Savages (2012) Poster


Plot Keywords

dea agent dea
marijuana enforcer
southern california arms tied overhead
man wearing a mask love triangle
damsel in distress neo noir
slow motion scene interrogation
baseball mercenary
u.s. mexico border surveillance
security camera female crime boss
gangster crime boss
drug dealer swimming pool
mansion drug lord
organized crime polygamy
rescue rogue agent
held at gunpoint shopping mall
greenhouse handcuffs
explosion laptop
hotel shotgun
silencer rocket launcher
homemade explosive helicopter
lawyer sawed off shotgun
machine gun sniper
gunfight subjective camera
soft focus reverse footage
repeated line alternate ending
press conference eurocopter as350 squirrel
shootout watching mother killed
spitting in face wig
videoconferencing immolation
bare breasts mexican flag
female mob boss blindfolded
horse trailer woman on top
chihuahua obscene finger gesture
abduction drug deal
briefcase full of money smoking joints
premium product film starts with sex
two in a bath marijuana seed
sex on a sofa some scenes in black and white
starts with narration reference to william shakespeare
freeze frame impersonating a police officer
desert bribery
stabbed in the hand informer
suicide character says i love you
filmed killing subtitled scene
male rear nudity betrayal
arrest rewind
beach bong
marijuana joint racial slur
gay slur grenade
reference to paul newman money laundering
assault rifle black and white scene
spit in the face eye gouging
vomit ambush
character repeating someone else's dialogue lens flare
masked man gun in mouth
burned alive person on fire
torture race against time
title spoken by narrator hostage
imprisonment held captive
ex soldier navy sea air and land force
character's point of view camera shot improvised explosive device
exploding car robbery
man slaps a woman woman slaps a man
rape interracial sex
bound and gagged interrupted sex
face slap horse
tijuana mexico topless female nudity
bare chested male american abroad
laguna beach california widow
revenge home invasion
shot to death shot in the throat
shot in the back shot in the shoulder
shot in the knee shot in the chest
shot in the eye shot in the head
shot in the leg rpg
sniper rifle whipping
pistol gardner
reference to shakespeare's hamlet blood spatter
decapitation chainsaw
nonlinear timeline flashback
afghanistan veteran assassin
mother son relationship death of husband
surrogate daughter cancer
husband wife relationship amorality
voice over narration iraq veteran
reference to wal mart corruption
severed head skull mask
internet mother daughter relationship
menage a trois hitman
death murder
brutality violence
marijuana farmer boyfriend girlfriend relationship
one word title kidnapping
polyamory drug cartel
death of son based on novel
title spoken by character surprise ending

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