J. Edgar (2011) Poster


Plot Keywords

secret fbi
secret file arrest
kidnapping anarchist
federal bureau of investigation memory
dead body personal secretary
thousand dollar bill friendship
pinky swear statue of liberty
push ups fired from the job
fbi files handwriting expert
kissing gay interest
nickname reference to john dillinger
family relationships movie theater
ransom homosexual
death of main character learning to dance
labor strike job interview
1970s homosexuality
woman with glasses bloody mouth
raid bicycle
memoirs shredding document
attorney general marked bills
crush job application
boss secretary relationship repression
archival footage blackmail
friendship between men death of loved one
department of justice nightclub
egg injection
reference to desi arnaz dancing
childhood memory racetrack
friend alvin karpis
man with glasses biography filmmaking
portrait of dwight d eisenhower handkerchief
scientific investigation sexual attraction
two word title leaflet
argument reference to pretty boy floyd
audio recording blood
letter german american
machine gun reference to lorena hickok
paper shredder card catalogue
mother son relationship year 1919
cornflakes ladder
dead baby suit
nervousness nobel peace prize
prescription drug abuse secretary
balcony horse racing
reference to the stork club reference to rudy vallee
maternal cohabitation lindbergh law
brushing teeth older man older man relationship
little girl trial
surveillance horse race
year 1963 thompson sub machine gun
nonlinear timeline doctor
hotel del mar california
loyalty courtroom
death of title character motorcade
reference to dorothy lamour flowers
typewriter ginger rogers
reference to jfk assassination department store
reference to machine gun kelly punched in the face
male companion gun
sexual repression year 1930
valentine's day reference to alexander mitchell palmer
reference to joseph mccarthy library book
watching tv bombing
stroke reference to john d. rockefeller
fbi director year 1922
dancing lesson smoking lounge
library of congress gay relationship
portrait of george washington congressional hearing
hotel room press conference
stroke victim year 1932
man wearing woman's clothing reference to j. p. morgan
hard boiled egg ring
robe bomb
centralia washington reference to clarence darrow
parade lindbergh kidnapping
fight reference to bugs moran
throwing a drink glass interview
sexual tension subject name in title
office flashback
old man library
mob of reporters bedroom
year 1964 terrorist
stutterer reference to eleanor roosevelt
holding hands crying
newsreel riding a horse
paranoia washington d.c.
newspaper anti communism
photographer tailor shop
reference to martin luther king jr. typist
assassination attempt horse
reference to lucille ball gay
reference to al capone u.s. attorney general
love letter wiretapping
scrapbook airplane
newspaper clipping fbi investigation
file cabinet punctuation in title
newsreel footage elevator
reference to sherlock holmes reference to h.l. mencken
reference to franklin d roosevelt longtime companion
fbi agent reference to baby face nelson
ends with biographical notes name in title
murder trial cereal
period in title dance lesson
deportation store
flash forward explosion
reference to john f. kennedy reference to bugsy siegel
movie premiere 1960s
death mask closeted homosexual
death secret recording
kiss repressed homosexual
reference to melvin horace purvis, jr. year 1935
gay kiss fingerprints
ambition reference to herbert hoover
1920s dictation
communism cemetery
ransom note 1930s
death of mother character name in title

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