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An above average SyFy movie

Author: trumpman from California
14 November 2010

Many of the SyFy Channel's original made-for-TV movies have been disappointing, to say the least. Their latest entry however, "The Lost Future", proved to be fairly entertaining. Which is something to say since I'm not usually into post-apocalypse-themed movies. Here are some observations:

1) special effects - though there were not that many required, the ones present were well done, eg. the big monster-creature. The cinematography was good also. 2) acting - decent and believable. 3) story line - starts out with clan interaction followed by its relationship to the tribe. Then branches out to conflict with main enemy, then adds additional allies (and adversaries). The Huck Finn raft was a nice touch.

This movie seemed more believable and "realistic" than other SyFy movies, albeit at the end the future still seems pretty lost to me. All-in-all, "The Lost Future" was a step above the usual SyFy movie fare.

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Enjoyed it Very Much Above Average SyFy Fun

Author: elliott78212 from United States
24 March 2011

Don't believe all the haters this was miles above the usual SyFy channels movies. Sean Bean while he has a small part adds a bit of validation to the Film. Reminded me a little of 10,000BC, the few special effects pieces were well done, acting was good overall. The movie moves along at a nice pace and you really care about the characters. Add to the mix some Zombies and you have a great evening of popcorn munching fun for home viewing if this were out on DVD I would probably rent it for my friends who haven't seen it. Beautiful Cinematography really captures the sites and help to draw you in to the overall story.

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Mad Max meet Lord of the Rings

Author: Knighthawk701 from Netherlands
17 June 2011

Okay this has been done before so do not expect anything really original here. It's Syfy working together with a German cable TV company so don't expect a big budget either.

The story is set in the future were a tribe of people have to hunt for their survival. There was a plague were humans would turn into half-beasts when they would come into contact with people who carry the disease. The tribe comes under siege by a group of these savages and three of them are going to get help.

The acting is quite good actually. The scenery is almost breathtaking and film work good. The big flaw in this movie is that people are clean and pretty. I mean, come one, they hunt like savages and live in huts and caves. Yet they look like they just came from the beauty salon! Yet the movie is still quite enjoyable if you don't expect another Mad Max.

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Underrated Adventure

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16 April 2011

In a post-apocalyptic world, a group of survivors led by Uri (Tertius Meintjes) and the ancients are organized in tribe, in a primitive society without technology and lives in a small village in the Grey Rock National Park surrounded by beasts that transmit a disease that transforms the victims in mutants. Uri's son Savan (Corey Sevier) is the best hunter of their tribe and successor of his father, while Kaleb (Sam Claflin) is the best tracker and together with his sister Miru (Eleanor Tomlinson), they are the only survivors that can read and writer. Their father Jaret believed that it might exist other survivors outside Grey Rock and left them alone to wander around the area. Kaled is a dreamer and secretly loves Savan's woman Dorel (Annabelle Wallis).

When the beats surprisingly attack Uri's hamlet, a group runs to a cave and block the entrance with logs. Kaleb saves Dorel from a beast and sooner Savan meets them. Out of the blue, the stranger Amal (Sean Bean) approaches to the trio and invites them to join his family, composed by his wife Neenah (Jessica Haines) and their son Persk that lives in the outskirt of Grey Rock protected by a river. Sooner Amal discloses to them that Jaret had found the formula of a yellow powder that cures the sick persons. However, the evil Gagen (Jonathan Pienaar) had stolen the powder and kept with him. Amal, Savan, Kaleb and Dorel travel together to find Gagen and bring the yellow powder to their tribe.

Yesterday I saw "The Lost Future" and based on the 4.7 IMDb User Rating, I found it an underrated adventure. The story is entertaining and Sean Bean and the unknown actors and actresses have good performances. The special effects are decent and fortunately I did not give credit to the bitter users that were not able to appreciate a pleasant adventure. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Futuro Perdido" ("The Lost Future")

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Great bones, ugly carpeting

Author: ivanovaat from Canada
28 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow, the reviews on this movie are all over the place. Is it garbage? Is it an overlooked gem? Well, a little of both.

If you've ever been househunting, you've run into houses that had "good bones" - good solid construction, nice layout, good plumbing, electrical, etc..... but these homes often have ugly carpeting, out-of-date wallpaper, and a kitchen and bath that need a MAJOR redo. That's this movie.

Overall, the movie has an interesting premise, a lot of fun action, characters that you care about and gorgeous scenery. Good bones. Unfortunately, the movie also suffers from silly mistakes and sloppy writing that needlessly diminish it. The scene, for example, where the characters come across leeches for, apparently the first time in their lives (though they are in a body of water IN the village), then in the next scene they refer to these creatures casually as "leeches". What? A second ago they were horrified and baffled at the sight of them! Or the fact that when attacked, they all cry out, "To the Cave!" and all run to what is apparently their Emergency Back-Up Cave (complete with an emergency "door" that seals them in).... yet strangely, the cave has no food nor water stored in it, and they are soon worried about this - understandably.

These minor, but frustratingly inane situations occur with sad frequency - but my hubby and I kept with the film because... it does have good bones, just ugly carpeting.

Really ugly carpeting.

Just watch the film imagining hardwood floors, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. LOL!


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Can you imagine the "Pitch" Meeting ?

