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The One With The Murder Mystery...
Taylor Kingston28 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love this episode. It's so inventive and creative. It's one of the only episodes that actually follow on. What I mean by that is, everyone who dies, actually stays dead, and is talked about in other episodes. Not just that nothing ever happened. It is one of the best episodes of the entire series.

In this episode, it's a murder mystery that's taking it toll on the citizens of Quahog. Peter is invited to a dinner in his honor, which he doesn't find strange, but Lois does. The family drive out to the location of the dinner party and there they see a lot of other familiar faces. Including Bonnie and Joe, Quagmire, Jillian and her husband, Mort and Murial Goldman, Mayor Adam West, Tom Tucker, Diane Simmons, the guy who works at the convenience store that has seen every movie ever made, Mr. Herbert, Dr. Heartman, and Seamus. When they go inside they find out that they all got the same letter. That tonight was a dinner in their honor. It turns out that James Woods had invited them all there to apologize for wronging them in the past. But then, people start dying and the night involves them trying to figure out who. They all assume that it was James Woods, but it turns out that it was Diane Simmons. She wanted to kill James Woods, and frame Tom Tucker. You see, she and James had been dating and once she turned forty, he dumped her. Also at that time, the news station wanted to replace her for a younger woman. When Lois finds this out, Diane is about to kill her, when a shot from out of nowhere shoots Diane and she dies. It was Stewie, and he says the funniest line: "if anyone's gonna kill that bitch it's gonna be me". Funny.

The people that sadly were victims of Diane were: Muriel Goldman, Derek Wilcox (Jillian's husband), James Woods, Quagmire's girlfriend, Stephanie, Priscilla, James Woods' girlfriend.

Oh, and Consuela was also there. She was the maid.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
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a perfect episode for a start!
al-ki-biadis27 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Well this episode was very good!It was directed pretty good,the story was clever and most of all it was funny!It wast't like some stupid episodes of family guy where the jokes weren't make any sense here the jokes were really!I mean stewie was hilarius as always (with his shorts) and really funny drew barrymore's voice. Very good idea bringing all the characters together!Also the story with the murders was very clever,but maybe it was getting boring in the end when they trying to figure out who is the killer!Another good was that the episode was big and i really like when the season premieres are big!The high-definition quality was great,and was the first episode in HD!So the episode goes like this: the Griffins and other residents of Quahog are invited to visit the mansion of James Woods, but all this turns into a real murder mystery and then everyone looking for the murder!And Then There Were Fewer" was the first episode of Family Guy season 9 and was a nice start,lets see the rest!
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Great animation and fun story but they forgot to add any jokes!
lee-wilson28 September 2010
I love Family Guy but this episode just wasn't very funny at all. They have obviously stepped up the quality of animation. It looked fantastic and it was a great premise for an episode, spoofing Agatha Christie thrillers. However it was let down by a serious lack of actual comedy. I laughed out loud twice in 50 minutes of screen time. The writer had no idea how to write lines for many of the characters apart from occasionally Peter and Quagmire.

It was intriguing that they killed off some of the characters but personally I would have gone further, slight spoiler follows as I name people that survived. Can they do anything more with Herbert, he has harassed the hell out of Chris for years and it just isn't funny anymore? Or with Consuela who was a one joke character anyway? Or with Mayor West who again seems to have run his natural course in the show?
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The first poor Family Guy
durham10028 September 2010
I am a great fan of Family Guy but this episode was just plain awful. I laughed twice throughout and the gags for each character were a cliché of themselves. it was as if an amateur fan had written it and had tried to pack it full of everything they had seen in every episode previous which is a surprise as it was written by experienced writer/supervisor cherry chevapravatdumrong. The premise was good and it looked great so should be counted as a missed opportunity as the writing was slack and predictable, the jokes either nonexistent or a reworking of previous material making the whole thing appear half hearted and slap dash. let's just hope and pray that this usually magnificent gem of a show isn't headed down the Simpsons route already.
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Mystery Time
gary-howe2 October 2010
A 'mystery' episode. The real mystery however is why on earth this episode has an average of over 8 out of 10 from people. As 2 other reviewers have pointed out, there was virtually no humour in it. A direct parody of very dull 'mystery murders' means it was almost as dull and unimaginative as the genre it was parodying. The first 5 minutes was sort of quite amusing but then it went downhill from there. It was nice to see a 'widescreen' episode for once, but that was just about all there was to recommend about this one. Without any doubt this was the worst Family Guy episode I've ever seen. I didn't think it was possible for a series this great to have an episode this bad.
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Clever But Less Quirky
gavin69427 July 2013
When the Griffins and other residents of Quahog are invited to visit the mansion of James Woods, the evening turns into a real murder mystery when guests end up dead and everyone scrambles to figure out who done it.

Another reviewer summed this up as great animation but without the jokes. And that is more or less spot on. This is some of the best animation you will ever see on "Family Guy", and even the plot is pretty great (with some variations on "And Then There Were None" and "Clue"). But the jokes are few and far between, especially in the second half.

I loved Herbert and the "Pinocchio" joke, and having James Woods be the central character automatically helps... but it just did not have the non-stop pop culture humor that we have come to expect (and who really think Jennifer Connelly's hands look like a bag f snakes?)
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I think even Agatha Christie would laugh!
Paul Evans9 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Griffin family are invited to a dinner party in Peter's honour, when they get there they discover the entire village have also had invites. A tree crushes the bridge that leads out of the grand house, so all are trapped, and soon the murders begin. All fingers point to Tom Tucker, but Lois discovers who the real killer is.

Firstly the animation is superb, it looks amazing, almost what you'd expect on the big screen. Great to see all the characters together, even the show pokes fun at having Seamus and Doctor Hartman in the same scene.

Loads of jokes throughout, it's really very funny. Lots of jokes coming from the darker side of Stewie, Peter and the late Adam West. Drew Barrymore really funny again as Jillian. A good move to kill off some of the characters, keeps the show fresh, although I keep waiting for a shock Diane return.

Still my favourite episode, so much going on, looks awesome and packed with laughs. 10/10
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