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Secret Santa Desperation
DKosty1236 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Season 4 is starting to gain some power here with the Holidays. Yes, things are desperate at the agency but there is lots of cheer around.

At first, the Grinch cancels the office party. Then the Lucky Strike guy decides they are going to have a party after all. At the last minute the party is thrown together so quickly that there isn't even a Santa until Lucky Strike names one.

The continuing development of the problems Don's kids are having handling the divorce are coming into play, especially with this holiday. Don's daughter who has been having a difficult time at best with daddy leaving is now really let down this holiday. It does not help that she lost her real daddy and grandpa within a short span of time. Being the oldest, you can sense her desperation.

Still, everyone muddles through the holidays with some cheer except for her.
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jotix10026 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The new agency is struggling to make it in the advertising world. The biggest client is still Phillip Morris. As Christmas approaches, Lane Pryce, with an eye on the bottom line, decided to forgo the classic Christmas party the old timers knew. All that will change when Lee Garner, takes for granted there will another traditional office party that he loves.

A sober Freddie Rumsen has a meeting with Roger Sterling. He has decided to present his case to Roger, knowing he has a valuable tool to offer: the Pond's cream account. It is a shot in the arm for the new agency. After all, they can use all the new business they can get. So Freddie is forgiven and comes back as though he has not been away for such a long time. Peggy Olson, who was always supportive of Freddie is happy to learn he will be back again.

Glen Bishop, the Draper's suburban neighbor, is seen at a place that sells Christmas trees. Sally, accompanying her mother to the lot, is surprised to find him there. Later, Carla, the maid, answers a phone call asking for Sally. It is from Glen who wanted to talk to her. Sally lies to Carla when she is asked what was the call all about. During the night, Glen and another boy break into the house and proceed to empty boxes of food and other items all over the kitchen, leaving it a mess.

At the party, Peggy shows up with her new boyfriend, Mark. The office party turns out to be quite a success. Lee has a great time. A conga line sneaks out the different rooms led by Joan and Lee. Joan is in her element; she loves to party. Don has given money to his secretary for children's gifts, instructing Allison in what to get Sally and Bobby. With all the liquor around Don ends having sex with Allison, his secretary, something he will live to regret it.

Michael Uppendahl directed this chapter of the series. Matthew Weiner, the creator of "Mad Men", and Tracy McMillan wrote the screenplay. Another interesting episode in this excellent take on the America of the 1960s. All the principals and guests make this series one of the best things in television today.
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