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Did I Watch The Right Movie?
jimj4027 June 2012
I can never understand the people who ask if they can have the wasted xx- time out of their lives that it took them to watch a particular movie back....until now.

I'm really trying hard to find something positive to say about this film but I honestly can't find anything at all. The plot is excruciatingly transparent, the acting is universally appalling, the writing is an insult to the audience and the whole thing truly is a waste of time and money. The positive reviewers are either members of the crew or people whose reviews a normal viewer needs to watch out for because they will serve as a beacon of what to avoid.

I hate to be so negative but this is an experience for hardened masochists only, I'm afraid.
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trapman79531 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Are you kidding me????

Do Not Watch!

Anyone who went to the cinema to watch this should ask for a refund.

So, here it goes:

The movies story line or lack there of is extremely boring. The girls who "ACT" in this movie should set their sites on porn movies rather than the big screen. The twins about only claim here lays under a desk of the owner of the strip club where all the girls work.

Story: Girl beaten and raped girl out of hospital and goes for revenge! Girls brother helps but gets killed girl becomes a marksman with rifles and has no problem killing people Girl shoots hired hit-man who has about 2 more lines than any Jason movies you might watch but has the same acting teacher as Jason. He even learned how to walk like him too.

Owner of club guy behind the rape, the beating, the hiring of hit-man. Girl kills guy.

This is absolute garbage. Anyone associated with the making of this "movie" should be looking for another job.
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Very encouraging first film
Marcus Sabom8 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
**This review contains spoilers**

Plot: In 1984, exotic dancer Cherry Bomb (Julin Jean) agrees to treat some of her club's guests to a private show. However, the 5 men have others ideas in mind. Cherry Bomb is raped and upon recovering, she finds out that the law has not acted on her behalf. So, with the help of her brother, she takes the law into her own hands.

And thus we have Cherry Bomb, writer Garrett Hargrove and director Kyle Day's love letter to low-budget 70's grindhouse style films.

So how does it fare? Well, its not without its problems. However, unlike some of the other reviews you'll see, its really an enjoyable flick. You just have to remember that you're watching an homage to grindhouse exploitation flicks. If you're expecting Oscar caliber acting and a dark and gritty character study on a woman who was raped and left for dead, find some other film.

This is meant to be a fun film, period. The acting is at times very over-the-top, there are cheesy one-liners, the assassin "Bull" looks like a snapshot of blaxploitation films, and the action scenes are explosive and high-octane. Again, anyone who wants to see a grindhouse exploitation film won't be disappointed, I'm not sure where the confusion and anger is coming from, did any of these reviewers even watch the trailer? What were you expecting?

With that said, I wasn't too fond of the way Cherry Bomb vacillated between a sassy one-liner spouting badass and then a tortured soul wondering if she was doing the right thing, it struck me as uneven. Also, the character "Bull" wasn't handled properly in my eyes. He was built up to be this unstoppable assassin, and yet wet behind the ears Cherry Bomb constantly gets the best of this guy, my suspension of disbelief only stretches so far. It just doesn't work for me when you build someone up to be a badass warrior and then make him look dumb.

Final thoughts, like I said, this is clearly a love letter to the over- the-top 70s/80s grindhouse exploitation style films of old. If you weren't a fan of those films in the first place, then I wouldn't bother with this film either. If you did enjoy those films, then check out Cherry Bomb!
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Fun shoot 'em up
pagediver2 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all let's not harbor any illusions. This is not a high-budget feature film! That being said those of you who can appreciate good work and don't demand that this movie rival a multi-million dollar production will be able to appreciate what Kyle Day and his crew have accomplished.

