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‘The Royals’ Star Elizabeth Hurley ‘Had Absolutely No Idea’ About Mark Schwahn Allegations

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‘The Royals’ Star Elizabeth Hurley ‘Had Absolutely No Idea’ About Mark Schwahn Allegations
The Royals” star Elizabeth Hurley has released a statement addressing the sexual harassment allegations against series creators and showrunner Mark Schwahn. In the open letter shared via social media on Thursday, Hurley wrote that she was “immensely saddened” by the allegations and said she never personally experienced harassment by Schwahn. “I have loved working alongside Alexandra and Mark for four years while shooting ‘The Royals,'” Hurley wrote, “and had absolutely no idea that she was feeling frightened and sexually intimidated by Mark during this time.” Also Read: 'The Royals' Female Cast, Crew Call Showrunner Mark Schwahn Sexual Harasser in Letter “I have.
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Lauren Bushnell Reveals Her New 'Bachelorette Pad' in Los Angeles Following Split with Ben Higgins

Lauren Bushnell has a new “bachelorette pad!”

The former The Bachelor contestant, who split from season 20 star Ben Higgins in May, has officially put the moving-on process in motion. The 27-year-old has relocated from Higgins’ home in Colorado to a new apartment in Los Angeles, and has been busy decorating the space with help from interior design site Decorist.

“I wanted everything simple and clean and airy and California vibe,” Bushnell says during a Facebook live with Decorist design director, Jessica McCarthy.

“We went for a California-glam look,” adds McCarthy.

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Journey through Chronopolis in latest Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a new trailer for the upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. This new trailer takes viewers through the game’s hub world of Chronopolis where all iconic Marvel hero locations merge into one place for players to explore. Visit Chronopolis below…

In the Open Hub World of Chronopolis players will be able to wander around many of the locations from the Marvel universe. Players will be able to explore Thor’s Asgard, the Wakandan jungle, ancient Egyptian pyramids and the deep space base of Knowhere. The trailer also reveals the Coliseum, the Hydra Empire, K’un-lun, Lemuria, Medieval England, Noir New York, Nueva York, the Old West and The Swamp.

Developed by the wonderful people at Tt Games, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 continues the brilliant humour (that can only be found in Lego games) as gamers go head to head with the time travelling Kang the Conqueror.
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Chris Cornell's Wife Bares Her Soul in a Heart-Wrenching Letter Ahead of His Funeral

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Chris Cornell's Wife Bares Her Soul in a Heart-Wrenching Letter Ahead of His Funeral
Chris Cornell died by suicide on May 17, and his wife Vicky bared her soul in a heartfelt note ahead of his funeral. In the open letter published in Billboard, the Soundgarden frontman's other half calls Chris "the best father, husband and son-in-law." She also vows to "stand up" and "fight for" him, and to ensure that his children, daughters Toni and Lillian and son Christopher, are well taken care of. Read her letter in full below. "To My Sweet Christopher, You were the best father, husband and son-in-law. Your patience, empathy and love always showed through. You had always said I saved you, that you wouldn't be alive if it were not for me. My heart gleamed to see you happy, living and motivated. Excited for life. Doing everything you could to give back. We had the time of our lives in the last decade and I'm sorry, my sweet love,
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Premier League Darts 2017 – League stage comes to an end

Fourteen weeks after we started in Newcastle the league stage of the 2017 Premier League Darts is set to come to a close in Aberdeen.

Michael Van Gerwen, Peter Wright and Gary Anderson have all sealed their places at the 02 in London next week with the final spot almost sewn up as well.

Phil Taylor, in his final Premier League campaign, looks set to claim the last place, with only Dave Chisnall able to stop him.

In the open fixture of the night Chisnall faces James Wade, knowing he has to win to have any chance of qualifying. For Chizzy to finish fourth he needs to win, Taylor has to lose and he has to overturn a ten leg difference.

Chisnall has been in fantastic form recently, unbeaten in his last five Premier League games, a run which has lifted him from bottom of the table to fifth. He also had
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Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale Try to Escape Armenian Genocide in ‘The Promise’ Trailer

Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale Try to Escape Armenian Genocide in ‘The Promise’ Trailer
“Empires fall, love survives” is the tagline in the official trailer for the historical drama “The Promise,” starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac.

In the Open Road film, Bale and Isaac fall in love with the same woman amid the Armenian Genocide.

Bale portrays an American Associated Press journalist while Isaac plays an Armenian medical student whose life is on the line during the genocide carried out by the crumbling Ottoman Empire during World War I. Bale has brought his Armenian girlfriend, played by Charlotte Le Bon, from Paris to the war zone. Issac’s character is immediately smitten by her when they meet. But there’s scant time in the trailer for romance as the empire devolves into bloody chaos. That results in the trio joining forces to get their people to safety — and save themselves.


The Promise:’ The Armenian Genocide Epic Kirk Kerkorian Spent a Fortune
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Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Blooper Reel Reveals Jeb Bush Flubs

Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Blooper Reel Reveals Jeb Bush Flubs
Jimmy Kimmel’s show open at Sunday’s Emmy Awards included a surprise appearance by Jeb Bush. The former Gop presidential candidate was the only non-actor cameo in the pre-taped piece, and it showed. Bush flubbed many lines but appeared to have a great time, cracking himself up a few times.

Check out the hilarious blooper reel below, which includes prop issues that plagued the casts of “Veep” and “Modern Family,” and even Kimmel himself.

