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Reviews & Ratings for
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28 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

One the first major contenders for 2010's best game

Author: Jules
28 February 2010

It might leave you baffled, elated or just plain determined not to like it because you aren't blowing up people every five seconds. Yep Heavy Rain will (as expected) not be for everyone, which should be mentioned now as this game isn't for the young or inpatient. But it is everything that was hoped for and oh, so much more.

We play as four characters who are all centered around one particular lunatic who has a hobby of killing people in rain water - hence the title. Ethan Mars, is the character who seems to have the most obvious and complex problems and has to undergo some serious exertion throughout the game to the point where you think what else can they throw at him?! But obviously this is a spoiler-free review so I won't ruin the experience he can choose to take or not. The other playable characters include Scott Shelby a street hardened private detective who surprise, surprise is looking for the killer; Norman Jayden (FBI this one) also investigates the killer, mostly with his superspecs that could make Sherlock Holmes jealous. Madison Paige is our last individual who suffers crippling insomnia and finds solace by sleeping in motels, she finds herself drawn to investigating the killer.

The story is in a word: phenomenal, truly addictive gaming (take that Call Of Duty) as long as your willing to be submerged by it's complexity. But the best thing that really astounds is the huge amount of choice and the sometimes fatal repercussions it can have, it makes the game feel a lot less linear and really does ask 'How far are you willing to go to save someone you love'. Graphically it also exceeds - just take a peak at the loading screen if you are doubtful, I only found the odd hiccup while playing such as the audio occasionly stopping or the love scenes which could have been pulled off by Quantic Dream if the people didn't look like they were trying to suck the air around each other's mouths rather than kissing.

It sometimes feels hard to believe that you can be playing a game that is hugely refreshing and enjoyable despite some of the extreme lengths you have to take. The introduction and end are both oddly satisfying, it uses a cinematic start and knockout finish (no matter which one) with beautiful cut-scene's throughout. Heavy Rain is easily one of Playstation's best exclusive and a style that will hopefully inspire many more to follow its lead. To David Cage I say 'Bravo' on this masterpiece and greatly anticipate the DLC.

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18 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Like nothing you've seen for a gaming system before

Author: cadillac20 from Culver City, California
27 February 2010

Heavy Rain will be a game that will divide people. Some will dislike it, feeling that it is too linear and that there is too little gameplay. Others will enjoy it for its fantastic and deep story. But, you can't deny that Heavy Rain is something new and possibly game changing. I'm on the side of those who finds this game to be fantastic with an unforgettable experience.

In the game, you play as four characters each investigating the Origami Killer, someone who has been taking young boys and drowning them. In this case, you are trying to find the whereabouts of Ethan Mars young son, Ethan Mars being one of the playable characters.

Heavy Rain once again proves that gaming can be just as good as any film out there. It is an emotional roller coaster. Despite a plodding beginning of mundane tasks, you can't help but smile at the happiness of a man playing with his children. And it weighs heavily on your soul when you have to choose between killing a man for the sake of your own child's life or letting him live because he has children of his own. These kinds of emotional peaks and valleys are at the heart of Heavy Rain, and the added factor that any of your playable characters can bite it at given points makes the game even more thoughtful. More so than any other game, you want these characters to live. And with a total of 22 different endings, anything is possible. The game also keeps itself grounded in reality. Unlike Quantic Dreams previous effort, the critically acclaimed Indigo Prophecy, or Farenheit for the European crowd, there are no aliens, cyborgs, or strange cultists. This is all about real characters facing real issues, all things we can relate to. And that may be it's strongest suit.

