Re-Cut (2010) Poster



[Meredith Phillips comes up the stairs]

Adam Baumgard: Meredith Phillips?

Meredith Phillips: Hi

Adam Baumgard: Adam Baumgard. This is David Stankowitz.

Meredith Phillips: Hi

Adam Baumgard: Ah, were the ones that are doing a documentary like after reality.

Meredith Phillips: [in a not interested voice] Ok

Adam Baumgard: You do remember speaking on the phone right?

Meredith Phillips: When was that?

Adam Baumgard: Ah, it's not important and we just want to follow you about and check in and see what's going on in your life since your show.

Meredith Phillips: Well, I've been editing this shit all night so I'm gonna rest. Let me know.

[Adam follows Meredith down the stairs]

Adam Baumgard: Um I don't understand you were on board the last time we spoke.

Meredith Phillips: [groans] So tried of this reality stuff! That's what everyone talks about and they never stop.

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