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Plot Keywords

police officer man wearing a towel
private detective door shut in face
hard ball negotiation computer printout
retirement home desk bell
jigsaw puzzle birthday balloon
talking back to a cop cracked windshield
stopped by police male nudity
oblivious to danger text message
drug lord industrial laundry
being watched surveillance device
audio surveillance surgical scar
chest scar bare chested male
taking a shower singing in the shower
male in a shower axe
crawling on the ground hand drill
back home buying a house
flower pot man in underwear
crotch grab threatening telephone call
banging head on table awakened by phone
answering machine message sleeping on the floor
popcorn messy apartment
marital estrangement marital trouble
marital problem marital separation
throwing food pizza box
pepperoni pizza pizza
worrying about one's father vibrating cell phone
ouija board baby daughter
baby girl taking baby to work
inability to speak board game
bell ringing a bell
old man in a wheelchair wheelchair bound
man in a wheelchair nursing home
nursing home patient twin brother
two brothers sitting on the floor
band aid duffel bag full of money
reference to michelangelo reference to the prodigal son
bluetooth suspected affair
slamming a door sushi
ketchup fast food
mother son conflict listening to music on headphones
teen bedroom website
park bench newspaper
grandfather granddaughter relationship ice cream man
playground reference to dr. phil
corrupt lawyer lawyer
crooked lawyer laundromat
launderette apology
pepper spray police station
handcuffed handcuffed to a chair
father son reconciliation reference to time magazine
renovating a house house for sale
for sale sign crime scene photograph
police arrest losing one's temper
first amendment driver's license
police car pulled over by the police
singing in a car singing along with radio
time lapse

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