Where Heavy Rain lacks, obviously, is gameplay. The actually gameplay here is typically down to a few button presses or pulls of the joystick. There are times when you have free reign over the characters movement, but each area is set up like a scene in a film, so as to what you can actually do is limited. However, you do have to be careful while in these environments. Make a wrong choice, or overlook something, and the consequences could be heavy. Anyone looking for a huge amount of involvement may find themselves disappointed. This is definitely not GTA. But, to me, the game is still very much worth it. It generally takes a 60 hour rpg to reach this kind of emotional and character depth, but the game just goes to show that attaining the kind of character depth and dramatic emotions in a game that should be there isn't all that hard to achieve. It's very much possible, and that makes Heavy Rain worth playing for anyone who can. The story is also great, with some moments that will be unforgettable.

So, if you can play it, at the very least rent Heavy Rain. It's a worthwhile experience, and one you won't soon forget.

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16 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

A game of the year and the a top game for this decade!

Author: SubZeroMK from Canada
2 March 2010

Heavy Rain isn't your ordinary game, it's an intense, inter-active experience that guides you into four character's worlds. You have Ethan Cole, father of two, an architect who's living his American dream. You have Agent Jayden, an FBI investigator sent to investigate the latest killing of the Origami Killer. You have Madison Page, a journalist who disguises herself as a photographer to whomever she meets, all she wants is a little inside story on a victim's father about the Origami killer, and finally you have Scott Shelby, my favourite character. A private detective for hire who's out to get leads on the Origami killer and gets closer to the truth. I won't spoil it for you, because it had me by surprise, BIG TIME.

The story shifts around chapters and events with each of the four characters to balance it out. We each get a Point Of View of how the Origami killer has or is affecting their lives. Each chapter has a very depressing tone to it, it rains nearly every single time, and the skies are cloudy, always. The game takes place in the fall season, so it's no wonder why everything is depressing, but according to the investigation, that's when the Origami killer strikes. The Origami killer takes children between ages 8 and 10 every fall, and puts them under a grated pipe with a lock. He kills them by letting the rainwater fall on them till they suffocate. That's all I will tell you for now, the rest is up to you to find out.

Writer and Game Director of Heavy Rain, David Cage writes a phenomenal story that you'd expect to see it win Oscars and Golden Globes. He manages to make you a part of the story, to draw you in. His inter-active drama is about hitting the buttons at the right time, you miss one or two, it's game over for your character, but that doesn't mean your game ends, your story will pick up on to the next 3 available characters and so on. The game is rumoured to have up to 20 different endings, which means; depending on what you do in each chapter and event to your characters or the way you interact with the other non-playable characters in the game; it WILL effect your ending.

This game screams re-playability. Sometimes you wish you hadn't made a choice in one event and you want to go back, well, you can always restart from that chapter and it will erase all your progress that you are currently on, or play the game naturally to see one of the many endings this game presents you with. This game will revolutionize the gaming industry forever and it should. It should inspire other game developers to make you have a more thorough choice and consequence system. Some RPG's do that, but are they nearly as detailed as Heavy Rain? I think not. This game will win a few awards and will be nominated for game of the year 2010. It will win in the male and female voice acting department, because all the actors behind the mo-cap suit are under-rated actors. Especially Agent Jayden, I love his east coast accent, it makes him sound legit, he even looks the part too even though his mo-cap actor is fully European.

So, if you haven't purchased this game, then you're missing out on the game of the year and the game of the decade on a top 10 list. This remarkable game gets my 10/10 for originality, no movie can do this, because it would have to have many different versions of it. Harold and Kumar 2 has an inter-active feature similar to Heavy Rain if you rent the blu-ray, but nowhere near the depth of detail of Heavy Rain. But it does use the same concept, except without pressing timed buttons, just selecting what they will do next. It gets 10/10 for voice acting; some of the best voice acting I've seen so far in a video game, it's so believable as if they were real people. Like I said, Agent Jayden is an under-rated actor as well as the man behind Scott Shelby. Hopefully this game has shun a spotlight for them to act in Hollywood because they truly are gifted individuals. 10/10 for the concept. It plays like no other game has played before. You're taken in to the story and characters, the choices you make will affect the next set of events and ending. The button timers are also a plus to the events and actions your character is doing at the moment, whether it's life or DEATH.