The movie itself starts fairly slow but picks up quickly and within 30 minutes or so Cherry and her brother are on a full blown killing rampage with some very exciting executions perpetrated on some very believable scumbags. Important to the development of her character is that Cherry's anger remain righteous lest she becomes like her tormentors. In one particular scene Cherry is about to make another kill on someone less than deserving but at the last moment is unable to, thereby retaining her humanity. (Good job Aaron Alexander). The killing continues as the stakes and the body count grow ever higher until the final showdown. I'll stop there but I will say that at the very end one particular kill made me jump out of my seat it was so cool. You'll know it when you see it. The soundtrack is all original and Jason Latimer should be commended.

Overall this feature film puts new faces to a well filmed storyline but has elements of gore and humor in unsuspecting places.

Well done.
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Fun to watch, attention grabbing indie action film.
hellbelleaustin29 September 2011
I really enjoyed this film! I was pleasantly surprised. The film moves, the story line is consistent and the characters were rather well developed considering the length of the film.

The film kept my attention from start to finish. I was impressed that one particular scene in the film was done very well...just enough information was implied and didn't go overboard at all...they told "just enough" to get the point across. Well done, guys!

There were a few moments that came across a little cheesy; however, the moments were quickly forgotten once the action moved on. I initially expected this film to be a little on the campy side. It isn't campy though. They managed to avoid that, which is also impressive for this film's genre.

I recommend this movie for anyone with an appreciate for some hardcore revenge at the hand of a pretty girl with an attitude. Lots of fun to watch and even a few twists and surprises here and there. If you get the chance, GO SEE THIS FILM!!!
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Sexual Assault, Chaos, Revenge, and Awesomeoness.
sven7777-165-26984320 September 2011
Dark dirty and set in the 80's, Cherry Bomb completely satisfies all those primal cravings of chaos, destruction, revenge, and sexual desire. The cinematography and quality was top notch and felt like a high budget movie, yet was blended with a gritty feel that depicted the 80's so well. The characters were well thought out, which is unexpected for this type of movie.

A fantastic film that far surpassed it's already high expectations. I highly recommend watching this well put together movie that clearly had a passionate crew and staff behind it. Julin Jean and John Gabriel Rodriquez were great together, not to mention the rest of the actors and actresses. They all held a wonderful chemistry.

Cannot wait for Cherry Bomb 2!
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kosmasp11 October 2012
Maybe the filmmaker at work here, intentionally tried to make the movie bad. Maybe he was trying to make it look (editing-wise) like an incoherent mess. Maybe he told the actors not to act, too. But I don't really believe that is the case. Even if you try to be nice to it, you can't overlook the major flaws in almost every department on this movie, which is why I don't think one person is to blame alone.

Cheap movies can be fun and from time to time there is a real gem among them (still looking at you Alyce, you were a nice surprise indeed!). This is not the case here. The twists are so bad, you might be wondering who was responsible for this cheesy mess. Not that the actors are doing anything to improve that stuff. But bad dialogue and incoherent character development (if you can even call it that) add to something you seriously do not want to watch. You've been warned
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Revenge Movie
proslacker1 August 2011
Cherry Bomb is a great Revenge/Action movie. As with most great movies it starts with a fine story that grabs your attention from the very beginning and never lets up. Julin is excellent as the stripper Cherry and John Rodriguez is outstanding as Brandon her brother and co-conspirator in revenge. Kudos also go to the performances of Nick Manning as Cherry's boss, Ian and to Allen Hackley as the menacing "Bull".

Add to this a great job of directing and terrific music that totally compliments the movie without overpowering it and you have a super film.

All in all I found it to be an exciting movie with a very satisfying ending. Terrific acting by everyone and a nice twist to the story at the end. A great job by the entire cast and crew!
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Kill 'Em All!
daniel-ierullo6 October 2011
Just went to the Houston premiere last week and I have to say I was really impressed. Though it is definitely an indie, lower budget movie, I found myself captivated by Cherry Bomb's story and characters.

Aside from one obvious reason to see this movie - Cherry - her and some other key characters did a great job of selling the plot and grabbing the audience. I felt genuinely vested in Cherry's plan for revenge and scared of the mysterious and ominous hit-man "The Bull," who had a really cool Pulp fiction vibe about him.

