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beautifully pointless

Author: clareparkinson788
12 November 2015

An unusual story of a rubber tyre that uses telekinetic powers to kill. The movie is based around the notion of things being meaningless. Why would a tyre have consciousness? No reason. Why would it kill? No reason. It is absurdist horror at it's best. The story itself is almost irrelevant, what makes the movie is the score (wonderfully provided by mr oizo) and the camera work. It is shot so beautifully that you will forget how ridiculous the premise of the movie is. Alternatively if you're not into hidden meanings and what not, rubber still serves as a deliciously odd screwball b-movie. Surely not a film for everybody and perhaps not one I would often re-watch... but one you should most definitely take the time to see.

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A Completely Unfilmable Concept and a Monotonous, Redundant and Far too Overlong Result.

Author: bignothingdrake310 from Portland, Oregon
23 July 2015

There are some things that just cannot be put to film, and this is the prime example of that. Rubber has got to be one of the most boring, sleep inducing and pretentious 80-something minutes of my entire life that I could have spent doing something far more valuable with my time. In the first 10 minutes of Rubber, there is a police officer who runs down a row of chairs needlessly and for absolutely no reason whatsoever and then keeping with that motif, of random things happening for no reason whatsoever he climbs out of the squad car's trunk and gives what I have to admit is actually a pretty brilliant monologue about major details and events in iconic films that happen for no reason and then compares them to real life examples of things that happen for no reason and then assures the crowd standing in the middle of the desert for you, guessed it, no reason whatsoever and us at home preparing for the awesome spectacle that is the serial murdering tire with psychokinetic abilities Robert that this film is the "Homage to No Reason" this is driven into the ground with a jack hammer completely over the course of the flick except it's only tolerable slightly for a few flashes of comedic brilliance in certain scenes, but it simply is not enough to sustain the film itself and make it enjoyable and endearing in the slightest because once those scenes are gone, we are back to pointless shots that linger on for ten minutes at a time, where something that holds no relevance happens because the self-indulgent director and writer feels that it's necessary once again to remind us that this film is made for no reason, and throws in some half- hearted commentary, very poorly laughing at Hollywood Clichés and the humor is absolutely mindbogglingly confusing and non-nonsensical that I'm sure that the only the filmmaker himself knows the true meaning to this humor, it is nearly completely impossible to understand just because it's that strange and awkward and for a movie that tries to claim that horror movies are made for no reason, this film in turn is counterproductive in the sense that it had no reason to be made itself, and then the director feels that once again it is necessary to patronize the audience and tell us for like the millionth time that there is no reason to this film and anything in it, yeah dually-noted thank you we know, we get it! And after some long drawn out shot that lasts needlessly long, that brings the film with no plot to yet another screeching halt our main star Robert decides to break the awkwardness by blowing someone's head off with his telekinetic powers and the first time was when he blew up a rabbit's head, and it was absurdly hilarious and then they had to do it again, and again and again, over and over and over and over until it just get's grating and annoying. That's all this movie is, pointless scene here, our main star blows something or someone up, the spectators in the crowd watching the film with binoculars engages in banter that is funny at first but then just overplayed like everything else in this film to the point where you just want to punch them all in the face and punch the pretentious director with his head far too up his ass to know how to make a decent satire and not pointless trite and drivel such as this, write engaging, endearing characters, if you can even call them characters, more like stand-in's with a few lines here and there, and doesn't just make films for his own ego stroking purposes and too insult the intelligence of the viewers and just make a stupid and boring film like this mockingly saying to us with each passing moment "Hey idiots, you don't get the humor and I do so that makes you stupid" No that's not what makes a good satire, that's not what makes a good film, you can't relate to any of it, which already makes it a failed comedy, big laughs come from situations that others among other things. And if you wanna pull the whole "Oh you just don't get it man, you don't understand the brilliance of this Satire" defense Just know, you are right about the first part of that statement, I don't get it. This is a waste of film and it's not art like some may say, it's crap. Pure crap. And a few good gags do not make a good film, and it's an even bigger let down because that opening speech offers so much and then never fully delivers. I can't find one reason in the world why anyone would find this entertaining in the slightest. Not for me, I don't recommend it. Rubber is one of the biggest letdowns that I have seen in recent years and I cannot understand how for the life of me how it is this popular and how it was even made, and which corporate Hollywood nitwit thought to green light this experience that is just as enjoyable and fun as getting your wisdom teeth pulled without anesthetic.