Author: Jamie Cuticchia (jcuticchia) from Cary, NC
15 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I can just imagine the "Pitch" Meeting.

OK. We have cavemen and zombies - well, not exactly zombies, we'll call them mutants. The cavemen all have perfectly groomed facial hair and the cave women wear makeup.

Well, these aren't OLD cavemen - this is the future and we have turned back into cavemen. Nobody can read, but everybody can speak perfect English.

Oh - and they fight giant Sloths and apparently (though not seen, but mentioned) Mammoths. Since this is "future-cavemen" those creatures were made by genetic engineering in the past - you know, before everyone turned into cavemen.

There are apparently only 2 people who can read. One of them is a caveman from a tribe attacked by zombies (oh - I mean mutants). His father taught him to read (apparently using Mark Twain literature) then his father died. However before he died, he made a "yellow dust" which keeps people from becoming zombies (oh - I mean mutants). So the son must use his reading skills (and apparently the ability to understand chemical structures) to make more "yellow dust."

Then we end it!

Q: Does he make the "yellow dust"? A: Can we say "SEQUEL" !!!

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Up there with the best Post-Apocalyptic movies.

Author: superal1966 from United Kingdom
9 May 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Contains Spoilers*

When I saw Sean Bean was in this I thought he must be quite hard up but The Lost Future is a very good film and sadly it will always remain an uncovered gem. The Lost Future should be showing on Sky Premier and not the SyFy channel

The plot is consisted with Post-Apocalyptic movies; advanced Science had reached the point whereby extinct creatures where being recreated, but along with animals such as the Mammoth a deadly virus came about which all but wiped about human civilization completely, leaving pockets of 'tribes' scattered across the world.

Kaleb's father had discovered a cure, the yellow power, and before sharing his knowledge on how to create it he was killed by a power hungry warlord (who I thought looked very much like Alan Rickman). The film follows Kaleb and his two companions as they head off to reclaim the powder with the help of Sean Bean, it's nothing ground breaking but it holds together and is easily on a par with it's Hollywood counterparts; I am Legend comes to mind which I also really enjoyed.

Other than Sean Bean I didn't really recognise anybody else (although one guy looked so much like Morgan Freeman) but the entire cast put on a good show from the word go. The direction was fantastic and the few special effects were well done given the low budget.

Maybe Hollywood is starting to show us what we all fear and choose not to believe, but there is an ever increasing number of films where man's greed for money and power eventually brings about the end of civilization, and The Lost Future is no different, but it does it a lot better than many other films in it's genre.

If you enjoy watching SyFy films then definitely try and catch this when it is on again, if you don't watch SyFy films, then start by watching The Lost Future. It is a diamond in the rough but I doubt it will ever reach the masses, which is a real shame as its up there with the best Post-Apocalyptic movies. 8/10

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Tip top Sci-fi

Author: mikelang42 from United Kingdom
16 October 2011

Here is a tip top made for TV Sci-Fi movie. The script is clever, the film belies it's budget looking fab with the South African locations and all the cast shine.The creature effects are excellent and the action gallops along with some style.I would of really liked to have seen this on a big cinema screen rather than my TV,big as it is, with the bloody adverts every 10 muns butting in.Another problem with watching films on TV here in the UK is the TV channel logo top right all the way through a film. Someone explain why? I know which station i am on. Anyway can't fault this film so it gets top marks from me mainly due to 60 years of not seeing this plot used before in the Sci-fi genre.Well worth your time or rent it without fear of the cost.

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Miles above anything SyFy has done

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
19 July 2011

I cannot believe how surprisingly good The Lost Future was. I mean there have been some surprisingly tolerable SyFy movies, but even they have too many mediocre moments to be above very good status. In my honest opinion, a vast majority of SyFy's output isn't worth bothering with.

The Lost Future was surprisingly good, and for me too good a movie to be airing on the SyFy Channel. Perhaps the ending could have been a little more, that said, The Lost Future is handsomely photographed and the few special effects there are done with care. The music fits with the movie very well, the script while having the odd cheesy moment is mostly entertaining and the story has a great concept that is told and explored better than you would expect, in fact this story actually feels as though it was written by somebody who cared about it, you find that with very few SyFy productions.

The direction is better than average too, the action is choreographed with skill and is compelling as is the acting, with the always solid Sean Bean giving one of the better performances of any movie aired on the SyFy Channel. Overall, this was surprisingly good and miles above anything SyFy has done. 8/10 Bethany Cox

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I regret that I finished it..

Author: likansis from In bed
21 December 2011

There are movies that you watch and think! How did they manage to get money to make movies like this? (similar like Tomatoes Killers(and sequels) I do realize we all have our own taste in movies, but seriously!!! Story line, logic, the way people look, their believes...etc. They could of make movies like this back in 60. What happens when we watch some fantasy or Sci-Fi movies of 60's? we giggle and think... "this does not seams real... nether this... this would not evolve into that... this is just silly..." and so on! Just like this movie! What is the verdict? Do not watch this movies unless your only alternative for evening entertainment is smashing your head against the wall. This movies will not give you any idea of what would world look like after post-apocalyptic event! It will not wider your horizons of imagination or what ever.... p.s. Sean Bean is a good actor! He must of had money problems why he accepted this role, or it was a favor to some producer...

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