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Los Angeles Times
If you meet the fiendishly deadpan Rubber halfway, its assured mix of cinephile artiness and grindhouse spoof will offer some oddball surprises.
What sets Dupieux's film apart is its unexpected secondary dimension: an absurdist meta-commentary on cinema itself that hilariously articulates the notion that the movies stop existing the moment we stop watching, like the sound of an unobserved tree falling in the forest.
Rolls straight over silly, smashing through stupid without stopping and then barreling into a kind of insane comic brilliance without so much as a speed bump to slow it down.
Picture Monty Python writing an unusually odd "Twilight Zone" episode directed by surrealist Luis Buñuel. Or just empty your mind of all sense: This is Rubber.
Maybe Rubber is an homage, maybe it's a statement on horror films and their audiences, maybe it's a total goof.
New Orleans Times-Picayune
It's a fun one to talk about -- if only for the opportunity to shake your head in amused disbelief at what you just saw.
Rubber has its share of jollies, at least when it isn't boring us to death with the fourth-wall-busting monkey business. Although I appreciate Dupieux's efforts at satire, the audience-interaction subplot goes nowhere fast.
The carnage is cartoonishly graphic, but the onlookers watching through binoculars from a nearby sandy bluff are impressed.
Though it's undoubtedly ingenious, for such a clever movie, it's a shame Rubber couldn't be more fun.
With a homicidal tire as the main character, the film isn't scary enough to qualify as horror and not nearly as amusing as a black comedy should be.
Rubber could have been a modest horror novelty, a wicked, malevolent version of "The Red Balloon."

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