A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Poster

Plot Keywords

russian courthouse
cia escape
bomb undercover
explosion gunfight
final showdown police shootout
bar shootout mil mi 26 halo helicopter
mi 24 hind helicopter night cityscape
truck rollover terrorist group
terrorist plot kremlin
corrupt official underwater scene
post cold war strangulation
falling through the floor hazmat suit
rooftop elevator
sawed off shotgun hotel
bulletproof vest gadgetry
gadget crashing through a window
rocket launcher grenade launcher
on the run held at gunpoint
rescue security camera
armored car surveillance
gatling gun shotgun
ak 47 lasersight
flashlight swimming pool
assassin mercenary
cell phone shaky cam
taxi airplane
airport wisecrack humor
revenge new york city
police station shooting range
exploding truck trial
protest judge
exploding body burned to death
hand grenade explosive
photograph target practice
police brutality tough cop
maverick cop two man army
one man army warrior
anti hero action hero
tough guy detective
police officer undercover agent
shot in the foot arms dealer
set up double cross
femme fatale split screen
prisoner media coverage
news report critically bashed
slow motion explosion suicide
raised middle finger betrayal
uranium key
vault escaped prisoner
blood spatter cut into pieces
political prisoner neck breaking
falling from height knife
stabbed in the leg punched in the face
head butt beating
rpg slow motion scene
lens flare bilingualism
body landing on a car shot through a window
bare chested male exploding helicopter
ballroom character's point of view camera shot
police officer shot police officer killed
father son reconciliation stolen car
car crash car chase
jumping through a window masked man
gas mask manipulation
deception reference to frank sinatra
freeze frame character says i love you
character repeating someone else's dialogue jfk international airport queens new york city
father daughter relationship machine gun
assault rifle pistol
nightclub police detective
car bomb exploding car
safe house shot to death
shot in the arm shot in the leg
shot in the shoulder shot in the back
shot in the chest shot in the head
murder langley virginia
cia agent subtitled scene
war propaganda radiation suit
chernobyl ukraine vacation
taxi driver shootout
jumping from height helicopter crash
helicopter singing in a car
father son relationship nuclear threat
terrorism terrorist
american abroad prison
moscow russia die hard scenario
fifth part sequel
death of father surprise ending

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