In the open that actually aired, Bush and Kimmel set the tone for the show with this funny exchange:

“Are you nominated?” Bush asked Kimmel, who was seeking a ride downtown to the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.

“I am, yeah,” the host replied.

“Wow, what’s that like?” the former governor asked.

“It’s nice,” Kimmel replied.

When asked if he could win, Kimmel answered, “Well, there’s a lot of competition. Probably not.” (Editors note: He didn’t).

Bush responded, “Here
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Titanfall 2 First Tech Test Impression – A lot To Tweak

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Titanfall 2 is coming out later this year, but the development team is hosting two technical test weekends. The first one just passed and we spent a good amount of time playing it, here is what we thought.

Normal 0 false false false En-us X-none X-none

Note this was just a technical test, so issues will arise. That’s why we are talking about them as the development team wants to hear concerns to fix. This is in no way a review or final impression.

When first jumping into Titanfall I really enjoyed it. The game felt a lot like the first Medal of Honor reboot title in a sense that the game is blending a rather familiar casual shooter with something a bit more tactical. The game has a casual arcade approach, yet has a lot of strategy that follows each part of the map. There were opportunities to hide in
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Chilean Gay Film ‘You’ll Never Be Alone’ Wins Multiple Awards

“About three years ago, a 20-year-old boy was murdered in Santiago because he was gay. He was tortured for hours: his legs broken, a swastika carved on his stomach using shattered bottles, a piece of his ear torn out. By coincidence, that young boy was a fan of my work as a musician and I knew who he was because we’d spoken a couple of times. I met his family and they urged me to continue “speaking on behalf of boys like him”, not usually represented in the media or even art: in short, a gay and poor kid.”

This is what motivated Alex Anwandter, a widely acclaimed Chilean musician to make “You’ll Never Be Alone”/ “Nunca vas a estar solo”. However, he adds,

“This story, however, shifts its focus onto the father of the boy. This is my way of saying: it was not one boy, it’s many boys and girls, and women and men. And the life we should examine more carefully is not the boys’, it’s the rest of us. We who allow this to repeat over and over.”

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1983 Alex’s career as a musician started in 2005 to immediate and widespread acclaim in Chile and South America. His first four albums were released to critical and commercial recognition and subsequent touring the U.S., Europe and Latin America, becoming one of Chile's most renowned artists.

Growing up as a big cinephile, Alex Anwandter took to directing music videos for his own projects and other artists in 2005.

Named by Time Magazine as an artist “poised for U.S. stardom”, his music

and videos have been featured everywhere from Billboard to Vice Magazine and MTV, with NPR celebrating his video for “Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo?”, an homage to “Paris is Burning”, for its courageous message of equality and non-discrimination.

In 2012 Alex Anwandter started preparing a new phase in his career.

Moved by the murder of young Daniel Zamudio, a gay boy murdered in a hate-crime in Santiago and fan of his work, Anwandter wrote his first script “You’ll Never Be Alone”. The film won both Sanfic’s and FICGuadalajara Work in Progress sections in 2015. In 2016 at its World Premiere in the Berlinale’s Panorama it won the Teddy Award’s Special Jury Prize and went on to win Ficg’s Premio Maguey, its top Lgbt Award.

In Guadalajara I caught up with the producer, Isabel Orellana Guarello of Araucaria Cine and asked her the following questions:

Sydney Levine: How did you finance “You’ll Never Be Alone”?

Isabel Orellana Guarello: We financed the shooting with private investment and sponsorship provided by the Recoleta Municipality of Santiago and the association with the film school of University of Development ( Escuela de Cine Udd) and Ortega Maniques.

After the shooting we obtained help from the Postproduction Fund supported by Council for the Arts & Culture of Chile (Cnca).There was also an important amount of investment provided by 5Am Producciones & Araucaria Cine, the companies that produced the film.

Sl: Did you participate in pre-markets, workshops, etc.?

Iog: The film participated in two competitions of work in progress, one in Sanfic October 2014, just 2 months after we wrapped the shooting, and which we won. And after that the film participated at Films in Progress at FICGuadalajara,where we won two prizes provided by Retina HD and Red Melissa.

Also the project participated at Sanfic Net and Industry Days of Locarno Film Festival both in 2014 and 2015 as part of the catalogue of projects of Araucaria Cine.

Sl: How did you choose your actors?

Iog: For the main character of Juan we directly contacted Sergio Hernandez, whom we loved from previous collaborations with Raul Ruiz and Sebastián Lelio.

It happened in the same way with other cast members such as Edgardo Bruna (the boss of Juan), Antonia Zegers (the doctor) Camila Hirane (the bank executive).

For the young cast we did an open call organized by Ivan Parra Reinoso, We searched in several acting schools and finally reached out to Andrew Bargsted (Pablo) and her real-life best friend Astrid Roldan (Mari). Both had an amazing chemistry between them.

In the open casting call we also found Jaime Leiva (Felix, Pablo's lover) and Benjamín Westfall (Martin, the leader of the Nazi gang).

All together, they created an amazing casting of which we're very proud.

Sl: How did the producers come on board, and particularly Daniel Dreifuss (my friend)?

Iog: I met Daniel Dreifuss at Sanfic Net in 2014. I pitched the project to him since I felt he could connect with this story and he definitely did. Then he finally came on board as Executive Producer of the film in 2015.