Finally, the game gets a 10/10 for a masterpiece of a story. Even though you can change fates and endings, the background plot that connects everything is phenomenal! The game lets you discover who the Origami killer is on his own, and even if you can't figure it out, its revelation is nuts, it hits you real hard because you wouldn't believe that, that kinda person is the Origami killer. Like I said, I won't spoil, you MUST find this out on your own. It took me by surprise big time. The story makes you like the Origami killer before the character is revealed to be that killer, then when you find out. BAM! Big surprise, your face will literally change, your eyes will widen in awe and you'll say "holy sh*t, I can't believe I never saw this". But the important question this game/story asks us is: How far are you willing to go to protect the one you love? This game will makes you answer that, but also, think about it in real life. If something happened to the one you loved dearest, how far would you go to protect them?

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11 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

An extraordinary game

Author: freemantle_uk from United Kingdom
3 July 2010

Before it's release in March 2010 there was already a massive amount of buzz to the release of Heavy Rain, impressing at video games conferences, including E3 when it's film rights in 2006. This was a game that promised a truly interactive experience.

In an unnamed Eastern American city, the Origami Killer is stalking the streets. His modus operandi

is to kidnap young boys in the autumn and place them in a well until their drown from rain water: so they usually have about 3 to 6 days to live. In 2011 he continues and the games focuses on 4 characters. Ethan Mars (Pascal Langdale) is an architect whom oldest son died and lives a depressed live. He is distant to his younger son Shaun. But when Shaun is kidnapped by the Origami Killer Ethan has to go through a series of Saw like trials set up by the Killer for clues to his son's whereabouts. Norman Jayden (Leon Ockenden) is an FBI profiler sent to help the police with their investigation. He has to find clues and suspects as he battles against his police partners and his own drug addiction. Madison Paige (Judi Beecher) is a journalist who suffers from insomnia. She befriends Ethan and conducts her own investigation to help him, using her contacts and journalistic instincts. Finally there is Scott Selby (Sam Douglas), a private detective who has been asked by the victims' families to investigate the case. He asks the parents of the victims questions and suspects the son of a powerful millionaire. He is also befriended by the mother of one of the victims, Lauren Winter (Aurélie Bancilhon), who forces herself on Scott as a partner. They all race against time to save Shaun Mars and find the killer.

The big selling point of Heavy Rain is that the player makes their own way throughout the game, with every decision he/she makes will have an influence on the outcome. If a character dies in the game their stay dead, there are no extra lives. This is a game where you have to conduct actions for the investigation, sometimes, you it won't let you move forward until you do a certain task, but also miss things that could have consequences afterwards. The other part of the gameplay are real time action scenes where you would need to do the right command in the middle of say a fight or a chase scene. If it goes wrong then you character may die. The gameplay was very similar to Shenmue, one of the best games that was made for the Dreamcast; but there is more threat in Heavy Rain and some of the interesting aspects are hearing the characters' thoughts and taking a conservation in a different direction. The game also has multiple endings, depending what happens to the characters, on whether they live, are arrested or pick up enough clues. It a good reason to play the game many times over.

The other excellent element is the story, which could have worked as a film. It is dark, violence, but mostly has a good combo of down-to-earth realism to more over-the-top elements you would expert in a computer game, e.g. the electric maze. The tone is much like a film noir, with dark complex characters with interesting backstories, particularly Ethan's. Many cut-scenes in games annoy some people, but in this game they are important and it adds to the cinematic nature of the game. There is a great voice acting in the game. Langdale is the best as the emotional depressed but driven man who feels the guilt of loosing both his sons. Hopefully his live-action acting is just as good.

But there isn't complete freedom that is promised. There are still scenes that you are forced to go through and there is not much change in the outcome of some events. If the game was able to combine Shenmue's fights, Heavy Rain's multiple ending and storyline and the Sandbox environment of the Grand Theft Auto and other Rockstar games then you would have the perfect game: besides the Football Manager and Total War series.

