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'Shit My Dad Says' Creator: I Killed Hollywood's Obsession With Twitter TV Shows

'Shit My Dad Says' Creator: I Killed Hollywood's Obsession With Twitter TV Shows
This story first appeared in the Nov. 27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe. In 2009, When I sold my Shit My Dad Says Twitter feed to CBS, the most common response was, "They bought a Twitter feed? Hollywood is completely out of anything resembling an original idea." (The second most common was, "Fuck you." There was a random guy who just tweeted me "fuck you" every day for a year, the longest relationship I've had aside from my wife.) If I'm being honest, I would have agreed with

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Very British Problems: How one man's hilarious Twitter feed became a star-studded TV show

Very British Problems, the 1 million follower-plus @soverybritish Twitter feed turned best-selling book of Britons' daily woes, hits our small screens tonight (August 13).

Starring Jonathan Ross, James Corden and a variety of famous funny Brits moaning creatively in a Grumpy Old Men stylee, the Channel 4 series looks to bottle the retweet phenomenon for a non-social audience.

I meet its London-based creator Rob Temple to find out how that's going to work and, to be honest, exactly how it all got this far. Over a beer, not an under-heated cup of tea ("I don't even like tea," laughs Temple), I ask how the idea started. "Well, it started it in 2012, cause you told me to."

Now, this is sort of true. Full disclosure: I used to work with Rob. And I did implore him to start a Twitter feed, as despite having never seen it himself, his dry, pithy humour was clearly a good fit.
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Watch Chris Meloni Pitch Oz and Law & Order: Svu Plots on Surviving Jack

Watch Chris Meloni Pitch Oz and Law & Order: Svu Plots on Surviving Jack
Surviving Jack, Fox's latest comedy, based on the book I Suck at Girls by Shit My Dad Says author Justin Halpern, stars Christopher Meloni as a no-nonsense father who takes on a more active role in parenting when his wife decides to attend law school. Much of the humor on the sitcom derives from Jack’s piss-poor dad skills. But in this exclusive Fox spoof-promo, Meloni maniacally urges Halpern and the show’s other scribes to up the hilarity by having Jack become incarcerated at a brutal maximum-security prison and investigate sex-related crimes, à la the characters Meloni played on Oz and Law & Order: Svu, respectively. Surviving Jack’s second episode airs this Thursday at 9:30pm.
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Scrotal Recall: too nuts for TV?

The naming of a TV programme is becoming an increasingly salacious business, but are these provocative titles more off-putting than enticing?

Let me put it all out there – it takes balls to call your sitcom Scrotal Recall. This week, Channel 4 announced they'd ordered a full six-part series of the show after scrutinising an (unaired) pilot episode and deciding it was definitely their bag. The pitch is high-concept with a dose of low humour: a man is diagnosed with chlamydia and has to track down everyone he's ever slept with to share the unfortunate news. It's My Name is Earl with an Sti twist, and one of those rare comedic premises that has built-in long-term prospects. By dealing with a new old flame every episode – literally, a case of the week – this one could run and run.

In many ways, the title deserves a clap: Scrotal Recall is thematically appropriate,
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Justin Halpern & Patrick Schumacker Ink Deal With Warner Bros. TV

Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, creators of Warner Bros TV‘s upcoming Fox comedy series Surviving Jack, have signed a two-year overall deal with the studio, which begins June 1. Surviving Jack, which the duo executive produce with Bill Calahan, who is serving as co-showrunner alongside them, Bill Lawrence and Jeff Ingold, was based on Halpern’s bestselling book I Suck At Girls. Halpern and Schumacker, repped by ICM Partners, previously co-created CBS’ S#*! My Dad Said for Wbtv and CBS with Max Mutchnick and David Cohen. It was based on another Halpern bestseller, Shit My Dad Says. Related: TCA: Justin Halpern Says Dad Better Suited For ‘Surviving Jack’ Than ‘$h*! My Dad Says’
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Factory 25 Acquires World Rights to 'Marvin, Seth and Stanley' Starring Alex Karpovsky

