Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

vampire president
lawyer vampire hunter
blood revenge
silver undead
silver axe champagne
ballroom dancing sex in a bathtub
bare breasts close up of eye
misfire supernatural power
warrior action hero
anti hero one man army
dark hero exploding train
dual wield stylized violence
bullet time actress shares first name with character
slaughter axe fight
combat crossbow
shootout graphic death scene
exit wound brutality
bloodbath blood splatter
violence death
bullet ballet slow motion scene
marine one helicopter journal
fountain pen gettysburg address
35 star american flag garlic
bayonet railroad bridge
bridge collapse train wreck
decoy burning a bridge
sabotage munitions train
twirling an axe confederate flag
cannon telegraph
tear on cheek toy soldier
u.s. capitol building battle of fort sumter
washington monument crashing through a window
massacre invisibility
invitation feeding frenzy
horse drawn carriage river boat
carrot woman wearing a veil
wedding marriage proposal
casket top hat
white suit walking in the rain
hidden gun falling off a cliff
stampede riding bareback
horse senator
soap box speach black eye
facial scar reunited friends
goodnight kiss courtship
injury zoetrope
blood spatter hanging upside down
straight razor martial arts training
chopping down a tree blunderbuss
two in a bath full moon
nightmare shot in the eye
flintlock pistol smoking a pipe
whipping a child hatchet
revisionist history begins with quotation
bible quote narrated by character
visiting mother's grave no title at beginning
no opening credits mother killed by vampire
dead woman on ground dead woman with eyes open
son seeing mother murdered flashback
bare chested male first lady
year 1865 ambush
shot in the forehead rifle
trap train
battle of gettysburg year 1861
emancipation proclamation valet
assistant ohio state
new orleans louisiana slavery
underground railroad bounty hunter
shopkeeper springfield illinois
pocket watch white house
indiana year 1837
axe training
debt silver bullet
slaver slave
african american plantation
year 1818 u.s. president
decapitation gore
axe murder 3 dimensional
historical fiction reference to abraham lincoln
punctuation in title death of son
death of mother based on novel
character name in title

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