not to ask me what that means.)

Travis is having problems with Kylie, beyond the two of them heading to different colleges. Ellie nails it on the head when Travis wants to use Ellie's naked picture for his collection and never took any naked ones of her. He was hesitant to think of Kylie in the same way he photographed Ellie. (LAURIE: There is nothing less sexy than a man who respects a restraining order.) Travis relents and asks Kylie to use her picture instead. Jules talks to the only person still talking to her: Gerald. (yes, in her bathroom) He appreciated the advice the gang gave him before, but Jules confesses she's out of the advice-giving business because she feels she was wrong about Grayson being too clingy to Sarah. Actually, she wasn't. Sara is getting tired of Grayson's smothering. But Gerald tells her she has a gift for buttin' in. He appreciated being invited over after the bathroom was completed. Although Jules just needed a few of the tiles straightened. She apologizes to Grayson and asks him to bring back the edgy, aloof guy. Truthfully, women want an "everything man", who is secure but will also be jealous, who will listen but will also tell women to pipe down. Sure enough, it works, and Grayson has a new song, which he does in a duet with sara (like Sheryl Crow wouldn't sing at least once in her appearances). Jules, however, is not sure if she's happy that she fixed Grayson's relationship.


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