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  • Angie's ex-boyfriend, Patrick Logan, finally reveals himself after her trip to New York when he secretly follows her back to Fairview, determined to win her back at ANY cost. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Susan declare war when they both go to amoral and shameless lengths to top each other's kids in school. Lynette believes there's more to Preston's fiancée, Irina, than she's letting on. Bree invites Sam over for a family dinner where he and Andrew do not get along at all. Also, Katherine finally comes out of the closet to the rest of the housewives about her romance with Robin.

  • Patrick Logan finally reveals himself; Gabrielle and Susan go to shameless lengths to top each other's kids in school; Andrew doesn't approve of Sam; Katherine finally comes out of the closet.


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  • "Desperate Housewives" - "My Two Young Men" - March 21, 2010

    In the Hodge/Van de Kamp storyline Bree sweeps Sam into the bosom of the family showing him Rex's old yearbooks, inviting him to dinner - for which Danielle comes home- getting misty talking about him. But Andrew isn't having it. Not only is he jealous, he's suspicious Bree has embraced this, essential, stranger when really she's not even related to him. This is with good reason because we are shown Sam eavesdropping on Bree and Orson as she talks about how she's going to make up for Rex's mistreatment of Sam by making sure he feels like a Van de Kamp. Bree's reminiscing also gets Orson's hackles up and he and Andrew decide it might be a good idea to do some digging in this Sam's life since all they know about him is what he's told them. Best line of the night: When Bree, Danielle, Sam, Andrew and Orson all sit dinner Bree wonders what Rex would've thought of this picture and Orson quips "Probably 'who's the guy in the wheelchair?'"

    In the Scavo storyline, Lynette continues to be supicious of Irina, also with good reason. After discovering them post-coital in Preston's room, a pre-marital no-no, Irina and Preston decide to get an apartment. Lynette is okay with this because she remembers she and Tom almost breaking up in their tiny first apartment. It turns out Irina and Preston aren't going that route, however. They're getting a comfortable three bedroom Preston will pay for by quitting college and getting a job as a gutter in a meat-packing plant. Lynette freaks and tells Preston to not quit his dreams of being a professional for a piece of "Eurotrash" like Irina, who promptly throws a pot of borscht at Lynette in response to the insult. The next day Irina announces since Preston can't tell how to choose between his mother and his girlfriend they've moved the wedding up to next week so she will be his wife much sooner and he will listen to her. Lynette is not happy.

    The Solis and Delfino stories are intertwined this week as Juanita and MJ both strive to win a candy-selling competition at the private school they both attend. Juanita is desperate to win, and Gaby on her behalf, because she has no friends and the winner gets a party to invite everyone to. MJ is desperate to win, and Susan on his behalf, because he feels like he's never won anything. The two moms, of course, get extremely competitive stumbling to new depths like Gaby selling at a construction site in a skimpy outfit and Susan putting MJ in a wheelchair to garner sympathy. When Susan goes so far as to give Juanita detention to keep her from selling on the final day she gets a chance to actually talk to Juanita, who, not knowing about the competition, pulls Susan's heartstrings with her reasons for needing to win. Susan explains to MJ being a winner sometimes means doing the selfless thing. The next day when it's announced Juanita won, Gaby asks the teacher how close it was. She says very close until MJ stopped selling. She goes over to him and asks him why and he says his mom told him it was a secret and it would no longer be a "good deed" if he told. Gaby is touched.

    Robin and Katherine finish up a bout of apparently great sex and begin to talk about a party McCluskey's husband is having to celebrate the good news her cancer treatment was a success. Katherine wants to keep their lady love on the down low at the party. Robin says okay but she wants to have "the talk": are they dating? friends with benefits? more than that? Katherine says she doesn't know. She knows she likes Robin and wonders if that isn't enough for now. Robin says it is. They go to the party and Tom wants to introduce Katherine to McCluskey's doctor who was asking about her. She goes to meet him and he starts to flirt with her and she flirts back. Robin gets peeved and pulls her outside to talk. As they fight, McCluskey begins to give a thank you speech. Just as she asks for a moment of silence for those cancer patients not as lucky as herself, Robin and Katherine's argument stops right in front of an open window with Katherine yelling, "just because I enjoy having sex with you doesn't mean I'm a lesbian!" Everyone, understandably, turns to stare. A few days later on her way into her house, McCluskey calls out to Katherine asking how she is. Humiliated, she answers. McCluskey asks if she likes Robin. Katherine says she thinks she does. McCluskey says she has to make a choice then: not give a damn what people think or move where people don't gossip, if such a place exists. At the end of the hour Robin arrives home to find her bags packed. At first she's upset but Katherine explains she wants to go with her and figure out what they're doing. Robin says she's always wanted to see Paris.

    In the Bolen family storyline, Nick is mad Angie told her mother Patrick Logan is Danny's father. More than anything ,he's worried Angie's mom will tell him and if he ever is to find out Nick thinks he should be the one to tell him. (Angie doesn't disclose she also told Gaby.) Angie says Nick is Danny's real father and there's no reason to burden him with this info.

    Later as Danny is working on his bike in the garage - to ride to the new job he got at the coffeeshop- Nick swells with pride and realizes he is in fact Danny's father and doesn't say anything.

    In New York Patrick Logan goes to visit the nosy neighbor with the info on Angie. After she gives it up and gets her money she gets an attack of the guilts and asks if he's going to hurt Angie. He says simply she has something of his and he wants it back. He then (off camera) strangles the nosy neighbor.

    The hour ends with Danny on his way out of the Bolen house being secretly watched by Patrick Logan who is slouched in his car.

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