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Character error 

When Kalique Abrasax is talking to Jupiter in the room with her mother statue, a split second while Kalique is talking a yellow stain is on her face beside the left side of her lip and gone the next scene.
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When Jupiter notices Caine's wound, she takes a sanitary pad from the glove compartment of her car. She puts the non-absorbent side on the wound by mistake, which would be useless for wound care.
When Jupiter is having the seal tattooed on her arm it is just below the cuff of (near her elbow). When she removes her arm it has moved a couple of inches down her arm towards her wrist.
In the scene after Stinger heals Caine's wound, as the camera switches between the two, Caine's wound reappears for a few seconds.
Jupiter applies the sanitary pad to Caine's wound over his jacket. Later on, he removes his jacket to reveal the pad which is now underneath his jacket.
Jupiter's iPhone 5 sometimes has the IOS 7/8 UI and sometimes has the IOS 6.

Factual errors 

Several creatures have wings, but are much too large to fly in normal gravity and air. (All environments seen have normal gravity and air.)
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The alarm clock sounds even though there is no light that indicates that it has been set. Some clocks may do this but most do not.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Jupiter's father has a brass-bound telescope, an expensive antique with poor optics that would not be used by a serious amateur astronomer.

But the city is identified as St Petersburg, which means those scenes take place after the 1991 dissolution of the USSR (when the city, then called Leningrad, was renamed St Petersburg) but, given Jupiter's age in the film, prior to the year 2000. In the 1990s St Petersburg was still recovering from the Siege of Leningrad, the longest, most destructive, and most lethal siege in modern history, and decades of severe economic depression with food rationing, infrastructure failures, and multiple families lived together in 'kommunalkas' ('communal apartments') that would at most house a single family in much of the rest of the world. Luxury items like modern telescopes would have been completely unobtainable; even antique telescopes with poor optics would have been seen as decadent, and would likely have been traded outright to benefit one's family, or, as in the film, stolen by others.

Plot holes 

It is stated that aliens make people forget their sight of them every time they make contact and even repair whatever is destroyed in minutes. But since Jupiter's phone kept the photograph of the aliens she saw even though they erased her memory, how come nobody took a photograph of the battle in the city skies and thus kept a non-erased proof of their existence?

Revealing mistakes 

In the scene at the table between Jupiter and Titus, after she's been delivered by the Aegis, each time he raises his "wine" glass, the surface of the liquid never changes. I.e., the contents of the glass is solidified, not liquid.
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