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9 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Best PS3 game of 2010, hands down.

Author: justin-fencsak from United States
10 July 2010

When 10 years from now someone looks back at the past decade in gaming, one ps3 game stands out...Heavy Rain. A choose-your-own adventure type of game, this film-noir interactive drama centers around the Origami Killer, who spies on kids and leaves an origami on their trail. You play the role of various characters. It's not easy or hard. It's how you play the game. The game will end quickly if all of the main characters die if you choose different paths. The graphics are pretty good, the sound excellent (minor audio glitches), and the controls are really excellent. Trophies are also good as you can get plenty of them to level up your trophy profile. Definitely worth getting it for $60. Highly recommended.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

An incredible game that became one of my favorites!

Author: Lady Targaryen from Brazil
7 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

'Heavy Rain' is a drama game that turns around the death of many young boys, with ages between 8 to 13 years old, that were murdered by a killer known as the ' origami killer', that always let an origami in the hand of the victim and an orchid in his chest. Another trait of the killer, is that all boys are found drowned.

Ethan Mars, our leading man, is in search of his son Shawn, that is probably a victim of the origami killer. Besides him, we also play with the private detective Scott Shelby, the journalist Madison Paige and Norman Jayden (my personally favorite character!), a FBI agent.

Heavy Rain is a game that looks very similar to a movie, where the player decide which actions the characters are going to make, changing the course of the story and also the ending. In this game, you are also allowed to play with all the protagonists of the story. 'Heavy Rain' has beautiful graphics and the feeling you have is that you are watching a Blu Ray movie; The actors that were casted are identical to the characters (specially the actor who plays Shelby, Sam Douglas) too!

I love games that gives us, players, liberty to control the actions of the characters. But don't think this game is only based in doing decisions: the player needs to be astute and some practice to not commit errors in the commands, not to mention that you need to pay attention in the story to not miss details and get compromised.

I recommend this game for anyone who wants to play an incredible and totally different game! If you have a PS3, don't let this game scape your hands!

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8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

The best movie I've ever played!!!

Author: ichwan_mil from Indonesia
22 May 2012

Let's figure this: you have been dreaming of become a a movie star for a long time, and then someone offers you to star in his adventure movie, and you accept it. This is the case of Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain is a video game - and a movie at the same time, with brilliant combinations of drama, action, adventure, and thriller elements. It has gorgeous graphics with amazing attention to the smallest details, terrific atmosphere, great audio, and one of the most sophisticated storyline ever released as a video game, no one even comes close to it. And get this: no superhero, no alien, no monster, no future setting, no demons, no magic spells - it is about several (well, OK, four) ordinary people deal with extraordinary situations, set in our time.

Well, honestly, Heavy Rain may not be the game for everyone. If you're more into shooting and slashing spree from the start (Ninja Gaiden, everyone?), this game might bore you as hell because it does have its slow-paced moments, especially at the beginning. But now I'm talking movie here, and since I said that this game qualifies as a movie too, let me remind that even fast-paced action movies may be slow at times, so it might be a good excuse to give this game a go.

The actions are simply based on moving and quick time events. No worries of memorizing combos and complicated button assignments will spend more time watching than actually pressing the buttons to play...well, that's one more reason why I call this game a movie.

If you plan to grab a copy, pick the Heavy Rain Move Edition. It is basically the same game with tons of extras: PS Move support (as the title says), nice theme for your PS3, bonus tracks, some behind the scene and promotional footage, and the biggest one - in my opinion that is -, Taxidermist side-story (originally released as DLC) to feed your adventure fetish a bit more after you finish the game - that's ALL in one box.

So adventure PS3 gamers (if you don't have a PS3 then it is not your lucky day) rejoice, for you're on one - no - two really nice treats this time: it is a great game as well as a marvelous movie. What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest store, pick a copy,provide a nice couch along with some snacks, spare some times, and get ready to star in your own movie!

