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ttapola25 December 2010
"The circle is now complete." So, Kathy Reichs served as an inspiration for Bones (presumably both the character and the series - the credits sure don't make a distinction), and now she has actually written an episode! But - please note that she did not do it *alone*: staff writer Pat Charles is also credited, which is perfectly normal since the bonus material on several US TV series DVD/Blu-ray box sets seems to indicate that most TV shows have a Writers' Room, where scripts are changed based on whatever decisions result from collective discussion about the script. Gone are the days when J. Michael Straczynski wrote over a season's worth of consecutive episodes all by himself. Or when Quentin Tarantino left his distinctive mark on an episode of ER.

Whatever the creative contributions behind this episode, the fact remains that it is a great episode. Almost at the end of the *fifth* season, and Bones shows no signs of fatigue. The show delivers yet another bizarre murder case and builds around it an episode that is not only creative (can't spoil the twists!) but also heartfelt and full of quality funny moments. CSIs, eat your hearts out. William Petersen was right when he stated his dislike of Bruckheimer & co stretching the show into a full-blown franchise. Bones shares the same kind of magic dynamic between its two lead characters as The X Files (no hyphen!) did in its glory days. Remember when Anderson and Duchovny started to take time off, let alone when they were replaced? Thanks to the special status of Brennan, she cannot be replaced, and though Booth could be replaced *in theory*, only a fool would try to continue this show without Deschanel and Boreanaz. Supporting characters are pretty good too, especially Sweets - that joke about his age never gets old. Ha! I made a meta-joke of it!

It's almost become unnecessary to review an episode since they all seem to be at least a 7/10, but this is an 8/10 thanks to character development and great guest stars Kate Vernon (of BSG) and Wade Williams (of the "great in season 1 and 2, $#it in season 3 and 4" Prison Break). Now if Brennan only would start to believe and make us viewers happy...
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A great episode, for fans of Kathy Reichs.
the_curious_tongue13 May 2010
This is an episode written by Kathy Reichs. Fans will know who she is, as she not only is the inspiration but the female scientist in Tempy's books also bares the same name, as homage. I don't read her books, as I already am working through many books and will start with her after all the Gemmell and Peter Morwind novels have been read. I have however read much about her, and she is basically a bloody genius! She is a certified forensic anthropologist. Dr. Reichs is one of only eighty-two forensic anthropologists ever certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. I mean com'on! If she doesn't know a crime scene and the workings of the lab who does?!?

I am not gonna put any spoilers. This is just information.

The script is good, with good banter which is indicative of Bones.

The plot is very good, with some truly funny moments. Though it may not be the best ever episode is is interesting to see Dr Reichs' spin on the show. Which was a little different to normal.

My only problem is that like many other episodes, this is a stand-alone ep. Though there are moments that will have ripples into the next episode, there isn't a great enemy like other seasons. Maybe they need to do another Gorgonzola type (I don't mean another one, but just a bad guy who is more than a 1 part episode, which ends up being a crime of passion or greed. Maybe something pure evil, for the joy of killing, like past ones.... also the Gorgonzola is on purpose)

All in all though worth the watch, and though the rating seems low, IMDb members can be harsh at times.
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Spooky and funny at the same time
ctomvelu18 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
B&B investigate the deaths of an apparent witch in a cabin fire. Also found in the fire is the skeleton of an 18th century witch, dressed in a wedding gown and sealed in a closet not damaged by the fire. This leads them to a Wiccan coven, members of whom act rather suspiciously from the get-go. But there are other suspects as well. And get this: Not all of the bones of the 18th century skeleton are hers! A subplot has Hodgins and Angela under arrested for some minor thing, and they end up falling into each other's arms while in jail. Angela haters, who are legion, would do best to avoid this episode, as she is in a good deal of it. I myself am not a big fan of hers, but I will admit the jail scenes are very funny, involving as they do a romance awkwardly rekindled, a Mayberry-type sheriff and a judge who is also the town barber.
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love the men in the jail/definitely SPOILERS!
momcat31614 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I am watching the Witch in the Wardrobe for at least the 5th time.as time moves on I remember why this episode is so memorable. great actors, great characters, a wonderful twist in the plot line. I have rediscovered two actors I will search on IMDb so I can catch them in reruns of other series. William Stanford Davis and Wade Williams are standouts. as the barber/judge, Davis is too perfect for his character not to be repeated in another episode. Williams as the sheriff is priceless, especially throwing the confetti while trying to maintain his official persona. I don't think a thing needs to be changed or augmented. My one not met expectation was that in this brain trust, not one person denied the existence of witches. This season will be my next CD purchase
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abbyrd882 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This was overall a very good episode. I am a big fan of Angela and Hodgins as a couple- they are an ideal couple! The truly balance each other out, much like B&B. Them finally realizing this in jail of all places was really cute and romantic. Looking back in retrospect, It's amazing that this show is at the end of its 5th season and still awesome. It makes me want to keep watching more with each episode. This is probably the only show I have ever watched where each season is equally as good as the last. I hope that Bones keeps going for many more seasons as I truly think it has some of the best characters, acting, couples, and writing on television.
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