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  • Miss Marple is shocked when she receives a note from an old friend,Father Gorman only to read in the newspaper the very same day that he was murdered. He had attended a dying woman, Mrs. Davis, who died the previous evening and it was while he was on his way home that he was apparently attacked. The police have put it down to a mugging but the letter Miss Marple received from him intrigues her: a list of surnames and a quote from the bible. The policeman in charge of the case, Inspector Lejeune is skeptical about it all being a murder but when Miss Marple inspects Mrs. Davis' rooms, she finds an identical list to that sent to her by Father Gorman and also a reference to the Pale Horse Inn in Much Deeping, Hampshire. She soon checks into the inn and pursues her own investigation.

  • A close friend of Miss Marple, Father Gorman, is savagely beaten to death while on his way to see one of his ailing parishioners, Mrs Davis. Miss Marple is deeply upset and suspects it wasn't a random act of violence. She received a letter from him shortly after his death, listing names and a Bible verse from Revelation. Mrs Davis, who died the same night as Father Gorman, had a similar list. There may be sinister forces afoot.

  • Miss Marple's priest friend is battered to death after visiting a dying woman. Seeking justice, she becomes entangled in an organization centered around an inn run by purported witches.


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  • A woman named Mrs Davis dies whilst confessing her dark secret to a Catholic Priest (Father Gorman) who, shortly after, is struck dead. After discovering about her friend Father Gorman's death in the paper, Miss Marple sets out to discover why he was killed, using a letter he had sent her that morning that includes a mysterious list of names.

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