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The episode starts with Peter Griffen handing out the families mail. Opon opening his he discovers that he has been invited to a dinner in his honor from an unknown host. They then leave for the party, and Peter discovers he has talent with voice impressions. After traveling for ages he arrives at the mansion. Soon after Joe and Bonnie arrive, Joe says he got the same letter as Peter did but in his honor, Quagmire then arrives with a girl called Stephanie, Brian then spots his ex-girlfriend Jillian and her husband Derek. Then a married couple Mort and Muriel arrive followed by news reporters Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons, war veterain Herbet, Mayor West, film buff Carl, Dr. Hartman and sea caption Seamus. Inside they meet Conscula. After changing clothes they come down for dinner and their host turns out o be James Woods, he introduces his girlfreind Priscilla to the group and explains the dinner honors all of them, he confides to them he is chaning his ways and trying to find heaven by making a mensd.

James Woods then goes to check on dinner with Priscilla. Stephanie sits in his seat to check if he is telling the truth when she is shot dead. Everbody tries to leave but the bridge in broken. James Woods comes back with Priscilla, and is accused of being a killer but then he is stabbed to death. In panic the group looks for clues but Priscilla and Joe are knocked unconsious. Muriel is then blamed as being the killer but she is killed. Derek gets a signal on his phone and he is bludened by a golden globe. Soon after Tom is framed as being the killer. but then it turns out Diane was the whole time. And she is shot dead by Stewie.


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