The film work was well done, and the music really added to the mood of the scene, be it suspenseful or action-packed. One of my favorite clips is the opening montage showcasing the Pussy Hut, which sets the pace for the movie by delivering smoke-infused, raunchy stripping, a nasty, growling guitar riff and some tactful, tasteful (.)(.)s

In all seriousness, I thought it was a cool movie and I'm glad I got to be a part of the Houston premiere. It was well-received by the rest of the crowd at Alamos that night, and I'm sure it will continue to impress new viewers.
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Cherry Bomb lives up to its name literally
rgblakey12 July 2012
HTTP:// Ever since Grindhouse hit theaters it has caused a resurgence of this genre of filmmaking. Some work and others not so much, but for the most part have created a whole new genre of entertainment if you get it. The latest to come along Cherry Bomb tackles the grindhouse genre throwing in a homage to 80's revenge flicks, but is it able to pull it off or will it live up to its name and be a bomb? Cherry Bomb follows a stripper hell bent on revenge after being assaulted. With the help of her brother they set out on a journey to do what the law won't. As a story, this film has everything on its side to create a fun revenge flick that holds no punches. Sadly it just doesn't have much else to help it along. The acting is pretty bad throughout, but not in that entertaining fun way you expect from these films. It could have still worked if they had the action or cult type substance these films usually incorporate, but it missed the boat there as well. Everyone seems to be giving it all, but somewhere it just seemed to fall apart. There was never any real urgency in any of the characters situations be it life or death. All the characters seemed all over the place never seeming all that consistent. The action was OK from time to time, but for a movie meant to focus on the revenge factor, this should have been where they push the envelope to make this film work, but instead they just seemed to let it happen and sadly it did not.

This is a decent attempt and shows clear effort with a smaller budget to create a fun movie, but sadly just misses the mark. From the start of this film it just never really gets going and becomes more laughable than it seemed to be intended. If in fact it was meant as more of a mockery of the genre and to be so bad it's good, then they succeeded in spades, it just doesn't look as though that was the intention.
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Depends on what you want.
toytunone12 July 2012
Cherry Bomb has elements of a thriller, where the creators suspend reality to entertain their audience. It is elementally a Grindhouse style movie with a revenge plot, with costumes and props faithfully set in the '80's. Is it written by Tarantino? No, but by Garrett Hargrove in collaboration with director Kyle Day, . If what you want is a movie about a situational comedy, or a typical family style movie, then don't buy it. But if you want to be entertained with a slightly-over-the-top spicy plot, with the beautiful-sweet-girl-next-door who is a stripper who turns serial-killer for a good reason, car chases and wrecks action movie, then this is your ticket. See it, I think you will enjoy it. I know I did.
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No Cherries, Just a Bomb
Ashman71171129 September 2012
So in Recent years ever since Rodriguez and Taratino's Grindhouse flicks came out, we've had a slew of poor imitators coming out of the woodwork. Cherry Bomb isn't really all that different or the one thing that makes it stand out, is it's one of the freaking worst of the genre to come out.

First we have Cherry- late night stripper who is assaulted one night(thankfully it's more implied than shown) she's released from the hospital and immediately has plans for an upcoming murder/revenge spree. Instead of the character reflection, anger, humiliation, she just acts like a spoiled brat. I don't think I've ever disliked a character as much as her in any movie I've watched. Then there's the brother who really doesn't add too much- just helps reluctantly to off her assailants. the only other character of note is the hit man. a poor ripoff of Samuel L form Pulp fiction- rides around whilst wearing a suit and bad Fro wig, adds nothing to the film

Yes it's supposed to look like a cheap grindhouse movie, but it has no polish at all, horrible production value. I mean I've seen decent flicks on a shoestring budget, but this turd has really missed it's mark.

