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An emotionally centered storyline is able to resist the awfulness of Lopez's performance

Author: SLionsCricketreviews
12 December 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have never been a fan of the character Robin. Sure, Cobie Smulders does a fine job with the character but she has come off as a completely flat character. Her failure to commitment and her career as a news reporter have been traits that failed to interest me in the slightest. Aside from some of the Canadian jokes, Robin has been the weakest link to a disappointing show.

"Of Course" is the first such occasion where I managed to sympathize with her character. When she realizes that Barney has moved on, and she finds herself just another number among many of Barney's women, I genuinely pitied her. This in turn allows Barney to shine, in one of his most humanizing moments to date: after preparing a Superdate for Anita, he gives it up for Robin and Don. It was an excellent moment, that hopefully furthers the stellar writing of Barney's character. The only problem being, his character arc is moving very slowly as of late.

The episode isn't that funny, but it does have an emotionally strong core. Jennifer Lopez guest stars, in one hell of an awful performance, as an author whose latest book condemns the nature of weak men. Please, Jennifer Lopez is an author??? Her performance in itself is god awful from beginning to end, and her final scene features the most off putting, most out of context accent that I was left perplexed. There are many actresses who could've played this role, Lopez is just not one of them....

"Of Course" is a good enough episode. The show itself is moving incredibly slowly, most of the characters are becoming further uninteresting as we are made to painfully await the arrival of The Mother....

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Of Course (#5.17)

Author: ComedyFan2010 from Canada
23 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am not a fan of seeing Robin in a mourning period, or even the idea that she has one. But this got us some nice moments.

First of all it was hilarious how all the guys were clueless about it. And their reaction to how they remember behaving around Robin was pretty funny. Especially Barney who even puked into the helmet.

Well this is the best part, Barney being a caring ex boyfriend. Showing Robin that she was not just somebody who he slept with and who didn't matter he gives her the date. And after does everything to not sleeping with a woman (Jennifer Lopez!). This sure is the reminder that Robin mattered to him.

And the fun catchy bang song! Even Robin got to sing it at the end of the episode.

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Two Words: Barney Stinson

Author: Fayola Morgan from United Kingdom
9 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

7 out of 10 purely on account of Neil Patrick Harris' emotionally- charged performance in this, which was sufficient enough to crowd out Jennifer Lopez's awful acting. (Why she got the role in this episode is as perplexing as her having an acting career at all).

I'm not really sure that I like Robin Scherbatsky at all; nothing about her particularly appeals to me, although I certainly believe that she can be an interesting character. During this episode, we see her struggling with the reality of her break-up with Barney Stinson during several off-camera moments that demonstrate her vulnerability. Stinson, of course, is off having sex with every woman on the block, which I believe is his way of concealing all his hurt and disappointment. Unlike with Ted Mosby, Barney's love for Robin is pure, genuine and unspoiled by mere infatuation, and that's why I can buy into the Barney-Robin relationship without having equal affection for the Robin side. We know that Barney is using sex as a therapy for his breakup, because when Ted Mosby suggests a super-date for Anita, his reaction is tinged with nostalgia. Therefore, he must temper it with a visit to the strip club.

There were several hilarious moments in this episode, most notably Marshall acting like a big girl over Robin's dating prospects, but this does demonstrate Marshall's affection for Robin as a friend and his wishing her the best. I bought into his regret over being insensitive to Robin's feelings, although his later outburst at Ted and then Barney was absurd. The "bang bang" song was brilliant, with Robin getting the last laugh at the end. However, Robin's behaviour was puzzling to me; if she's the one who set Anita up with Barney with the intention of punishing him, then why does she grow so upset when he actually takes the bait? Yes, you can say that she is upset with him for moving on so quickly, and whatever else it was she said in that teary, snotty speech at the shooting range. I obviously don't have much affection for Robin as a character, so I couldn't help but feel that she had brought this upon herself.