  • Indiewire
Factory 25 Acquires World Rights to 'Marvin, Seth and Stanley' Starring Alex Karpovsky
Factory 25 has acquired world rights to "Marvin, Seth and Stanley," starring Alex Karpovsky ("Girls," "Inside Llewyn Davis") by writer/director Stephen Gurewitz, who co-stars.When the comedic road trip, which was shot on 16 mm, screened at festivals in 2012, Richard Brody at The New Yorker called it "an extraordinarily touching and quietly hilarious dramatic version of 'Shit My Dad Says.'"The Brooklyn-based indie distributor plans to release the film digitally on January 28 on cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon Vudu, X-Box, Sony Playstation and other digital outlets before it premieres theatrically in February.Here is the plot summary from Factory 25: The film joins the quarreling Greenstein brothers Seth (Karpovsky) and Stanley (Gurewitz) when they reluctantly agree to join their father, Marvin, for a weekend trip in rural Minnesota. Estranged from each other, the threesome of inept outdoorsmen rediscover repressed grudges as the weekend comically devolves into a series of...
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A Grumpy Cat Film Is Just a Web-Fueled SNL Movie

  • Vulture
If no one seemed surprised to learn about the upcoming feature film starring Grumpy Cat — the Arizona-based house pet named Tardar Sauce whose feline dwarfism and underbite have burdened her with both a perpetually grouchy face and Internet celebrity — it's because Hollywood never passes up a chance to get into bed with a cute new star with a built-in fan base. Still, while the entertainment industry has always bet that successful books, toys, and video games can work in other formats as well, the road map concerning Internet culture is still being drawn. There have been a few attempts, of course: The web series Annoying Orange has since become a TV series, now in its second season on Cartoon Network, and Justin Halpern got a CBS sitcom out of his Twitter feed, Shit My Dad Says. However, both projects contained something clear to build from and were started by people
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Collider Goes to the Set of Squad 85, Justin Lin’s Web Series About Time-Traveling Cops from the 1980s

When I got to the set of Squad 85, the new Justin Lin produced web series, a half-naked man was hanging out the side of a van screaming as it raced between sound stages at high speeds. About 20 feet back, another car – also with a man hanging out the window – filmed the whole thing. I had no idea what was happening, but it was pretty damn funny. And this is pretty much the ethos of the six-part series, premiering November 13th on Yomyomf’s youtube channel as one of the first co-productions between Google/YouTube and the Hollywood elite. Hit the Jump for the full set visit and video interviews. Before going any further, here's the trailer for Squad 85: For the last decade, YouTube and its Diy aesthetic has been reformatting the media landscape and humor tastes of an entire generation. Some social media stars have made the
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F**k! Expletives Take Over Show Titles

Remember when in 2009 CBS put in development a comedy series based on the blog Shit My Dad Says? The racy title raised a lot of eyebrows throughout the project’s development process. The network toned it down to $#*! My Dad Says when it picked up the comedy to series, but still drew the wrath of watchdog Parents Television Council, which urged a boycott of the show. It seem like $#*! My Dad Says was the canary in a coal mine that tested the limits of how far creators can go with the use of foul language in titles and get away with it. While so-called “fleeting expletives” have gotten broadcasters in hot water with threats of steep fines, curse words slowly but surely have been creeping into show names. $#*! My Dad Says was followed by two projects during the 2010-11 development season that had “bitch” in the title: ABC’s Don
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Social Media’s Influence on TV Programming: Good Or Bad?

By Carson Blackwelder

Television Contributor


Social media users are increasingly becoming good partners to TV, helping to spread the word about which series are critically adored and popular. But like every relationship, there are some negative aspects, too.

Unfortunately, networks using social media as inspiration for shows is one of them.

NBC recently ordered a pilot based on 24-year-old Emma Koenig‘s Tumblr account entitled, “Fuck! I’m in My Twenties,” which already spawned a book. The site features drawn images filled with sarcasm and insight about quarter-life crises. The show will follow a young woman in her twenties as she navigates her way in New York City. Sound familiar, fans of HBO’s Girls?