Sl: Does the film have Chilean distribution and if so what is the plan?

Iog: The film has already secured Chilean distribution and we're expecting soon to have the specific release dates. The film is gaining a lot of attention back in Chile and audiences are waiting for it after its success at the Berlinale and Guadalajara.

Does it have an international sales agent?

Iog: Yes, the international sales are handled by Wide Management, a French company. We actually met them at Films in Progress 2014!

Sl: How did you come to this project?

Iog: I came on board in February 2014, after meeting Alex through a common friend.

When I read the script - that he'd been working for 2 years already- I was profoundly moved by it. We started working right away. The shooting was in July 2014, so everything was pretty fast.

Sl: Does this depict Chile today?

Iog: Unfortunately yes. Just the same day we received the Teddy Jury Award at Berlinale, a Chilean transgender boy was shot and killed in San Bernardo, Santiago. His name was Marcelo Lepe.

These homophobic killings will continue to occur if there is not deeper reflection about our society and our actions. That's why we made “You'll Never Be Alone”.

Sl: Will this film go toward changing the situation?

Iog: We hope so. We still believe that cinema can make strong change of hearts and minds. So we're eager to show the film in Chile and also Latin America, and hopefully open some debates around the issues of homophobia and social injustice depicted in the film.

We also have a plan with the Municipality of Recoleta to show the film at high schools inside their Sexual Diversity Program, when we complete our commercial release.

It's very important to us that the film is discussed inside Chile and we're making all our best efforts for that to happen.

Sl: What are your current and next projects?

Iog: The director Alex Anwandter is currently releasing his new album "Amiga" in April. So new music videos and songs are coming up from him.

About me as producer, Araucaria Cine is currently producing a feature documentary with director Roberto Collio (“White Death”) and Rodrigo Robledo, named “Petit Frère” which will compete at Focus Chile in Visions du Reel 2016. Also I'm developing a feature doc with Maria Jesus Valenzuela, “Interna." Both projects were funded by the Council of the Arts & Culture and Corfo Chile.
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Kim Kardashian Addresses Her Nude Selfie and Sex Tape in an Unapologetic Letter

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Kim Kardashian Addresses Her Nude Selfie and Sex Tape in an Unapologetic Letter
Kim Kardashian may have faced backlash after posting a nude selfie to Instagram this week, but she definitely isn't letting it get to her. In fact, the reality TV star opened up about the negative comments - among other things - in a blog post titled "#StraightUp: Happy International Women's Day" on Monday. In the open letter, Kim gets candid about her rise to fame with "a sex tape that was made 13 years ago" and urges the public to "move on already." The heartfelt post also touches on the empowerment Kim feels because of her body, sexuality, and "not being afraid" of what anyone - including fellow celebrities - have to say about her, and even includes a sweet message about her 2-year-old daughter, North: "I don't want her to grow up in a world where she is made to feel less-than for embracing everything it means to be a woman,
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Ventana Sur: Film Factory Swoops on Primer Corte’s ‘Sangre en la boca’ (Exclusive)

Buenos Aires – In one of the major pick-ups of Ventana Sur, Vicente CanalesFilm Factory has powered up River Plate-side trading swooping in world sales rights to Argentine Hernan Belon’s drama “Sangre en la boca,” which bowed in rough cut at the Latin American film mart’s pix-in-post showcase Primer Corte.

Film Factory has acquired all international rights outside Argentina, save for Italy, where “Sangre” is co-produced by Italy’s Cinedea, which will provide post-production services.

One of the big potential Argentina B.O. plays of 2016 – though it has still to close a domestic distribution deal – “Sangre en la boca” stars Leonardo Sbaraglia (“Wild Tales”) who re-teams with Belon after latter’s 2011 Venice Critics’ Week player “El Campo” (In the Open), his first feature.

“A melodrama with elements of film noir,” “Sangre” charts the destructive sadomasochistic relationship between Ramon (“Sbaraglia) a near over-the-hill boxing champ and Deborah, a
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Ventana Sur: ‘Spider Thieves,’ ‘Sangre,’ ‘Swamp’ make Primer Corte Cut

Ventana Sur: ‘Spider Thieves,’ ‘Sangre,’ ‘Swamp’ make Primer Corte Cut
Madrid – “The Spider Thieves,” “Sangre en la boca” and “The Swamp, Between Sea and Land” have made the cut of Ventana Sur’s 7th Primer Corte, its pix-in-post showcase curated by the Cannes Festival’s Cinefondation general manager Georges Goldenstern, which is one of the Latin American meet-mart’s biggest industry drags.

A six-title competition with movies screening in their entirety in rough cut, Primer Corte has seen a hike in both the number of submissions and prizes, said Ventana Sur co-director Bernardo Bergeret.

Running Nov. 30-Dec. 4, Ventana Sur is a joint initiative of Argentina’s Incaa Film Institute and the Cannes Festival and Cannes Film Market.

Set up at Chile’s Altirofilms and co-produced by the Puenzo families Historias Cinematograficas, one of Latin America’s prestige production acts, “Niñas aranas” (Spider Thieves) weighs in as the feature debut of Chile’s Guillermo Helo, a TV director now moving into theatrical film direction.
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Premios Platino Nominees and Lifetime Achievement Award to be Announced in L.A. Tomorrow!

