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Farewell to an old friend
Tweekums15 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When Walt turns up for work at his new purpose built lab he is in for a pleasant surprise; his new assistant is nothing like Jesse; in fact he is a trained chemist who is just as obsessed with the subject as Walt; so obsessed that he even uses lab equipment to brew the perfect cup of coffee! Jesse meanwhile is planning to get back into the business with Skinny Pete and Badger using their old lab in the RV; what he doesn't know is that Walt's DEA brother in law is sitting outside just waiting for Jesse to lead him to the RV. There is no sign of it and eventually Marie suggests he gives Walt a call... he obviously claims no knowledge then proceeds to arrange for the RV to be destroyed. Unfortunately for him though Badger calls Jesse and he comes racing to the scene with Hank close behind. It looks as they will be caught if they don't think up something quickly. Away from the main plot the two Mexican cousins are still hanging around Gus trying to pressure him into letting them kill Walt; he won't do that of course but he does throw them a bone; he gives them the name of the man who shot Tuco... it looks like Hank could be in real danger soon.

This is a top notch episode with just the right mix of humour and excitement. I really liked the scene where Walt meets his assistant Gale Boetticher for the first time; they are so alike as characters; the way he made coffee was both funny and illustrative of the character's obsession with chemistry. David Costabile makes a fine addition to the cast as Gale. The scenes in the RV were pretty tense as it looked for a moment as if Hank was going to discover Walt's real secret. The scenes with the cousins were pretty tense too; they are like a couple of coiled rattlesnakes; sitting malevolently waiting to strike. Having featured in the series from the very first episode it was strangely sad to see their old RV finally get destroyed; it was almost a character in its own right it had been through so much.
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Another edge of your seat episode...
Tim Mahon23 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This was a great episode and as usual with Breaking Bad episodes it rarely disappoints. It was ram packed with good character development and tension. I love how each character does what you would expect of them. Badger calling Jesse to tell him about the R.V. was a real shout at the screen scene in annoyance. Any TV show that has characters that makes you really want to succeed or in this case avoid capture has WON as TV show. I loved how Walt got them out of a near capture by bringing Hanks wife into it. I eagerly await how this will play out in future episodes.

The two Mexicans that want Walt dead are imposing and their "silent but deadly act" has not played out yet but I hope these guys do something soon otherwise it will become annoying instead of scary.

My favourite part of the episode was when the poor RV was finally getting crushed. I almost shed a tear as soft reflective music played as a montage while Walt and Jesse gazed on at its decommission. However it was good to see the R.V. receive a proper send off. It will be missed. We had some good times in that RV. We sure did. 9/10
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Unexpectedly, a great episode for once again
axel-koch22 November 2013
Though the opening scene of "Sunset" is really great, you could have never guessed from it how intense the episode's final moments would be. Without any action, just with the means of television drama, writer and director Josh Shiban manages to glue you to the screen and keep you hooked with two outstanding cliffhangers that will get intertwined in the succeeding episode.

