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Horror-on-Sea 2018 Interview: ‘Dead Love’ director Chris Gallagher

Dead Love is new unorthodox love story from writer and director Chris Gallagher, which has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Friday 19th January. I got chance to ask Chris a few questions about making the film, working with Lloyd Kaufman and the seminal casting of Emily Booth whilst writing the script.

What can we expect from the film Dead Love?

Talking tables, cannibals, exploding hearts, an awesome soundtrack and many scenes of murder-sex (a term the actors coined on set). It’s essentially a love story concerning a man named Allan, a woman called Anne and a sentient piece of furniture! We’ve got all bases covered – if you want gore, we have scenes where some cast & crew had to watch through their hands. There’s a bit of comedy (hopefully) and underpinning that is the tale of two mismatched people finding love in an unlikely situation.
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Pact appoints Anjani Patel head of diversity

Anjani Patel will replace outgoing head of diversity Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams.

Trade association Pact (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television) has announced the appointment of Anjani Patel as its new head of diversity.

Patel, who has been working for Creative Skillset on diversity projects since April, will replace Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams who is joining the BBC as head of diversity in October.

Patel previously worked at the BBC as talent manager for BBC Drama, and has produced and directed several programmes including Come Dine With Me and Masterchef Goes Large.

On her appointment, Anjani said: “I am thrilled to be joining Pact at such an exciting time for diversity in television. With Pact the current Chair of Cdn and Project Diamond under way, there is potential for real progress in this area.”

John McVay, Pact’s chief executive, said: “We are very much looking forward to Anjani coming to work with us as she brings with her a wealth
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Janice Dickinson on Bill Cosby: ‘They can fling all they want at me. I did not consent.’

Ex-model and reality TV star Janice Dickinson is one of more than 40 women who have accused comedian Bill Cosby of sexual assault. His lawyer has called her a liar. Here, she talks about a tough childhood, her fightback and the case that is gripping America

Janice Dickinson is in a silk robe, smoking a cigarette and descending a flight of steps in her garden, which is built into a hillside in Beverly Hills. She is, at one level, in her element, surrounded by photographers and stylists, a happy reminder of her heyday as a supermodel in the late 1970s. At the same time, she can’t be seen to be enjoying herself too much: the 60-year‑old reality TV star is meeting me in her capacity as one of the scores of women who have accused Bill Cosby of rape or sexual assault – accusations the actor has either not responded to or denied.
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Gary Numan, Frankie Cocozza: The TV biopics we want to see

If, like us, you're stuffed full of Easter chocolate and unable to move, never fear - at least there's lots of telly on the box. Take tonight, when Tommy Cooper gets the ITV biopic treatment in two-hour film Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This. With a biopic about Cilla Black on the way as well, DS couldn't help but wonder what other legends we'd like to see get the BAFTA-worthy drama treatment. Read on for our picks, while we polish our shoes ready for the inevitable awards ceremony call...

Gary Numan - Electric Friend (Tom Eames, Entertainment Reporter)

A film about the godfather of electro pop and industrial paranoia is crying out to be made, and maybe a TV film would be the best platform. Electric Friend would chart the story of a shy, socially awkward youth who would often get into trouble at school, turning to the
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Goldie's favourite TV

The drum'n'bass musician and Maestro conductor on his TV hits and misses

Unmissable show?

Boardwalk Empire. My good friend Stephen Graham is in it. I just think it's really thorough, with great stories, and watching the characters grow is brilliant. It's classy, but it's not classy like Gangster Squad, which was just overkill. Boardwalk Empire tells the backstory that everyone wants to know: how did Capone get to where he is? Who was the real Nucky Thompson?

Box set?

I'm a massive Planet Earth freak. I can sit and watch that on repeat. It really is eerily beautiful. Obviously, I've just finished Breaking Bad. The one thing I will say is, why didn't he try some [crystal meth] at the end? It would have been perfect. I think Ray Donovan's interesting. Something like that, you wouldn't have aired 10 years ago. It wouldn't have survived.