On Wednesday, May 27th, Premios Platino's hosts Alessandra Rosaldo and Juan Carlos Arciniegas alongside actor Eugenio Derbez, as well as Elvi Cano (Director Egeda Us) and Gonzalo Elvira (Fipca Mexico) will announce the nominees for the Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

During the press conference Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo will announce the recipient of the Premio de Honor (Lifetime Achievement Award). In addition Rick Nicita, Chairman of the American Cinematheque, will accept a special Platino Award to The American Cinematheque for its contribution to Iberoamerican Cinema.

Produced by Egeda, in collaboration with Fipca, the Premios Platino of Iberoamerican Cinema was born with the vocation to establish itself as a major international ceremony, promoting Latin American cinema as a whole and transcending borders. It is one of the most important tools to promote and support our film industry and all the professionals who, day after day, put forth all their effort and commitment so that audiences can enjoy the best films.

The candidates for the 2nd Platino Awards (Premios Platino) were announced during the 18th Málaga Film Festival in Spain. 73 feature films and 18 Ibero- American countries compete for the final nominations in the 14 categories for this prestigious award. The competing films had to be commercially released or premiered in an A-List Film Festival during 2014. The final nominations will be announced tomorrow at the Andaz Hotel West Hollywood. The Premios Platino Award Ceremony will take place on July 18, 2015 at Starlite Marbella in Spain.

As part of the same event The Premios Platino has distinguished the Málaga Film Festival with a special award for its contribution to the circulation and promotion of Spanish and Ibero- American cinema.

Here is the list of preselected candidates in each category ahead of tomorrow's final nominations

Premio Platino for the Best Ibero-American Fictional Film

· "Cantinflas"

(Kenio Films) (Mexico).

· "Conducta" (Behavior)

(Instituto Cubano Del Arte E Industria Cinematográfica, Rtv Comercial) (Cuba).

· "El Mudo" (The Mute)

(Maretazo Cine, Urban Factory) (Peru, Mexico).

· "El Niño"

(Vaca Films Studio, S.L., Telecinco Cinema, S.A., Ikiru Films, S.L., La Ferme! Productions, El Niño la película, A.I.E.) (Spain).

· "La Danza de la Realidad" (The Dance of Reality)

(Camera One, Pathe Y Le Soleil Films) (Chile).

· "La Dictadura Perfecta" (The Perfect Dictatorship)

(Imcine - Instituto Mexicano De Cinematografía, Estudios Churubusco Azteca, S.A., Bandidos Films, Fidecine, Eficine 226) (Mexico).

· "La Isla Mínima" (Marshland)

(Antena 3 Films, S.L., Atípica Films, S.L. y Sacromonte Films S.L.) (Spain).

· "Libertador" (The Liberator)

(Producciones Insurgentes, San Mateo Films) (Venezuela, Spain).

· "Matar a un Hombre" (To Kill a Man)

(Arizona Production, El Remanso Cine Ltda) (Chile).

· "Mr. Kaplan"

(Baobab 66 Films, S.L., Salado Media, Expresso Films) (Uruguay, Spain).

· "O Lobo Atrás da Porta" (A Wolf at the Door)

(Tc Filmes, Gullane Filmes) (Brazil).

· "Os gatos não têm vertigens" (Cats Don't Have Vertigo)

(Mgn Filmes) (Portugal).

· "Pelo Malo" (Bad Hair)

(Sudaca Films, Hanfgarn & Ufer Filmproduktion, Artefactos S.F., Imagen Latina, La Sociedad Post) (Venezuela Peru, Argentina).

· "Refugiado"

(Gale Cine, Burning Blue, El Campo Cine, Staron Films, Bellota Films, Río Rojo Contenidos) (Argentina, Colombia).

. "Relatos Salvajes" (Wild Tales)

(Kramer & Sigman Films, El Deseo P.C - S.A.) (Argentina, Spain).

Premio Platino for Best Directing

Alberto Rodríguez (Spain), for "La Isla Mínima." Alejandro Jodorowsky (Chile), for "La danza de la Realidad." Álvaro Brechner (Uruguay), for "Mr Kaplan." António-Pedro Vasconcelos (Portugal), for "Os gatos não têm vertigens." Claudia Pinto (Venezuela), for "La Distancia más Larga." Damián Szifron (Argentina), for "Relatos Salvajes." Daniel Monzón (Spain), for "El Niño." Daniel Vega (Peru) and Diego Vega (Peru), for "El Mudo." Ernesto Daranas (Cuba), for "Conducta." Fernando Coimbra (Brazil), for "O lobo atrás da porta." Fernando Pérez (Cuba), "La Pared de las Palabras." Luis Estrada (Mexico), for "La Dictadura Perfecta." Mariana Rondón (Venezuela), for "Pelo Malo." Miguel Cohan (Argentina), for "Betibú." Sebastián del Amo (Mexico), for "Cantinflas. "

Premio Platino for Best Actor

Benicio Del Toro (Puerto Rico), for Escobar. "Paraíso Perdido." Damián Alcázar (Mexico), for "La Dictadura Perfecta. Dani Rovira (Spain), for "Ocho Apellidos Vascos." Daniel Candia (Chile), for "Matar a un Hombre." Daniel Fanego (Argentina), for "Betibú." Edgar Ramírez (Venezuela), for "Libertador." Fernando Bacilio (Peru), "El Mudo." Ghilherme Lobo (Brazil), "The Way He Looks." Javier Gutiérrez (Spain), for "La Isla Mínima." Jorge Perugorría (Cuba), for "La Pared de las Palabras." Leonardo Sbaraglia (Argentina), for "Relatos Salvajes." Oscar Jaenada (Spain), by "Cantinflas." Salvador del Solar (Peru), for "El Elefante Desaparecido." Viggo Mortensen (USA), for "Jauja." Wagner Moura (Brazil), for "Futuro Beach" .