But back to "Sunset": Season three's sixth episode picks up from a point in the series, in which the entertainment factor is rather low and brings Breaking Bad back to former magnitude just by taking some of the parts everyone loved about the first two season (the process of cooking meth, Walt and Jesse being in peril together) and adorning them with some new aspects. Two of the show's newer parts, Giancarlo Esposito and the Mercada brothers, also get to share a scene together and impress with their extraordinary acting talents. The two scenes with Skyler and Walter Jr. were sub-par, but that doesn't carry too much weight since – as I said – there are only two scenes with them. Besides that, "Sunset" got me excited about the show again and definitely had some rememberable moments – for me, these were the introduction of Walt's new assistant Gale (played by David Costabile), the destroying of the RV, which was executed in the most fantastic manner, and, of course, the intense moments at the junkyard.
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Red_Identity3 March 2011
Breaking Bad has so far been amazing. It perfectly blends character details with enough mystery and suspense, and this was no exception. This episode was one of the most tense in a while. It was entertaining, and certainly kept me at the edge of my seat. What I love about episodes like this that get going is that we don't have to worry about the shoe turning into just a show looking for climaxes like this. It cleverly builds up the characters and suspense carefully, sow hen it gets going we actually acre about it. 7 more episodes to go of the season and I cannot wait and see how it all ends, as I know it wont disappoint.
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One of the better episodes
mm-3914 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Breaking Bad Sunset episode is the crucial turning point story which drives the storyline for the next season. Sunset is action packed and drama driven! The subplots and themes of Sun set are: The Drug cartel brothers come to pay Walter and unfriendly visit. Gus involvement on how valuable Walter is saves Walter's life. Jesse is thinking small, and almost gets Walter arrested. Walter's stunt to save himself from jail pushes Hank over the edge. The above mentioned subplots create perfect drama. The viewer would be lost if he or she misses this episode. If the viewer was going to miss one episode from the series do not miss the Sunset episode. The best Breaking Bad instalment so far. I give this on a nine out of ten.
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How did Hank not notice Walt's Aztek?
pitbull7788829 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Breaking Bad is brilliant! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the stellar writing, plot twists, and many surprises (and shockers) this outstanding series has provided me. However, as I was watching this episode ("Sunset" Season 3/Episode 6) during the BB Marathon on AMC, I noticed Walt parked his pale, dull-green colored Pontiac Aztek just feet away from the RV in the junkyard. How did Hank not take note of this? He must have seen Walt's vehicle hundreds of times. Or, was he just so focused on the RV he overlooked the obvious. In a way, Hank's missing an obvious clue like this kind of fits right in with the whole arc of the show. The person Hank was looking for was always hiding right in front of him. Anyway, that's probably a good thing. Otherwise the show might have ended right then and there. And we wouldn't have had a second half of Season 3, a Season 4, or a Season 5 to enjoy. ;-)
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The noose tightens
Ethan Martin29 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Even though the RV's destroyed, that DEA noose is practically in a death grip around Walt and Jesse's necks, whether they realize it or not. It's only a matter of time before Hank puts the pieces together and finds out Walt's behind this. Also, now that Walt's signed the divorce papers, Skyler can now (hopefully) have less screen time, at least for a couple episodes so I can get back to liking her. Also, the "Psycho Twins" are getting closer to Walt for whatever reason. I don't speak fluent Spanish, so I don't know 100% of what they're saying, but any duo that kills people with a freakin' axe are no friends of mine. Things however appear to be going well for Walt, which is great to see, but good times don't last forever.
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Best Episode This Season!
g-bodyl10 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is the sixth episode of the third season of Breaking Bad and this happens to be the best episode yet this season. This season has been a slow-burner, but the show remained interesting and tense despite that. But in this episode, the pace has been picked up and the thrills are present throughout. The acting remains great and consistent, but in this episode as well as future installments, Dean Norris as Hank will have his chance to sign.

In this episode, "Sunset," Walt signs the divorce papers and now he and Skylar must figure out how to tell their son. Meanwhile, Walt is back to work in his new lab and he is thrilled at his new partner who is actually a chemist. The Mexican cousins show up at Gus's restaurant scaring everyone day in and day out, but Gus may have some information for them. Finally, the biggest moment is when Hank begins to connect the RV with Jesse and Jesse leads Hank right to Walt.....or does he?

Overall, this is a fantastic episode that sees the end of the famous RV that has been a part of this beloved show. At least, it has been destroyed the right way. It's a fantastic episode that highlights on what will to come in future episodes. I rate this episode 10/10.
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Sunset (#3.6)
ComedyFan20102 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Brilliant episode! One of Breaking Bad bests so far!.

The RV scene was absolutely great. All the drama and humor. Jesse talking to Hank from the inside was absolutely hilarious. Him adding "bitch" to the sentence Walt told him and Walt's reaction to it was priceless. It was also so great because it was absolutely hard to predict how they will get out of it. And oh man did Walt have a brilliant but evil idea. Larry Hankin was also a great addition to the scene. And it felt sad to see the RV being destroyed, they made it all nicely with music.

The new assistant of Walter is also an interesting character. They are great together although i still wish to see him and Jesse cook together.
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