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American Reunion has a sense of deja vu, but it still delivers a lot of nice laughs.
American Reunion is about the comedy of middle-class men who can't be satisfied with sex until it looks like porn.
The picture is devilishly entertaining, not least because it's laced with just the sort of dumb raunchy jokes you hate yourself for laughing at. But it also preserves, to a degree, the elemental sweetness that made the original so distinctive.
The laughs that do achieve liftoff are killer. But the real kick is seeing the old gang back and ready to party.
In some ways, American Reunion is the Charlize Theron indie "Young Adult" all over again: In both, a small-town high school reunion is the setting for a lot of nostalgia and narcissism and nasty behavior.
There's some laughing gas left in the cupboard, but this series may require an infusion of new blood to last until "American Funeral."
The wild card in all this remains Seann William Scott's Steve Stifler, the rampaging id whose indignation at his peers' maturity provides most of the film's real laughs.
An immature obsession with sex at 17 seems understandable. But at 30 it's getting cringe-inducing.
Now and then the movie rouses itself to deliver. If you go to American Reunion - and many will, if they harbor fond memories of the first one, and if they can find a sitter - you should stay through the end credits.
What keeps the movie afloat, though, is Seann William Scott as Steve Stifler.
American Reunion isn't a total wash. Its one saving grace is Eugene Levy as Jim's dad.

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