Premio Platino for Best Actress

Angie Cepeda (Colombia), for "El Elefante Desaparecido." Bárbara Lennie (Spain), by "Magical Girl." Carme Elías (Spain), for "La Distancia Más Larga." Elena Anaya (Spain), for "Todos Están Muertos." Érica Rivas (Argentina), for "Relatos Salvajes." Geraldine Chaplin (USA), for "Dólares de Arena." Isabel Santos (Cuba), for "La Pared de las Palabras." Julieta Díaz (Argentina), for "Refugiado." Laura de la Uz (Cuba), for "Vestido de Novia." Leandra Leal (Brazil), for "O Lobo Atrás da Porta." Maria do Céu Guerra (Portugal), for "Os gatos não têm vertigens." Martha Higareda (Mexico), for "Cásese Quien Pueda." Paulina García (Chile), for "Las Analfabetas." Samantha Castillo (Venezuela), for "Pelo Malo." Silvia Navarro (Mexico), for "La Dictadura Perfecta. "

Premio Platino for Best Original Score

Adán Jodorowsky (Chile), for "La Danza de la Realidad." Antonio Pinto (Brazil), for "Trash. A esperança vem do lixo." Edilio Paredes (Dominican Republic), Ramón Cordero (Dominican Republic), Benjamín de Menil (Dominican Republic), for "Dólares de Arena." Federico Jusid (Argentina), for "Betibú" Gustavo Dudamel (Venezuela), for "Libertador." Gustavo Santaolalla (Argentina), for "Relatos Salvajes." Juan A. Leyva (Cuba), Magda R. Galbán (Cuba), for "Conducta." Julio de la Rosa (Spain), for "La iIsla Mínima." Mikel Salas (Spain), for "Mr Kaplan." Pedro Subercaseaux (Chile), for "Crystal Fairy y el Cactus Mágico." Ricardo Cutz (Brazil), "O lobo atrás da porta." Roque Baños (Spain), for "El Niño." Ruy Folguera (Argentina), for" Olvidados." Selma Mutal (Peru), for "El Elefante Desaparecido." Vicent Barrière (France), for "La Distancia más Larga."

Premio Platino for Best Animated Film

"Até que a Sbórnia nos Separe" (Otto Desenhos Animados) (Brazil). "Dixie y la Rebelión Zombi" (Abra Prod. S.L.) (Spain) "El Ultimo Mago o Bilembambudín" (Fabula Producciones, Aleph Media S.A., Filmar Uno) (Argentina, Chile). "Historia de Cronopios y de Famas" (Prodarte) (Argentina). "La Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato" (Ánima Estudios, S.A. De C.V.) (Mexico). "La Tropa de Trapo en la Selva del Arcoíris" (Continental Producciones, S.L, Anera Films, S.L., Abano Producions, S.L. La Tropa De Trapo, S.L.) (Spain, Brazil). "Meñique" (Ficción Producciones, S.L., Estudios De Animación Icaic) (Cuba, Spain). "Mortadelo y Filemón Contra Jimmy el Cachondo" (Zeta Audiovisual y Películas Pendelton) (Spain). "The Boy and the World" (Filme de Papel) (Brazil). "Pichinguitos. Tgus, la Película" (Non Plus Ultra) (Mexico, Honduras). "Ritos de Passagem" (Liberato Produçoes Culturais) (Brazil).

Premio Platino for Best Documentary Film

• "¿Quién es Dayani Cristal?" (Canana Films, Pulse Films Limited) (Mexico).

"2014, Nacido en Gaza" (La Claqueta Pc, S.L.Contramedia Films) (Spain). "Avant" (Trivial Media Srl, Tarkio Film) (Uruguay, Argentina). "Buscando a Gastón" (Chiwake Films) (Peru). "E agora? Lémbra-me" (C.R.I.M. Produçoes, Presente Edições De Autor) (Portugal). "El Color que Cayó del Cielo" (K & S Films) (Argentina). "El Ojo del Tiburón" (Astronauta Films, Gema Films) (Argentina, Spain). "El Río que Nos Atraviesa" (Ochi Producciones, Maraisa Films Producciones) (Venezuela). "El Sueño de Todos" (S3d Films, Tridi Films) (Chile). "El Vals de los Inútiles" (La Pata De Juana, Cusicanqui Films) (Chile, Argentina). "Invasión" (Apertura Films, Ajimolido Films) (Panama, Argentina). "Maracaná" (Coral Cine, S.R.L., Tenfield S.A.) (Uruguay, Brazil). "The Salt of the Earth" (Decia Films) (Brazil) "Paco de Lucía. La búsqueda" (Ziggurat Films, S.L.) (Spain) "Pichuco" (Puente Films) (Argentina).