TV turn-off?

The X Factor is not my thing.
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Shaun Keaveny's favourite TV: Countryfile, Breaking Bad, Jossy's Giants

The 6 Music morning DJ and stand-up on his televisual predilections

Unmissable show?

I like to get a fix of Countryfile, being a city dweller. I like anything that gives me a hit of meadows and birds. It's like in futuristic films when people in space pods are watching films of people walking through fields. And any BBC4 or Sky Arts music documentary. All the Britannia ones. Anything like that is unmissable.

Box set?

I am shuddering towards the denouement of Breaking Bad and, like a last piece of chocolate, I've saved the last two episodes of the series before the final eight episodes turn up. Once that's over with, I've been strongly advised to watch House Of Cards.

Bring back ...

Jossy's Giants. Classic television written by Sid Waddell. Jack Hargreaves' Out Of Town. An old man in a shed. What could be better than that? And Monkey Dust. That animation,
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Ralf Little's favourite TV

The actor and Sealand football star on his telly-watching habits

Unmissable show?

I've been watching a lot of Louie. I'm a big Louis Ck fan. A lot of people are jumping on the Louis Ck bandwagon but I'm quite proud to say I have been a fan for about three or four years. He strikes me as the kind of guy you could have a pint with and he'd make you laugh.

Box set?

I'm really late to the party with this, but I am absolutely loving The Shield. It was one of those where I was like, "I'll just watch the first episode, see if it's any good. That was about 10pm, and I was still awake at 5am, going, "Oh, I might just have another one." Vic Mackey's a character who in a great many ways is a bad guy. Very questionable morals. And yet you love him
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Russell Tovey's favourite TV

The Being Human and Him & Her actor on his viewing habits, from The X Factor to Dungeons And Dragons

Unmissable show?

I'm obsessed with The X Factor. When it's on it becomes part of my social life, sadly. It's my popcorn TV, like having a bath I just relax. I also find it very sociable; it's great to sit and watch with your mates. Who am I backing? I'm Team Ella all the way. I love The Hour, the quality period stuff which I think that Britain does better than anywhere else in the world. Look at how successful Downton Abbey has been worldwide. Classy, well-written, well-performed.

Box set?

The West Wing, which I missed when it was on and am now working my way through. Old ones like Roseanne, the original American comedies. Roseanne was wicked.

Bring back ...

Dungeons And Dragons. Apparently the script for the last episode, where
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Watch television with Greg James

The Radio 1 DJ on his viewing habits, from The Apprentice to Alan Partridge

Unmissable show?

There's only a few. I'm very selective. Always The Apprentice. I just love the way they make it; the story they create. I think it's perfect. Recently, it's been Homeland. I know a lot of people will say that, but there's just something special about that show. I've not been so hooked by a show since 24. There's a lot of similarities in many ways. Damian Lewis is a genius. I'm a big comedy nerd too, so I'll always put on The Office: An American Workplace or Curb Your Enthusiasm. They're my two absolute favourites.

Box set?

I've just started Dexter. I know I'm way behind on it. I'm quite enjoying it but I always go back to the American Office. I'm just obsessed with it. I think it's the perfect sitcom. I haven't seen
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Harry Hill and TV Burp are the perfect fit

ITV1's Saturday audience-grabber swept the cult comic and his analysis-defying universe into the mainstream – but could it still work if a fresh face takes over?

It is not the news that any comedy fan wants to hear – and ITV1's bosses probably aren't that thrilled either. But reports today suggest that Harry Hill may quit TV Burp next year, turning down an extra £1m due to the show's gruelling schedule.

