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My parents considered me a piano prodigy
paolo ceccacci9 October 2017
In a dance class, the dancing lead was hated by most of her classmates due to her behavior towards everyone who stands in her way. She had a sex relationship with dance instructor and one night, after a drunken night in a club, dumped her black boyfriend. Back at her place, she bumped into someone who hit her unconscious before throwing her from the balcony. Detectives soon figure out she suffered from stomach things and, after questioning another dancer, they realize someone used to poison dancer by using antifreeze. Something happened behind the stage curtain and it's hard for detective to break the wall of silence.

A boring episode, involving teenage girls who don't draw the audience attention for their performances. The pace is slow, even the main actors don't care too much. Below average.
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Murder at the performing arts academy
bkoganbing10 April 2016
Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows get handed in this episode the murder of young Lindsey Rose Sinclair who is a student at a very posh performing arts academy. Young Ms. Sinclair was not the most popular among the rest of the students, she was good and she knew it and she made sure everyone else knew it too.

So there's a whole school of young and eager girls wanting desperate to succeed in their chosen discipline of dance. And as we discover there are some of them with some real issues.

Also on the suspect list is Lorenzo Pisoni who is their dance instructor and choreographer and has plowed through the cast like a satyr on a rampage. He's someone you can truly hate Burrows develops a real dislike for him. It's real easy to do that.

The perpetrator does this deed for some deep psychological issues that one needed a detective like Zack Nichols to get at. Maybe Bobby Goren could have though.
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