Premio Platino for Best Screenplay

Alberto Rodríguez (Spain), Rafael Cobos (Spain), for" La Isla Mínima." Alejandro Jodorowsky (Chile), for "La Danza de la Realidad." Álvaro Brechner (Uruguay), for "Mr. Kaplan." Anahí Berneri (Argentina), Javier Van Couter (Argentina), for "Aire Libre." Carlos Vermut (Spain), for "Magical Girl." Claudia Pinto (Venezuela), for "La Distancia Más Larga." Damián Szifron (Argentina), for "Relatos Salvajes." Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil), for "The Way He Looks." Daniel Vega (Peru), Diego Vega (Peru), for "El Mudo." Ernesto Daranas (Cuba), for "Conducta." Fernando Coimbra (Brazil), for "O lobo atrás da porta." Luis Arambilet (Dominican Republic), for "Código Paz." Luis Estrada (Mexico), Jaime Sampietro (Mexico), for "La Dictadura Perfecta." Mariana Rondón (Venezuela), for "Pelo Malo." Tiago Santos (Portugal) for "Os gatos não têm vertigens. "

Premio Platino for Best Ibero-American Fiction Debut

"10.000 Km," by Carlos Marqués- Marcet (Lastor Media, S.L., La Panda) (Spain). "23 segundos," by Dimitry Rudakov (Clever Producciones) (Uruguay). "Branco sai, preto fica," by Adirley Queirós (Cinco Da Norte Serviços Audiovisuais) (Brazil). "Ciencias Naturales," by Matías Lucchesi (Tarea Fina, Metaluna Productions) (Argentina). "Código Paz," by Pedro Urrutia (One Alliance Srl) (Dominican Republic). "Feriado" by Diego Araujo (Cepa Audiovisual S.R.L., Abacafilms, S.A., Lunafilms Audiovisual) (Ecuador, Argentina). Historias del Canal (Hypatia Films, Manglar Films, Tvn Films and Wp Films) (Panama). "La Distancia Más Larga," by Claudia Pinto (Castro Producciones Cinematograficas, S.L.U., Sin Rodeos Films C.A., Claudia Lepage) (Venezuela). "Las Vacas con Gafas," by Alex Santiago Pérez (Cozy Light Pictures) (Puerto Rico). "Luna de Cigarras," by Jorge Bedoya (Oima Films, Koreko Gua, S.R.L., Sabate Films) (Paraguay). "Mateo," by Maria Gamboa (Hangar Filmsdiafragma, Fabrica De Peliculas, Cine Sud Promotion) (Colombia). "Perro Guardian," by Bacha Caravedo, Chinón Higashionna (Señor Z)(Peru). "Vestido de Novia," by Marilyn Solaya (Icaic) (Cuba). "Visitantes," by Acan Coen (Sobrevivientes Films, Akira Producciones, Nodancingtoday) (Mexico). "Volantín Cortao," by Diego Ayala and Aníbal Jofré (Gallinazo Films) (Chile)
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"Fury Road" Ties Into "Mad Max" Game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios have debuted a new story trailer for the upcoming "Mad Max" video game. At the same time, the clip reveals a connection between the game and the recently released "Mad Max: Fury Road" - namely a primary setting of Gastown where Furiosa's war rig was originally slated to go.

In the open world, third-person action game, you play the lone warrior in a savage post-apocalyptic world called The Wasteland where cars are the key to survival. Using brutal on-ground and vehicular combat against vicious gangs of bandits as you try to find solace in the "Plains of Silence."

The "Mad Max" game debuts on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 1st.
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Game Reveal: "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate"

Details have been unveiled regarding "Assassin's Creed Syndicate," the next instalment in the long-running historical action-adventure series.

Set in London in 1868, the game features twin playable protagonists - the hot headed Jacob and his stealth expert sister Evie Frye. In the open world game, players will be able to switch freely between the two characters - though story missions will restrict the choice for narrative reasons.

The pair from Crawley head to London as the Industrial Revolution reaches its climax. Their goal, to free the masses from the poverty they suffer and lead an uprising against an oppressive establishment which conceals the Templars. Novelist Charles Dickens and biologist Charles Darwin feature in the narrative.

One interesting twist - this game will be single-player only, no multiplayer. This allows for the biggest city based open-world ever for an "Assassin's Creed" game with Victorian London stretching across six boroughs (Westminster, the Strand,
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‘Gunman’ Director Says Sean Penn ‘Doesn’t Compromise’

‘Gunman’ Director Says Sean Penn ‘Doesn’t Compromise’
Pierre Morel, director of “Taken” and new Sean Penn pic“The Gunman,” is still marveling at the experience of working with Penn, Javier Bardem and Idris Elba, months after shooting wrapped.

At Thursday night’s Los Angeles premiere of “Gunman,” held at L.A. Live’s Regal Cinemas, Morel discussed the experience of directing the three pros. “You don’t have to do much. The magic just happens,” Morel said with a laugh. “You feel useless sometimes.”

In the Open Road/Studiocanal release, Penn plays an ex-assassin on the run, with Elba appearing as an Interpol agent and Bardem playing Penn’s girlfriend-stealing ex-colleague. The murky allegiances among the three provide much of the film’s tension.

Morel thinks their chemistry springs from the differences in their training. “They all come from a different approach of acting,” Morel said. “Sean is American — method acting. Idris comes from England, which is a different school of acting.
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Young the Giant Reveals the Happy Accident That 'Makes Us a Stronger Band'

Young the Giant Reveals the Happy Accident That 'Makes Us a Stronger Band'
The group behind 'My Body' and 'Cough Syrup' spent the summer touring with Kings of Leon.