Hill's small-screen roundup is, without contest, the funniest programme on ITV1. It is also a ratings success, scooping up viewers at the start of Saturday night who often stay for the rest of the evening. But it is understandable that after doing the show for nine years – 10 including the pilot – Hill might want a break. As he said on Jonathan Ross's show last Saturday, there are fans who do not even realise that he is actually a standup
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André Villas-Boas masters art of post-match put down

The Chelsea manager has clearly put in the hard yards studying the techniques of Messrs Dalglish and Ferguson

Britain's great gift to the world is undoubtedly sarcasm – that, and Marmite – so congratulations to Chelsea's new coach, André Villas-Boas on picking up the lingua franca so quickly, alongside everything else he has had to deal with in his new life: Roman Abramovich, a suddenly wobbly defence, and finding something on TV that isn't Come Dine With Me.

When it was suggested to Villas-Boas on Match Of The Day that Ramires seemed to go down too easily for the penalty which saw the Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy sent off, he responded, with what I took to be an ironic smile. "Yes, that's right, all our players seem to go down. Others don't go down. It's good to be aware of this difference of opinion."

All right, he lost it a little at the end,
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Edwina Currie to be the new Anne Widdecombe on Strictly Come Dancing 2011?

Edwina Currie is set to follow in her former colleague Anne Widdecombe’s footsteps, by accepting a place on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing series.

The 64 year old former Tory politician has reportedly signed up for the 2011 run of the BBC dance extravaganza, which bosses are hoping will sweep the floor with it’s ITV primetime rival, The X Factor.

The straight speaking star was elected as a Conservative Party MP in 1983, she was a Junior Health Minister for two years, before resigning in 1988 over the controversy over salmonella in eggs. It is this scandal that she was best known for, for many years, until that is she revealed that she once conducted a four-year affair with John Major, which began in 1984 and ended in 1988. Currie admitted to being “in love” with the former Prime Minister for years after they split and claimed that he was “the love of
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Tonight's TV highlights

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Fern | Chilean Miners: What Happened Next? | Neil Morrissey: Care Home Kid | Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee | Spartacus: Gods of the Arena | Bored to Death

Fern 5pm, Channel 4

Since Richard and Judy left for pastures new, and of less impressive viewing figures, Channel 4 has filled its teatime slot with cheap, cheerful and often great reality-ish shows such as Come Dine With Me and Coach Trip. Now they're going back to the live chat format, with Fern Britton making an overdue return to our screens as the Oprah-style host. Expect famous types, musical guests and a focus on real-life stories. Rebecca Nicholson

Chilean Miners: What Happened Next?

7pm, BBC2

The 33 men who spent some two months trapped underground in a mine shaft became a global media story. Then, when they reached the surface, they had to deal not only with the trauma of their experience, but the difficulties of their new-found fame.
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Big Brother: Brian Dowling can’t be funny all the time!

View the original post Big Brother: Brian Dowling can’t be funny all the time! on Unreality TV

Brian Dowling has admitted that he is always “insecure” about his popularity.

The Irish man – who won the second series of ‘Big Brother’ in 2001 and last year’s ‘Ultimate Big Brother’ special – admitted while he knows he is one of the most TV stars popular, he gets insecure because people expect him to be nice “all the time”.

He said: “I’m certainly the most popular person who ever lived in a house on television. But it’s made me more insecure because people expect me to be nice all the time.

“I’m not good at telling jokes, I don’t even get jokes. I just don’t take life too seriously and can take the p**s out of myself.”

Meanwhile, after appearing on ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me
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Goldie interview: The alchemist

Abandoned as a toddler, Goldie couldn't have had a worse start in life. But today the street-art pioneer, drum 'n' bass supremo, and TV star is an infectiously happy man. In a candid interview he talks about learning to love his mother, inspiring the next generation and why he'd rather dine with Kim Jong-il than Simon Cowell

Has Goldie ever had an unexpressed thought? I'm not entirely sure. He's just such a talker. He can talk and talk and talk, and two weeks after interviewing him, he rings me up when I'm in the supermarket, and for reasons that escape me, I agree to accompany him to a darkened basement off Oxford Street where, for the best part of 90 minutes, I feel like I'm about to die. Bikram, the extreme version of yoga, performed in a room heated to more than 100F, is Goldie's latest enthusiasm, and although I
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Where does Come Dine With Me go after its Coronation Street special?