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Ambitious 'thriller' has to be admired for its vision

Author: Danny_G13 from Glasgow, Scotland
2 April 2010

I use the word 'thriller' as normally one doesn't associate that word with a video game, rather a movie or TV show. But the lines between interactive and passive entertainment have been blurring for some considerable time now, and Heavy Rain is the latest evolution of this.

From the same director and software house who brought us the 'infamous' Fahrenheit, notorious for its 'Simon Says' style of interaction, Heavy Rain shares this same basic game mechanic of following on screen prompts to engage particular actions. If you're near a chair, pressing the instruction cue, such as the right stick up, will see the character interacting with the chair, possibly by sitting, maybe by leaning on it.

And this simple yet extremely effective way is the model for the whole game. There is no 'forward back left and right with jump punch' type of control, instead movement is facilitated by R2 acting as a pseudo 'accelerator' and the left stick guiding the player - it's clunky, and at times obstructive, but it just about does the job.

As for the actual plot, because let's face it, that's the point of the game, to be a story, Heavy Rain follows the pursuit, by 4 main characters, of a notorious serial killer called the Origami Killer who is kidnapping and drowning young children. Suffice to say our heroes become embroiled in his latest kidnap and it becomes a race against time and rain (that will become clear later).

The ultimate question we have to ask ourselves, as to whether we like this game or not, is what we expect of it.

Is it the evolution and revolution of gaming that it promised to be? Probably not - it is let down by some mechanical failures, plot holes wide enough to fit the Titanic through, and a fair number of event/dialogue contextual gaps which make little sense at the time.

But inasmuch as these irritate, Quantic Dreams have to be applauded for trying. And trying really hard. Yes, the story and plot would have benefited from being proof read by professionals, but anyone looking that deep for flaws is missing the point - the game tries to do something quite different, quite radical, and involving of the player in ways not seen before by other games.

Heavy Rain does not hit the mark in everything it does, but it comes close overall, and is a worthy attempt at doing something dramatic and different in a gaming market which is in danger of becoming sterile.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Why I love this Game. Warning contains major spoilers

Author: (dribiscute) from Australia
14 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love this game!!! This is why. Picture YOU are a 35 year old successful Architect, living in a nice house with your wife (Grace) and two sons (Jason and Shaun). Life is perfect. Then out of the blue tragedy, your elder son (Jason) gets ran over by a car and you are in a coma for six months. Your life has changed forever, your wife has left you and you are now living with your younger son in a run down house. To top that off your younger son is about to be kidnapped by the Origami killer and you must do a number of trials to locate him to get him back. The way that the game makers have presented this storyline, with the music and the awesome animation it gets you to really feel for the characters, especially for Ethan. Because of that, personally, i am having a really hard time to fail the game to get the remaining trophies just because i don't want to see Ethan fail and Shaun die.

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2 out of 2 people found the following review useful:

Heavy rain is brilliant!!!.

Author: aaronlott12 from Ireland
5 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

NOTE:::This is a review not a synopsis.

Wow just WOW this interactive drama is just amazing word's cannot

describe how well done this game is.

PRO'S The story is the better than most film's out there. PRO'S Character' are brilliant and you really care for them and it's hard to pick a favorite as they are all great!.

PRO'S Great graphic's but they don't matter although there the best out there. Pro's Situation's that make you sweat as they are too intence. PRO'S the game's twist's are very good. Pro's More adult and mature Game's are finally getting mature.

Con's The screen tearing is a bit annoying but nothing major. Con's the Viove actor's aren't that good although the acting is.

Overall this is epic and if you own a Playstation 3 purchase Heavy rain. 10/10

Parent beware!! This game is NOT for kid's the game does not have much violence but the murderer in this game is a person that drown's children. and either way it will most likely bore children.

BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

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