Young the Giant rocks the house wherever they go, but it's all about going back to basics with the band's In the Open series.

Performing their songs acoustically (and in beautiful settings from coast to coast, no less) has not only provided a fun, creative outlet for Young the Giant, but has strengthened their skills. On Tuesday, the group unveiled a brand new In the Open video for "Anagram" off their latest album, Mind Over Matter.

News: Kings of Leon Gets a Surprise Guest at Hollywood Bowl Show

"The In the Open sessions hearken back to what the songwriting is for us," lead singer Sameer Gadhia tells ETonline's Sophie Schillaci in a backstage interview at the Hollywood Bowl. "We have a great time doing them. It started out as an accident, we were on tour several years back and we were
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Ciné Sud Promotion: Two Films in Toronto, One in Venice, One in Locarno

Ciné-Sud has two films selected for Toronto: the Iranian feature “ Red Rose” (handled internationally by Udi – Urban Distribution International) and the Vietnam-France-Norway-Germany co-production “Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere” by Nguyen Hoang Diep which will premiere September 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Venice/ Critics Week before moving to Toronto And with no international sales agent to date.

In Locarno, "Los ausentes" (“The Absent Ones) by Nicolas Pereda, a Mèxico-Spain-France coproduction is screening out of competition on August 11! The international sales agent is Caravan Pass, a former production company formed in 2005 in Paris by Natalie Dana. In 2014 founder Natalie and industry celeb-acquisitions persona, Elizabeth Dreyer, turned the company to international sales as well. They are actively seeking completed/ unlaunched films and projects at the financing stage.

Natalie Dana worked in sales at some of the industry’s most recognizable sales agencies, including Mercure and Celluloid Dreams. She also headed distribution for various film distributors and selected films for the prestigious Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival for five years. Under her guidance, Caravan Pass has produced or co-produced four feature films and two documentaries, partnering with notable production companies in several countries including Brazil and Italy.

Elizabeth Dreyer began her career in acquisitions, acquiring completed films and projects for North America for Miramax Films and Focus Features. As an independent consultant she has since sourced and sold remakes to international producers, advised renowned distributors around the world on pre-buys and completed film pickups, and developed feature films for proven French film producers looking to access the international market. She most recently handled sales and acquisitions for Celluloid Dreams.

Ciné-Sud Promotion itself started in 1993 as a company designed to promote art house films (Rachid Bouchareb, Wang Chao, Guillermo Del Toro, Raymond Depardon, Djibril Diop Mambety, Julio Medem, Jafar Panahi, Manuel Poirier, Arturo Ripstein, Paulo Rocha, Carlos Saura, Paolo & Vittorio Taviani, Jean-Philippe Toussaint… amongst others). There is still the press promotion department which is now under the leadership of Claire Viroulaud, publicist for many art house movies.

In 2001 Thierry Lenouvel, the founder, created a production arm and has thus far produced or co-produced 30 films which have won more 150 international awards.

The mission remains constant: Quality, without frontiers, without constraints of form, style or genre, researching emerging talents and supporting already acclaimed directors with projects whch deliver a singular and important message for and about humanity and our society utilizing strong cinematic forms.

This is only a part of all Thierry has created. Read on, dear reader, read on.

Amiens International Film Festival

Although many festivals now have competitions for cash prizes and forums for pitching and co-production meetings, Amiens stands out with its Fund for Aid for the Development of Feature Film Script and its ties to its creator, Ciné Sud, that privately owned feature film production company transformed by prolific producer Thierry Lenouvel created the Fund in 1996.

The Screenplay Development Fund (Fonds d'aide au développment du scénario or Fads) is awarded during the Amiens Film Festival to a project at one of the most critical stages in the life of a movie, that is at script stage. In its 19 years of existence it has supported 79 feature film scripts of which 39 were completed, 9 are shooting now, 21 are in development. More than 632,600 Euros have been granted. Cnac, the Venezuelan film organization has given a grant of 10,000 € for the past five years.

Fads partners: National Film Centre and Moving • International Organization of la Francophonie • Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs • Moroccan National Center for Cinema (Ccm) • Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema • Regional Council of Picardy • Central Fund for Social Activities picture • Independent National Film Centre (Cnac - Venezuela)

In 2014, four scholarships of € 10,000 each were granted to directors of the following projects:

Family Gustavo Cordova Rondon (Venezuela) which has also won:

Cnac Script Development Fund (Venezuela)

Amiens Script Development Fund 2013

Ibermedia Development Fund 2013

And it has been selected to participate at:

Produire Au Sud Andean Workshop 2013

Ibermedia Project Development Workshop 2013

Oaxaca Screenwriters Lab 2014

Berlinale Talent Project Market 2014

The Court Of My Mother Idriss Diabaté (Côte d'Ivoire)

My Favorite Fabric Gaya Jiji (Syria)

Territoria Nora Martirosyan (Armenia)

And an additional grant of € 7,000 was awarded to the French project Dance Silent of Pradeepan Raveendran.

The rules and the application form of the next Script Fund of Amiens (due August 18!) that he created is available online or on request…from Thierry or even from me!

And, last but not least, Thierry brings "Cinema in Motion" from San Sebastian (who decided to stop the program in 2013) to Venice where it's now called " Final Cut in Venice", a workshop to help six works in progress from Africa and Arabic World toward completion with the support of French and Italian technical industries.

