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Thank you Shawn.

Author: callanvass
3 April 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the best raw episodes I have seen in ages!. The emotion, the booking and the ending to raw will remain one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen. Thank you Shawn.

Batista is out to start the show. He says he won't give the people the satisfaction of whining or moaning, etc. Nobody will remember next month, and he's gonna get the title back. Loud "You tapped out chants start". He says he's entitled to a rematch, and nobody will remember Wrestlemania, because Cena can't beat him. Cena is out. Cena says he must have missed it last night, because it happened. He said after calling himself the face of the company, the face of the company tapped out. Cena begs Batista not to be like the other guys, and accept his proposal for a rematch. Batista of course declines, and tries a cheap shot, but Cena fights him off. Swagger nails Cena from behind, and signals for the match to start. Cena fights back though, and Swagger waves it off. Effective segment here, a lot of people believed Swagger was gonna do it.

3 1/2 /5

Legends are out. Ted Dibiase,Pat Patterson, IRS, Arn Anderson, and Nick Bockwinkel. Then Rowdy Roddy Piper with Sgt. Slaughter, Ricky Steamboat, and Tony Garea. All get decent pops. Rob Coddry and Clark Duke the guest hosts are out to huge boo's. They announce it's Cena and a partner of his choosing Vs Swagger and Batista tonight. They also announce a special hot tub divas match, and the crowd isn't invited. Crowd sh*tt all over this, and rightfully so.

1 1/2 /5

Ted Dibiase Vs Christian. Nice pop for The Captain. Some felt the match sucked, I rather liked it to be honest. Christian can make any up and comer look good, and here was no different. Christian wins with the Killswitch. Afterwards Ted has a confrontation with Ted Sr., and shoves him away.

2 1/2 /5

The guest hosts are with The Bella's, Rosa Mendes, and Tiffany. Tiff looks hot, but that's about it.


Triple H is out to a big pop. He soaks in the cheers, and says he never thought he'd see it go down like this. He never thought Shawn would go out like this, and that he knew Shawn could beat him. He says it feels like just yesterday, that he walked into the WWE, and Shawn was standing there with his bad mullet haircut. He says they took on the world, fought back to back, side to side, and even face to face. Trips starts choking up, before Sheamus comes out nailing Trips with a pipe from behind. HUGE heat for Sheamus here, very, very effective stuff.


Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Gail Kim, and Eve Torres vs. Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox, Layla, Maryse, and Vickie Guerrero. Nice to see Mickie back on raw, but the match last like three seconds, absolutely pathetic. Eve rolls up Maryse for the victory.


Bret is out to a nice ovation from the crowd. Bret thanks Shawn for a glorious career, and says Shawn was right about how good things would come. Bret says he finally got his closure, and he can feel waves of high fives from all the deceased members, as a big "Owen" chant starts. Bret thanks his family and the fans, and a "Thank you Bret" chant starts. ShowMiz is out. Miz asks if Bret feels proud winning a glorified 25 on 1 Handicap match. Miz says Bret stole all his time, and he is Overrated. Miz tells Bret to leave the ring, before his fist gives him closure. Bret tells Miz to make him leave, and Miz looks at Big Show dumbfounded. Hart Dynasty is out to a nice pop, and that makes this.


Non Title Match.

Hart Dynasty Vs ShowMiz. Not bad for what it was, and it's great to see The Hart Dynasty getting the rightful push they deserve. Match ends, when Miz and Show walk out on them.


Another boring hot tub segment, where Tiff and Rosa leave the hot tub. Rob and Clarke call The Bella's double winners, and apparently that offends them so they leave too. Henry and Hornswoggle come in for some fun. Yawn, next.


Jack Swagger and Batista Vs John Cena and ????. Swagger cuts a terrible promo to start things off. Cena is out, and Cena says he has an announcement, and that Batista knows him very well, and he's an old friend of his. And the partner is......RANDY ORTON!!!. Orton blows the roof of the place. Crowd is just eating up everything Randy Orton does!. Very effective stuff, absolutely surreal seeing Orton and Cena team up, but pretty cool nonetheless. Orton gets the win, with a couple of RKO's to the opponents, and pinning Swagger. The pose is back in full force, and Orton could be this generation's Austin, if they leave him be.

2 1/2 /5

The Retirement Ceremony. I'm not gonna bother to recap this properly. All I'll simply say is, it was a privilege, a treat and an honor to watch this heartfelt and emotional speech from Shawn. Shawn is a hero of mine, I grew up watching him, and it is damn sad to see him go. Shawn said all the right things, he was genuine, and I had tears in my eyes. Thank you Shawn for everything, and being the one and only Show stopper.

Triple H and Shawn embrace afterwords to close the show.


Bottom line. Thank you HBK.


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