In short don't waste your time with this Bomb. stick to Hobo w Shotgun, Deathproof, or Planet Terror. Hell watch Troll 2 instead too.
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haardvark29 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Really? I cannot believe that some of the reviews on here say it's an awesome film. I can only presume that they are written by the friends of the makers of this low-budget piece of trash-TV film. Don't watch it. That is all.

I managed to watch the whole thing to see if there was a glimmer of anything nice to write about. However, nothing turned up. I've seen better acting in a secondary school play, the plot was idiotic, the only reason I felt strongly enough about this movie to write anything about it, is simply to warn others not to make the same mistake and watch it.
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Cherry Bomb review
sue-stone4 August 2011
This film will have you on the edge of your seat and completely entertained! Julin Jean who plays the stripper "Cherry" is very believable and delivers a wonderful performance. You will also enjoy Allen Hackley as "Bull" as well as the rest of the cast who are definitely talented superstars.

The professional filming and special effects are top notch. The music arrangements are done well throughout, never overpowering. This movie is riveting and at times humorous with plenty of power packed action. Very enjoyable from beginning to end. You will not be disappointed! So grab the popcorn. Prepare to enjoy yourself and be totally entertained!
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bruce719615 July 2012
I heard a radio review of this movie stating it was really good, also made mention that the hit man made the movie. This is the most horrible movie I have ever seen...and I have seen some bad ones. This was not even a campy movie it just had really bad acting...actually I think I just insulted all actors because you could go to your local walmart and randomly pick a few people and make a better movie with your iphone. This movie was made in Texas I heard...I have lived in Texas all my life and after seeing it I feel I should move to another state. I guess the real joke is on me because I actually bought a copy of it off amazon after hearing the reviews. The good news is I only paid 2 dollars.
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who will pay for losing a part of my life for watching this?
spalekg27 June 2012
This is totally waste of time by watching this very very very low budget movie. Someone needs to refund my time spent on this !!! Everything is bad. Starting from scenario, up to acting. Where on the Earth, automatic weapons can shooting (clicking) automatic when they are empty? Very very very very poor acting. Did I said that this is low budged movie? Did I said that everything is very very bad? How anyone can show this picture at public? I am never seen worst movie in my life. I want my money back. I want my life back. Any second spent to watch this movie. This movie should be removed from IMDb too. This is shame for whole production staff which are involved to produce it and bring to public. Thanks.
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Strippers Revenge
GeorgeI428021 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
So in a simple way of putting it we have a stripper who gets raped by 5 guys. The girl goes to the police and the guys some how buy their way out clean. So between her and her brother go on a revenge frenzy. Only to be chased and hunted themselves. Thats a minor spoiler in someways.

Now that you have the general idea, overall its a fun entertaining, bad, grindhouse kind of film. The acting overall is not exactly good and story is simple which within itself is good. Overall if you need to kill some time and be entertaining and just kind of feel like watching a movie for the hell of it that isn't intense but fun. Come on in pop her cherry bomb. You wont be too sorry. The main actress is really hot.

So come have some fun.
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turkey bomb
trashgang14 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have Spirit Camp (2009) in my possession signed by all chicks involved. They even send Julin's underwear with it signed by her. If that isn't funny, it's surely a name you never forget. Popping into my local DVD shop I noticed a cover that attracts healthy guys. Cherry Bomb was the title and let be Julin playing the main role.

So far so good but it stops there. First of all, Cherry Bomb is a stripper and we do see her strip but she doesn't undress on screen. For me that's a big mistake. There are a lot of nude girls walking around in the strip club but Cherry never does. If you play the main stripper then I guess you are open to show it all. Secondly the acting was terrible. And by that I mean everybody. Couldn't believe anybody.

