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Not that funny spoof of television show "The Hills"
Warning: Spoilers
If a movie written and directed by Judd Apatow and starring Mila Kunis and James Franco has less than 200 ratings here on IMDb, you can probably already expect that it is not really a great or creative achievement. Of course it also has to do that this is a Funnyordie sketch that runs for under 3 minutes. It is basically a spoof of the television show "The Hills" and Franco and Kunis portray fictitious characters from this show. This was made back in 2007, so it has its 10th anniversary this year and it came out a while before the two lead actors reached their career-high successes (so far) with "127 Hours" and "Black Swan". But back to this one here. The two sit at a bar and ramble a bit, share general wisdom about life and love etc. Nothing too funny or memorable. Maybe you need to have seen "The Hills" to really see the appeal in this parody here, but I personally think you never need to have seen a film to appreciate another. I give this one a "Die" because I did not find it funny.
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