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Finally! A show for kids that appeals to boys!
AmandaPanda256 June 2011
As a parent, the one thing that really irritates me is that all of the shows that are aimed at kids these days are so girly! I mean, iCarly, Hannah Montanna, Wizards of Waverly I wrong? For my 8 year old son who enjoys playing with monster trucks and action figures, this really won't cut it.

Which brings me to why I am so thankful for Supah Ninjas! This is the first kids show in awhile that truly appeals to young boys. It's fun, funny, action packed, yet the violence is really very minimal. I also really love the message that it sends in that sometimes ordinary kids, can do extraordinary things. As a mom I truly appreciate that. I've watched a few episodes with my son and I find myself laughing along with him. Artistically it's absolutely fantastic, extremely appealing to the eye! OK, you caught me, I actually enjoy the show quite a bit as well. Most of all, I love that now I don't have to sift through adult oriented action films just to find something geared towards a boy.

The other day my son told me "Mom, for Halloween this year, I want to be a Supah Ninja!" Please keep this show running, it's fantastic!
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We think it's a hoot!
Jack Atkinson28 July 2011
How this program rates only a 4.4/10 is totally beyond me as, along with "House of Anubis," it's the only "original" live-action Nickelodeon show I can tolerate. The worst, without doubt, is "Big Time Rush," (please, no comparisons to "The Monkees")but I've also concluded that "iCarly," in spite of its popularity, is pretty awful, too. Does anyone else notice/feel that Sam is just an obnoxious, self-hating bully? Easily the best character on that show is Gibby, who deserves better. Meanwhile, there's "Victorious," which isn't quite as bad as the two just mentioned. It's just filled with dull people. By the way, has anyone else noticed that so much of "iCarly" and "Victorious" revolves around girls fighting (figuratively) for boys; not a good example for the Nick audience.

Now, back to "Supah Ninjas." As a 52 year old father of an eight year old, it is the one (Nick) show that we enjoy together. The kids are genuinely NICE to each other, very loyal, and there is no screaming (a mainstay of "BTR"). Also, goofy as the plots might be, they really are pretty funny and they're a LOT better than the truly sophomoric plots on the other programs. Although "Owen" is supposed to be the funny-man, I actually think that the best one-liners go to Yamato, the robot.

Anyway, I could go on and on. I guess "House of Anubis" is coming back next year, which is good. In the meantime, I hope that Nick keeps "Supah Ninjas" on the schedule as it stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.
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Its funny action packed not too violent and has a good message
Benjamin Martis27 September 2011
Well I'm 19 and i watch mostly kids shows than adult shows. Like CSI, NCIS etc etc. I watch mostly sitcoms. Watching this show i laughed and it has action in it. I have a nephew of six he's not allowed to watch a lot of shows cause my sister thinks they are either dumb or too violent. This has not a lot of violence has just plain good laughable martial art moves.

Its funny action packed not too violent and has a good message. Nick TV programming is not bad iCarly is funny till a certain point. I Don't watch Victorious saw it once didn't feel like keep watching it. I prefer Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide cause even though the results may vary and some options are lets say unrealistic it has a good message and some good tips. And that's what's missing in a lot of Nick shows the good message with the funny tone. I love Supah Ninja its funny and cool. (To me)
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clean simple fun with a twist of supah heroes
gillon_pascal22 October 2011
Taste and colors you should not discuss as they say and logic neither. In this current world that needs cleaner and less gory shows for kids and teens, Supah Ninja delivers. This is a great show like the "Old Batman Style" of the 60's: clean fun, funky villains, good entertainment. Nowadays, for those people are criticizing fun kids clean shows, I must say that they are not in touch with what kids/tweens even teens need: clean fun, a show that underlines loyalty, courage, great valor. Supah Ninja is that! I am French, spent more than twelve years in the USA, doing from Law to Commerce even dealing with known celebrities and I dig, I hope more Americans do understand and appreciate that show which is a refreshing breath of clean fun air for our generation and even parents: no need to see gory blood, swearing, pimping action and so on. Supah Ninja is a cool American fun show so do not dismiss it because you do not either like the style of it or because of ignorance..
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much better than commercial
micahbosarge6 May 2011
i don't watch nickelodeon much anymore unless my little brother has it own but we were watching icarly and it was going of and they said, up next is supah ninjas i thought to myself that nick must haved hired elementary kids to write their shows , but reluctantly i watched it and i laughed more in that 30 minutes than 3 years of watching icarly with my brother, don't get me wrong it was corny at times and the jokes were repetitive so it could get very old fast but only time will tell. know i seen a look at the next few episodes and i seen a lot of b-list and c- list celebs including the former WWF wrestler the giant sporting a fake beard and a fake gut. so if you have nothing to do on Saturday mornings and you are 4-13 years old you will have a blast any older than that it will decide on you and what you think is funny
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Okay for kids, mine loved it
Tattytails30 August 2014
Typical American kids show that depicts 3 teen wanna-be ninja's being trained by a hologram and robot in the ways of the ninja. The kids go looking for crime and often help the father who is a cop to solve cases. The show is well filmed, clear with good sound. The 3 actors have completely different personalities and also help one another to grow and learn in normal teenager life experiences such as school and relationships.

This show is a kids comedy and depict all the fun and silliness appealing to kids humor and fantasy. Though not something an adult would likely find entertaining, my kids (7 and 11yrs) love it. I gave this a high rating because even though I didn't find it appealing as an adult, it's a great kids show that will appeal to ages 5-14
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*cheezy Nick show*
r_me_wife7322 August 2011
I'm not sure if the same person wrote the 3 reviews because they all say the same thing. This show is just silly. I've been watching Nick & Disney shows with my kids for 18 years now (children 18 & 12). The quality television for the young male audience is very limited. This isn't one I would add.

*the reviewer who claimed to watch with his brother is apparently as out of the loop as say my own mother. The Big Show was the actor in question. He is still on the WWE line-up. The brand name WWF hasn't existed in what 7+ years? Ever since The World Wildlife fund sued and won over the use of those initials.
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Mildly entertaining
RovingWriter19 May 2012
I like to watch this show to see George Takei because of his connection to Star Trek. As "Hologramps" he is the center of the good guys and how they operate. There is a clunky robot that is mildly entertaining but not being utilized enough. The other redeeming feature of this show is that you might learn some martial arts moves you could use in real life, but you have to watch closely. Other than that, the plots are lame, the dialogue stilted, and bad guys just plain stupid.

The writers should take time off to watch the old "Batman" serials for tips on writing funny tongue-in-cheek dialogue, which would lift this show from "mild" to "very" entertaining.
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