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Good and bad

Author: trinity-destler from Canada
27 October 2010

The beginning and end of the episode were quick, funny, and genuinely sharp satire. The middle was bogged down with too much partisan mud-slinging and empty-headed rhetoric. This show really, really needs to stop preaching, because the comedy stops dead every time it does, it doesn't serve the issues it attempts to address even remotely competently and it's just not entertaining to watch. Either mock idiocy and extremism on both sides without lecturing the audience or stop harping on politics. Good satire needs to be egalitarian, if they're going to call themselves "equal opportunity offenders", they need to live up to it.

Overall, it was a an okay episode and was something of a step in the right direction, but seemed to take two steps back.

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Dull... yet again...

Author: Trevor Mcinsley from United Kingdom
25 November 2010

Family Guy is funny when it sticks to what it does best, stupid quick jokes, surrealist cut aways and a plot that is essentially irrelevant but serves the purpose. Understand that these are not criticisms of the show, since it can still manage to come up with some good situations and hilarious lines from time to time.

This episode however fails entirely for the fact that it seems to be trying to make some kind of political point, at the cost of humour. Whenever Family Guy attempts parody, satire or a vaguely serious theme it just falls flat on its face and gently suffocates in the mud. The writers need to stop trying to be like South Park and stick to what they do best.

With the first episode of series nine being an hour long yawn fest of a humour devoid parody and this episode being almost entirely boring I can only hope that this was just filler and the rest of the season picks up.

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Sorry, I just can't defend this episode...

Author: mattiasflgrtll6 from Sweden
1 March 2015

It's so dull you are almost baffled. Am I really watching Family Guy? Is this the show I know and love? The plot is really, really, really uninspired. Brian hates Rush Limbaugh's guts, reads his book, then becomes his best friend, then is taught that he didn't really think his politics were THAT great. If you think the plot sounds boring already, you won't like this episode. I'm not sure what Mark Hentemann was thinking, but I wish he at least had tried to put some damn jokes into the episode. There are almost none. And several of the few jokes that are there are not even good. If the episode had been funnier, I'd have forgiven the bad plot. But since the very little at all humor stops when Brian becomes a fan of Limbaugh, I can't give this episode any positives. Family Guy has handled politics in a way that's both smart and funny, plenty of times. This episode is not an example of that. Limbaugh is very unfunny in his guest role and the ending is F UCKING STUPID. Rush turning into a vulture and flying away? Excuse me, WHAT???? What this episode should have done to work is mocking both political sides equally and write more jokes into it. Hmmmm... Nah, you know what? This episode simply just shouldn't have been made. One of the worst episodes of the whole show.

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