This announcement comes just two days after CBS ordered a comedy based on another Tumblr, and the source of inspiration for it comes from yet another twenty-something woman. On deck for this pilot is Lauren Bachelis‘ blog entitled “#hollywoodassistants.
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Bill Lawrence-Produced ‘I Suck At Girls’ Gets Pilot Production Commitment At Fox

In a very competitive situation with all major networks bidding, I Suck At Girls, a single-camera comedy from Bill Lawrence and Warner Bros. TV, has landed at Fox with a pilot production commitment. It is based on Justin Halpern’s book I Suck At Girls, the follow-up to his bestseller Shit My Dad Says that was based on his popular Twitter feed. The half-hour comedy will tell the story of a boy becoming a man, and a man becoming a father, in a time before coming of age was something you could Google. Halpern will write with his TV writing partner Patrick Schumacker, with Lawrence supervising. Lawrence, Halpern and Schumacker will executive produce with Jeff Ingold, Lawrence’s development executive at his Wbtv-based Doozer production banner. Warner Bros. TV and Bill Lawrence optioned the book in February, three months before it was published by HarperColins. Halpern and Schumacker co-created the
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YouTube Viral Video Ultimate Dog Tease Becoming A Movie

These days anything can be turned into a TV show or movie. Remember how those cavemen from the Geico commericals got their own sitcom? How about the Shit My Dad Says Twitter feed being turned into a program with William Shatner? And let's not forget the E*Trade Baby commercial movie that was put into development a couple years back. With this knowledge in mind, this new story doesn't come as any kind of a shock. Variety reports that Paramount has hired Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm writers Alec Berg and David Mandel to write a script based on the popular YouTube viral video "Ultimate Dog Tease." For those unaware of the video, you can watch it below. The video is from the Talking Animals YouTube channel and since being posted on May 1st of last year it has accumulated over 94 million views. In fact, last year it ranked as
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‘Shit Girls Say’ from Twitter to Web Series with Juliette Lewis

Twitter accounts don’t necessarily make for the best television shows. Justin Halpern and executives at CBS will be the first people to tell you that. Halpern’s Twitter account Shit My Dad Says was picked up as inspiration for the CBS sitcom with the eponymous family-friendly-title of $h*! My Dad Says back in November 2009. By May 2011, after one 18-episode season, CBS cancelled the program. This happened despite star appeal (William Shatner played the role of “Dr. Edison Milford Goodson III” aka “Dad”) and a rabid online fan base (Halpern’s Twitter account has a couple million followers). Twitter accounts may, however, make for pretty great web series. If the initial reception of Shit Girls Say is any indication, Halpern should’ve kept Shit My Dad Says online. Created and written by Toronto-based filmmaker Graydon Sheppard and his partner Kyle Humphrey, and cameod by Juliette Lewis, the first installment of
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ABC's Apartment 23 Undergoes Another Name Change

Try as they might, but they can't keep a good Bitch down. Especially the Bitch in Apartment 23, as the ABC sitcom has undergone a second name change, according to Entertainment Weekly. Once known as Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, the show was shortened to Apartment 23 when the series received a pickup this past May. However, there's been a sort of compromise and now Apartment 23 will be known as...

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.

There's no indication of how this will be pronounced when referring to the show (a'la how $#*! My Dad Says was known as Bleep My Dad Says), but it gives the show a little more personality and bite that the previously ambiguous title lacked. Here's hoping that it doesn't scare people off like its future timeslot partner Cougar Town's title, something that still holds people back from giving the well-received show a shot.
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ABC's 'Apartment 23' restores original bitchy title

ABC's 'Apartment 23' restores original bitchy title
The ‘Bitch’ is back.

After ABC changed a new show’s mildly profane title during development, upcoming comedy Apartment 23 has now more-or-less reverted to its original head-turning name.