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One for film lovers, horror lovers, and people with an open mind!

Author: ConsistentlyFalconer from United Kingdom
28 June 2015

A homicidal maniac is on the loose in a quiet desert town, killing everybody in his path using his terrifying telekinetic powers.

So far so normal. But this film has three major differences to your run-of-the-mill slasher:

1) It's absolutely beautifully photographed - really quite gorgeous. More like No Country For Old Men than Friday the 13th;

2) The entire film as we see it is being watched - with occasional commentary -by a bizarre bunch of spectators on the edge of the desert;

3) The homicidal maniac of the film is a car tyre.

Hilarious, gorgeous, and utterly gripping, it's a true B-movie gem.

Verdict: One of those films that was always going to be either wonderful or bitterly disappointing. This, fortunately is the former.

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Hugely Disappointing

Author: Lostman_815 from United Kingdom
4 June 2015

This isn't one of those movies that is so terrible that it's good, it's just terrible.

I'm a big fan of cheesy, over-the-top, crap but entertaining films such as The Room, Plan 9 From Outer Space or Sharknado...but this film is just hands down terrible. I'm also a big fan of work-out- the-meaning-yourself films such as 2001 A Space Odyssey, but from the opening scene, it's shown that this movie has no purpose and that the events depicted happen "for no reason".

There's a smidgen of attempted humour at some moments, but the acting and dialogue from most of the characters are just so horrible that it's far from enjoyable, which doesn't help the film giving the impression that it's trying to be serious. The only redeeming quality is that it's shot and produced well, and I still can't figure out how they got the tyre to move on its own.

I normally try and focus on the good points of movies, no matter how bad, but this is first film I've ever seen that I actually felt I'd wasted 80 minutes of my life watching. Watch it if you're still curious and maybe you'll get something more out of it than I did.

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I liked this (for "No Reason")

Author: bowmanblue from United Kingdom
29 August 2014

Before you consider watching this movie, you should know two things:

First, it is about a killer tyre.

Secondly, I didn't make that up.

If you can suspend your disbelief long enough to get over that, you may just get something out of the film.

It opens with a scene where a police car drives towards the camera, knocking over a multitude of chairs in the road as it goes. When it gets close enough an officer gets out and talks directly to us, the viewers. He explains that some things in films happen for, "No reason." This is the whole basis of the film.

It's weird.

Things happen for no reason.

It's very weird. And, sometimes weird is good, other times weird doesn't work. In this case, I'll go with the former.

If you want a quirky film that doesn't conform to mainstream narratives and conventions, watch Rubber. It's silly. It's surreal. It's fun. It's sort of what David Lynch might do if he'd have thought of the 'killer tyre' idea.

One drawback, a few of the scenes go on for a little long - it has the feeling of being a bit 'student film studies made,' but it soon picks up in its daftness.

I stayed with it to the end - no reason.

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Quirky, strange and wonderful!