The story is very simple, Cherry is being gang-raped at the strip club and she's out for revenge. But the revenge is so low on red stuff(except when Brandon got hit) and gore. Some girls outside the strip do want to look sexy or rough but it failed too. And just have a look at the shoot-out in the room, two meters from each other with a riot gun and still missing, it looked funny, just like Police Squad but wasn't intended to be funny. Well, the last 10 minutes are a bit gory(car crash and the eye scene) and watchable but overall it's dull

There are revenge flicks out that are a bit the same involving hot chicks like Bitch Slap (2009) or the overlooked Sweet Karma (2009). Cherry bomb? No, rather Turkey Bomb.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 1/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5
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A spot-on brash and energetic tribute to lowdown trashy grindhouse revenge action thrillers
Woodyanders6 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Saucy spitfire stripper Cherry Bomb (a terrifically lively performance by gorgeous brunette stunner Julin Jean) gets brutally raped by a group of men. When the system fails to effectively handle the situation, Cherry decides to take matters into her own hands and exact a harsh vengeance on her own with the reluctant assistance of her estranged older brother Brandon (a fine and likable portrayal by John Gabriel Rodriguez). However, things get messy when ruthless and relentless hit-man Bull (fiercely essayed with impressively fearsome brio by hulking behemoth Allen Hackley) shows up to rub Cherry out. Director Kyle Day, working from a compact script by Garrett Hargrove, does a bang-up job of paying suitably rowdy homage to late 70's/early 80's down'n'dirty exploitation crime cinema: The brisk pace never flags for a minute, the colorful characters are drawn in delightfully broad strokes, the savage violence packs a pretty mean and bloody punch, the tone is every bit as tough and gritty as it ought to be, the engaging sense of sly tongue-in-cheek humor gives the picture an extra kick, there's a decent sprinkling of tasty gratuitous female nudity, the thrilling action set pieces are staged with rip-roaring skill and flair, and the strained relationship between Cherry and Brandon even provides some touching heart amidst all the frantic mayhem. Moreover, it's acted with real zest by an enthusiastic cast: Veteran porn stud Nick Manning almost steals the whole show with his superbly crafty work as smooth nightclub owner Ian Benedict, Denise Williamson makes a favorable impression as Cherry's sassy'n'sexy redhead best gal pal Sapphire, Jeremy James Norton positively oozes as despicable sleazeball Adam Berry, and Alan Martin pours on the slime as smarmy yuppie businessman Rick Lewis. M. Andrew Barrera's crisp widescreen cinematography gives the movie an appropriately grainy look. Both Jason Latimer's hard-throbbing score and the dynamic bluesy rock soundtrack hit the funky pulsating spot. A total blast.
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Bomb Cherry!
madison-paul32527 June 2012
These other reviews have to be cast and crew. Though I appreciate their efforts, this flick sucked. This actually could have been decent if they wanted. I sensed the director wasn't taking this seriously, thus the campiness, but yet, at times, it seems to want to be taken seriously.

That never works.

Oh well! If your bored you might make it through. As of this writing Im currently at the 53:27 mark in the movie. Had to write something on this flick. Now,debating(real hard)on whether to finish.

P.S. - I hate Texas. The worst backdrop for filmed entertainment!!!
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this is what my drunk uncle Remis's idea of a good movie is
Dean williams16 July 2012
First off I went down the the Huntington Beach Trailer park where my two-bit (but funny) drunk uncle lives. He had what i thought was a boot leg movie you get at the indoor swap meets in Bell Gardens but I saw it was real.....real...real...real bad. I think I read someone compare this to Pulp Fiction WTF???? the acting was so bad, Nick Manning reminds me of a guy that might look cool but thats it, when he speaks I cringe, the lead girl play acting was hard to watch too.

the "Tuffies" in the film look like the stoner's that live next to me either fat and sweaty or skinny and perv-ie, gross This movie will be for you if any of the following matches your life

1. Your worked on it and or acted in it 2. Your over 40 live with mom and have Pamela Anderson

Posters in your garage 3. Your used to watching only porn, which in that case this looks like

a James Cameron Film 4. You Have over 10 beers with funny family members and go surfing

after with a smile on your face

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