The official new title of the show is Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23, dashing out the letters of the curse in an attempt to soften its impact (not unlike how CBS dealt with the short-lived Shit My Dad Says last season, substituting the non-word “$#*!”). The Disney-owned network has two upcoming shows that previously used the word “bitch” in their title: Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23
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Matt's Guide to Thursday TV: Pick Parks Over Gentleman

It will be a sad day in TV land if (as Nielsen history suggests) the powerhouse of CBS' The Big Bang Theory helps deliver the abysmal new How to Be a Gentleman a ratings win over NBC's little-show-that-could-do-better Parks and Recreation.

Here's my Fall Preview take on How to Be a Gentleman (CBS, 8:31/7:31c), a misfire that almost makes me miss last year's Bleep My Dad Says, which wasted the same time period: "Felix and Oscar should sue. The overused Odd Couple premise gets one of its more cringeworthy sitcom workouts in the latest assault on the male mystique — caricatured as a squeaky-voiced priss and a bellowing gym-bunny boor. Actually, mankind should sue." To elaborate: David Hornsby plays a metrosexual metropolitan fusspot whose ...

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New Poster Emerges For Sean Astin Comedy And They're Off

Veteran TV director Rob Schiller has sneakily been putting together a feature length comedy starring Sean Astin and Cheri Oteri called And They.re Off. Schiller, who has directed episodes of Two and a Half Men, Shit My Dad Says, and whopping 165 episodes of King of Queens, surprisingly has kept his film under the radar until only two months before its October 28th release. Along with Astin and Oteri, MadTV and Parks and Recreation alum Mo Collins costars with Kevin Nealon and a host of others. The film follows Astin, a down and out horse trainer looking to start winning again, but the only way to do so is to hire his, presumably psychotic, ex-girlfriend Oteri to play jockey. And They.re Off will be a Christopher Guest style mockumentary much like Spinal Tap or Best in Show, so done properly this could prove to be really funny, but the
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Tsr Buzz: Stewart vs. O’Reilly, ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ cartoon and Red Fang

With Tsr Buzz, you’ll find links to articles, videos and other random things that will help you waste your time just a little bit more.

Last week, Fox News spent a lot of time complaining about Common being invited to the White House by Michelle Obama. He was variously accused of being a thug, misogynist and bad actor (Ok, made the last one up but have you seen Just Wright?) So on Monday, good friends Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly got together to duke it out. I mean, there’s nothing else going on in the world, right? Here’s part one of the verbal sparring match (parts 2 and 3 are available on Hulu).

I enjoyed the twitter feed and book Shit My Dad Says, but not so much the TV show. Apparently I’m not alone because CBS has decided to cancel it. Justin Halpern, writer of all
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We Have a Stooge: Will Sasso Cast as Curly in Farrelly Brothers Movie

  • The Wrap
We Have a Stooge: Will Sasso Cast as Curly in Farrelly Brothers Movie
Will Sasso has landed the role of Curly in the Farrelly Brothers upcoming "Three Stooges" movie, TheWrap has confirmed. The "Mad TV" and "$#*! My Dad Says" star is the first Stooge cast. The Twentieth Century Fox comedy does not yet have a release date. Bobby and Peter Farrelly are directing, writing and producing. Mike Cerrone is writing and Bradley Thomas and Charles B. Wessler are producing. The Hollywood Reporter originally reported the story. Related Articles: 
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$#*! My Dad Says 1.17 "Lock and Load" Review

Gun control is a hot topic this day and age. We have seen so much of it in the political scene we want to forget it even exists. Well, this week shows us that not only politicians want to debate over guns but, Rosemary and Ed will goes as far as ending a relationship just to prove a point. Is this weeks episode of Bleep a clean shot of excellence, or is the gun powder of humor to wet to fire?

While the episode centered around the topic of gun control and who should/should not own guns, at the heart of the episode we can see that it was more about the give and take between couples. With the recent string of burglaries in the neighborhood, Ed feels safe as he has guns in almost every room of his home. However, with his girlfriend Rosemary holding a belief that
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