Author: francesca-philips5 from Australia
31 March 2014

So I found this movie on a list of "movies you should see" that said that this movie would be unlike any other I'd ever seen and I wouldn't completely disagree. I have seen other works that come close...John Carpenter's 'Dark Star' springs immediately to mind, almost anything by David Lynch, and the Coen brothers touch this kind of oddness too but this movie is unashamedly dotty. Not that it sets out to be funny, well, it sort of does, but in that 'funny peculiar' way that the macabre sense of humour loves. There's no slapstick here. There's no snappy footwork. There are no jokes or clever one-liners. It's straight-up and matter-of- fact but don't expect this movie to make sense. It doesn't, except within its own special world and it's very true to that world. If your mind isn't unhinged or at least a little frayed at the seams, you probably won't like this movie. If you can't take your sense of reality off and hang it in the closet for a while then you might need to get seriously stoned before you watch it but I loved it. Don't bring any expectations, let the movie reveal itself to you, lay back and enjoy the ride!

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Unexpected joyful surprise with bloody kills, surrealism and inspired narrative insanity

Author: VideoEmbolism from Canada
18 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I wasn't expecting much when I turned this on and had been putting off watching this for a long time but "Rubber" turned out to be a really great horror movie more insane and surreal than actually funny.

One of the cool elements in the movie is the fact that there is an audience watching the tire go on a killing rampage from a distance in the desert with binoculars who are being killed off sometimes one by one, sometimes en mass, by some unknown conspiracy as the movie takes place. Meanwhile the tire itself is killing people so it's like watching two slasher movies in one.

All the characters are completely insane and seem completely at ease in situations that are completely insane, horrifying and non-nonsensical.

"Rubber" is a lot of fun. It is well-shot, well-acted, well-paced and bloody (The tire makes people's heads explode - I guess he's psychotically telepathic).

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Little tire, good movie

Author: pedro-seventyseven from england
11 March 2014

With the trend of action titles being released in the past couple years like the avengers and batman, rubber is a refreshing twist, favoring story telling over dull action. the story follows the story of Robert, little tire, big dreams. He embarks on a journey of self realization as he unleashes hell on some town folk. Although it has many good qualities it also suffers from some mediocre acting and a second confusing side story involving some people watch the movie from a distance but never the less its a film that steps out of the box and does something new. If your put off by the fact the main antagonist is a tire who doesn't have the ability to talk or show emotion, don't be Robert is expressed through movement in such a great manner that you can tell how he feels and what he's thinking. I recommend a watch.

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What Is This, I Don't Even?

Author: MockeryD from United States
28 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, you think a movie about the tire that goes around killing people would be funny right?

Well it kinda is but here's the problem. It's filled with what I'd like to call art-house bulls*it. It's suppose to be something symbolic about no meaning or something. Honestly, it makes no sense. Honestly, the only way to understand this movie is get drunk. This could have bee interesting but the plot is riddled with plot holes. The acting is terrible, the plot makes zero sense, the effects are laughable and don't get me started about the extremely annoying cop in this movie.

All in all, don't watch this movie. It's not worth it.

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Exhibit A in Support of a Waiting Period to Obtain Movie-Making Equipment

Author: kr98664 from Oregon
20 January 2014

The boss was away. That is the only logical explanation. The head honcho at Magnet Films, taking a well-deserved break, was off on an extended vacation. After all, this is the outfit that brought us such gems as Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, God Bless America, and the amazing Troll Hunter. The boss must have been out of cell range, however, because somebody sans clue took it upon themselves to greenlight Rubber.

The movie started out well enough. Right away, the fourth wall is broken down and the audience is addressed directly, as if we were being let in on a joke. Unfortunately, it seems the joke was on us. Whatever it was, it really wasn't even much of a joke. It was just an hour and a half of film.

That's why I propose the creation of a waiting period to procure movie-making equipment. Just because you can operate a camera doesn't mean you can make a movie.

After watching this movie, I'm reminded of some things my prematurely gray-haired mother used to say to me. No, I'm not talking about how she warned me I'd go blind. (Turns out she was wrong on that one, as I only needed glasses...) I remember her admonition to always have something nice to say. So in honor of my Mom, I will say the cinematography was very well done. That's about all I can say on the positive side. The rest was just a confusing, muddled mess. I watched it for free with a DVD from the library, and it still feels like I paid too much.

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