The Corrie one-off starring the grotesque Ken Morley was more like an avant garde art piece than a dinner party

It had Julie Goodyear literally whipping her guests into submission; Philip Middlemiss in a bright blonde wig; a very scared Tupele Dorgu, and Ken Morley dribbling and leering his way around dining room tables. Actual Coronation Street may have just ploughed a tram off a viaduct into dear old Rita, but the Come Dine With Me Corrie special was the real trainwreck of last night.

Despite the best intentions of Goodyear – who put up a decent fight, what with her manservant and his uniform of basically three small lengths of leopardskin dental floss – it was Morley who proved to be the centre of attention. It's hard to know which part of the show made him look the most grotesque. It might have been the dishes he served, each coming with
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X-Factor's Auto-Tune row strikes the wrong note

We know we can't trust reality shows – but if we're not allowed to hear people's real voices in a singing competition, what's the point?

Does it matter that X Factor producers used Auto-Tune – or, in their slippery phrase, "post-production effects" – to enhance the performances of contestants for broadcast? Of course it does. It's an act of shameless manipulation that severs a crucial bond of trust between viewer and programme. After Saturday's show viewers flocked to Twitter and Facebook to complain about the heavy-handed use of digital pitch effects – particularly on Gamu Nhengu's version of Walking on Sunshine, which she belted out with a spooky, computer-like precision, a bit like Mariah Carey impersonating Robocop. It seemed clear that Nhengu had been lined up as a favourite and this had been scripted as the big star-making moment.

In a sense, such artificiality is nothing new for The X Factor. Cheryl Cole mimed
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Blue Singer Lee Ryan to Open Restaurant

British singer Lee Ryan is hoping to add restaurateur to his resume - he wants to open his own eaterie. The former Blue star, who appeared on British reality TV show "Hell's Kitchen" as a celebrity contestant working for fiery chef Marco Pierre White, has plans to set up his own restaurant.

But Ryan insists he would stay away from the kitchen and focus on customer service. He says, "Not to cook, but to be front-of-house, wining and dining celebrities."

In September 2008, Ryan has appeared on a celebrity edition of "Come Dine With Me" alongside fellow celebrities Peter Stringfellow, Michelle Heaton and Linda Barker. He finished in the first place, sharing it with Linda Barker who also scored 26 points.
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BBC America To Bring British Kitchen Culture To USA In "Come Dine With Me"

Hosting a good dinner party can be a harrowing ordeal no matter where you live. One British media group will be showing the people of the United States just how universal this problem can be.

BBC America is set to premiere the party-themed reality show "Come Dine with Me," a celebration of fine dining and the process that goes into preparing and planning parties. Originally shown on Britain broadcaster Channel 4, the series matches together a group of amateur chefs in each episode, displaying each individual's perils in hosting their own party.

The first episode, first shown May 2008, will debut at 9 p.m. July 7. Centered on a quartet of residents of Bath, England, the match-up could not be more varied, ranging from equestrian Annie Todd to playboy Symon Goddard Palmer to bellman Adrian Dando. Hosting the first party segment of the episode is Kenyan expatriate Sarah Hillman, who kicks things
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Junior Apprentice and Three in a Bed | TV Review

Now the horrid junior apprentices must sell paintings. It's all horribly entertaining, says Sam Wollaston

What age does someone have to be before it's acceptable to admit to not liking them? Sixteen, I'm thinking, in which case I can say I'm really struggling with Zoe in Junior Apprentice (BBC1). The others all clearly loathe her too, so perhaps we should be feeling sorry for her. But it's hard to pity someone who is climbing the ladder with such determined aggression, elbowing the others off, or sticking a heel in their faces as she goes past them. Zoe won't win, though – Sugar likes more of a lackey – but it doesn't matter: she's clearly going to end up owning all of us, Sugar included, before she's 20.

They're all pretty horrid, to be honest. But in the others you still sometimes see a glimpse – the tiniest ember – of childhood. They'll look bored or sad,
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