For more information contact:

Thierry Lenouvel

thierry [At]

Some films produced by Ciné-Sud:

Tirana. Year Zero by Fatmir Koci (France/Albania/ Belgium), Competition/Venice 2001, Golden Alexander/Thessaloniki

Rachida by Yamina Bachir Chouikh (France/Algeria), Official Selection/Cannes 2002

Fuse ! (Gori Vatra) by Pjer Zalica (Bosnia/Austria/Turkey/France), Silver Leopard/Locarno 2003

Wall by Simone Bitton (France/Israel), Directors Fortnight/Cannes 2004, Special Jury Prize/Sundance, Grand Prix/Marseille, Pesaro, Montreal, Jerusalem

Moolaade by Sembene Ousmane (Sénégal/France/Burkina/Maroc), Grand Prix Un Certain Regard/Cannes 2004, Best Foreign Film/American Critics Awards

Falafel by Michel Kammoun (Lebanon/France), Bayard d’Or/Namur 2006, Silver Muhr/Dubai, Bronze Palm/Valencia

Pomegranates And Myrrh by Najwa Najjar (Palestine/Germany/France), Competition/Sundance 2009, Rotterdam, 1st price in Doha

Rachel by Simone Bitton (France/Belgium), Forum/Berlin 2009, Competition/Cinema du Réel 2009

Every Day Is A Holliday by Dima El Horr (France/Lebanon/Germany),Toronto 2009, Roma, Dubai, Rotterdam, New York 2010

Mothers by Milcho Manchevski (Macedonia/Bulgaria/France),Toronto 2010, Berlin (Panorama) 2011

The Stoplight Society by Ruben Mendoza (Colombia/France/Spain/ Germany), best Colombian film of the year/Cartagena 2011, Best Director/Amiens 2010, Best 1st film/Huelva 2010

El Campo by Hernan Belon (Argentina/Italy/France) – Venice 2011/Critics Week

Fat, Bald, Short Man (Colombia/France) – more than 20 selections in 2011/2012

La Playa by Juan Andres Arango (Colombia/Brazil/France) – Cannes 2012/Official Selection, Un Certain Regard

Villegas by Gonzalo Tobal (Argentina/France) – Cannes 2012/Official Selection

La Sirga by William Vega (Colombia/Mexico/France) – Cannes 2012/Directors Fortnight

Qissa by Anup Singh (India/Germany/France/Holland) – Toronto 2013/Netpac award, Rotterdam 2014/Audience Award

Dust On The Tongue by Ruben Mendoza (Columbia/France) – Cartagena 2014/Best film, best director

Mateo by Maria Gamboa (Colombia/France) – Cartagena 2014/Jury Special award

Run, Boy, Run by Pepe Danquart (Germany/France) – Cannes Junior 2014

In post-production :

Red Rose by Sepideh Farsi (Iran/France/Grèce)

Los Ausentes by Nicolas Pereda (Mexico/Spain/France)

Ausencia by Chico Teixeira (Brazil/France)

Flapping In The Middle Of Nowhere by Nguyen Hiang Diep (Vietnam/France/Norvège/Allemagne)

In development :

Kill Two Birds With One Stone by Fejria Deliba (France)

Embrace Of The Serpent by Ciro Guerra (Colombie/Vénézuela/France)

Mantra, Song Of Scorpions by Anup Singh (Inde/Suisse/France)

Sal by William Vega (Colombie/Allemagne/France)

Parable Of A Blind Christ (Chili/France)

Land And Shade by Cesar Acevedo (Colombie/France)

D’Une Rive L’Autre by Sepideh Farsi (France)
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Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Denounce Israeli 'Genocide' in Open Letter

Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Denounce Israeli 'Genocide' in Open Letter
Madrid – Dozens of Spanish film stars, directors, musicians and writers, led by Oscar winners Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodovar, have denounced Israel's incursion into Gaza. In an open letter referenced by Europa Press and other Spanish media, they described Israel's actions as "genocide." Story Talk About Anything Political in Hollywood ... Except Gaza They also called on the European Union to "condemn the bombing by land, sea and air against the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip." In the open letter, they demanded a cease-fire by the Israeli military and urged Israel to "lift

read more
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Walter Salles’ VideoFilmes Boards Santiago Mitre’s ‘La Patota’

Walter Salles’ VideoFilmes Boards Santiago Mitre’s ‘La Patota’
Madrid – VideoFilmes, the Rio de Janeiro-based production house owned by Walter Salles (“Central Station,” “The Motorcycle Diaries”), will co-produce social thriller “La Patota,” the much-anticipated second film by Argentina’s Santiago Mitre.

Based on Daniel Tinayre’s 1960 modern movie classic “La Patota,” which played in competition at Berlin, Mitre’s sophomore outing has won $250,000, announced Friday, from an dedicated Argentina-Brazil film fund launched in 2010 to finance four co-productions a year between the two countries.

“We’re very happy to co-produce Santiago Mitre’s ‘La Patota.’ I’m a great admirer of his first film, “The Student,” and believe that Santiago is one of the most talented young directors in Latin America today,” Salles said Friday.

With VideoFilmes on board, and principal photography skedded for August in Misiones, in Argentina’s extreme northeast, “La Patota” now has one of the strongest international co-production structures of any Argentine film going into production this year.
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