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American Reunion is about the comedy of middle-class men who can't be satisfied with sex until it looks like porn.
American Reunion has a sense of deja vu, but it still delivers a lot of nice laughs.
Village Voice
Taken altogether, the Pie movies offer a cohesive worldview, showing each of life's stages as the setting for fresh-yet-familiar catastrophes, relieved by a belief in sex, however ridiculous it might look, as a restorative force.
Boxoffice Magazine
The result is the best slice of Pie yet: a savvy sequel that's flat-out hilarious raunchy fun.
Call it a strange and unintended benefit, then, that many of these generic characters work better as awkward adults than as teens.
The Hollywood Reporter
The wild card in all this remains Seann William Scott's Steve Stifler, the rampaging id whose indignation at his peers' maturity provides most of the film's real laughs.
Slant Magazine
Funnier than its prior two predecessors, if gratingly awash in demographic-pandering late-'90s alt-rock hits ("Closing Time," "Freshman"), American Reunion flounders with its earnest melodrama.
The movie's only constant pleasure - heck, the whole franchise's - is Eugene Levy as Jim's dad, widowed and wondering if it's time to date again.
The film alternates sloppily executed sex gags with sentiment, as did its predecessors. And it's all just slightly more endearing and amusing than it has any right to be.
While it's poignant seeing the whole gang again, the tired gross-out antics and limp romantic reprisals keep this hapless if heartfelt effort from qualifying as a decent comedy, let alone a generational classic.

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