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One of the best episodes (and series) I've ever seen
Apelix24 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
FlashForward brought us an possible apocalyptic future where a genius man is a sort of God, yeah, a God, cause he knows the future, he was there several times and he also can control it. But not today, not in this episode. Mark was smarter and Frost got killed (unfortunately, once he was the key). Now, this was the best episode ever in FlashForward 1st Season. Like I said, FlashForward is full of genius plans and for me the psychological games in this series are further better than Saw death games or even Scofield Prison Break's plans and that's the kind of stuff which make people sit on their sofa and watch television series/movies. Demitri or Dyson? 78% for Dem and the statistics were actually right. From now on I believe we all are going to miss Dyson Frost...by the way, December 12th 2016 THE END?? Now this caught my attention :D Damn, 10 of 10 for the episode and for the series. FlashForward is the story that world needed. Super original and innovative.
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The best episode of this series so far!
Sebastian J.19 June 2010
I really like the series FlashForward. Despite of the many strands the topics have always been very interesting and suspenseful. But the episode "The Garden of Forking Paths" exceeds all expectations. It is so thrilling and dramatic than no other episode before. The story, the actors and also the music are responsible of this. I watched this episode twice and not only one time like the episodes before and I can safely say that this is the best episode of FlashForward yet. I'm really looking forward for the upcoming episodes. It's a pity that series will end after the first season. Especially because the end of this episode shows that there would be enough topics for a second or a third season.
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