Anyway, her actions weren't as infuriating as those of Ted Mosby, Dreamer-in-Chief. Whilst fancying Ted Mosby 24/7, I find his character to often be puzzling and annoying. Whilst fancying himself so very perceptive, sensitive and emotional, he could not perceive that Barney's spirited pursuit of Anita was hollow and immediately imposed himself to suggest a "super-date" as a compliment to himself. His mind ran wild with fancy ideas that seemed far above his pay bracket, simply because he wanted to prove that he is the Romancer-in-Chief. But he then proved himself to be the Necromancer- in-Chief when, without a shred of compassion, he destroyed Robin's spirits by boasting about the super-date simply because he planned it. The only non-infuriating line in this exchange was when he said Robin looked like an expensive prostitute, which, of course, was absolutely true and sometimes appears to be her only advantage. Ted's surprise upon learning that Robin cancelled was another display of his astounding hypocrisy, and his blindness to Robin's feelings which has persisted from the very start and is the architect of their failed relationship. This demonstrates that Ted and Robin were never meant to be, and that their relationship never had half of what Ted thought it had in terms of genuine love, warmth and affection.

On the other hand, let us return to Barney Stinson. I summarised five moments where he shone whilst watching the show yesterday. #1- His reaction to the "gooey and romantic" date, which demonstrated that he was still thinking of Robin. #2- His swearing off sex from Anita at great cost to his libido, and without the knowledge that Robin set up the whole situation, which demonstrated an ability to sacrifice his own wants for Robin's sake. #3- His giving Robin the super-date that was planned on his behalf, once again showing his ability to sacrifice, and how he prioritises Robin's happiness over his own. #4- His looking up at the fireworks, knowing that Robin would be enjoying herself whilst he got a $500 ticket. Perhaps he was thinking of being there under the fireworks with her. #5- His allowing Robin to have the last laugh at his expense with the "bang bang" joke, where his smile was both resigned and sad.

On the whole, this episode is re-watchable and will be enjoyed by Barney fans.

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Jennifer Lopez Is Great But All Hail Neil Patrick Harris

Author: slightlymad22 from United Kingdom
15 January 2015

Neil Patrick Harris knocks it out of the park as Barney Stinson. In fact, I'd go so far to say he has carried the show during its fifth season. He is certainly the stand out performer, and I don't say that lightly as I am a fan of both Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan (but they have been woefully under used this season) but as Barney would say its a "True Story"

Plot In A Paragraph: Following Robin and Barney's break-up, Robin isn't yet ready to date again, So when Don , her new co-anchor, calls to ask Robin for a date, she is about to say no until someone intervenes on her behalf. Meanwhile Barney has been back to his womanising ways. However, the latest woman he meets named Anita (guest star Jennifer Lopez) has him confused, as she seems to want to sleep with him, but at the last minute she turns down his sexual advances. Telling the gang this story, Ted realises that Anita is using a tactic in a new guidebook for single women in how to empower themselves on the dating scene. When Barney finds out that Anita is not only using the strategies in the book but is the book's author, he comes up with a plan to get around Anita's strategy. Later, the gang minus Barney learn that Barney meeting Anita was not by accident.

The Barney storyline is hilarious, with several laugh out loud moments and Jennifer Lopez is a good guest star, possibly my second favourite so far, behind only Britney Spears two episode stint as Amy (who'd have thought that)

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hilarious but boring

Author: saikrishna89 from india
10 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've loved the initial seasons of HIMYM and loved the recent episodes such as the playbook etc. But I don't really find a point in prolonging the story with some lame story about barney and one more of his flings. The poor guy has been carrying the entire show on his shoulders the whole 5 th season. The characters of Ted and Marshall is virtually useless other than singing some lame songs!! The show has to change if it has to survive.

This episode is hilarious at times and boring at times too. It may be fun for ones who are watching the series for the first time, but it is kinda boring for all the followers. Turning Robin Sherbotsky into someone emotional may not be counted as a new innovation and the jumping into the river scene is completely non hilarious.. 7/10 on the whole....

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