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5 Jan. 2010
Jeanne Mohr: Author, Living Praise Ministries
Dr. Debra Peppers sits down with author Jeanne Mohr, she has authored 5 books titled "BattlePlan", "And the Beat Goes On", "All That Glitters", "Put Down Your Anchor Ride Out the Storm", and "Absolutely". She has just completed the filming of a Musical "The Journey" and looks forward to releasing it to the public in the near future. Her "Lets Write for Jesus" Workshop inspires others to get their testimonies and books into print. Jeanne directs Living Praise Ministries in High Ridge, Missouri.
12 Jan. 2010
Mary Jo Schneller: Spiritual Warfare
Dr. Debra Peppers sits down with Mary Jo Schneller, Ph.D. She is the founder and director of South County Christian Counseling Center in St. Louis, Missouri. She is actively educating churches and the public in the subjects of abuse and trauma. Mary Jo has a Master's of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling, and has earned a Doctorate in Psychology from Cornerstone University. For the past sixteen years Mary Jo has been working with people who suffer from sexual abuse, depression, and anxiety disorders, as well as personality disorders. Mary Jo has put together a ...
19 Jan. 2010
Ed Alms: Family Life Marriage Seminar
Dr. Peppers sits down with Ed Alms who is promoting the Family Life Marriage Seminar in Hannibal Missouri on February 26 and 27th 2010. Ed conveys that this event is to help with a number of topics primarily communication in your marriage.
26 Jan. 2010
New Start Rescue Mission
Dr. Peppers sits down with Mark Dedert, board chairman and Pastor Rod Bakker of Faith Presbyterian Church who also works with "New Start Rescue Mission" in Quincy, Illinois. The Rescue Mission is a group that helps homeless men in this area. At this time they are praying for funds to redo the upstairs of the building since the need is so great. On Wednesday Oct 14, 2009 just a few months prior to their appearance on the "Outreach Connection" program the Founder of New Start Rescue Mission Chuck Smith found dead in lake in Shelby County, Missouri.
2 Feb. 2010
Michelle Kasparie: Blessing Hospital
Michelle Kasparie from Blessing Hospital in Quincy, Illinois sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers to discuss the Share and Heal programs that are available through the Blessings Hospital. Michelle Kasperie spoke about the programs HEAL (Helping Every Adult with Loss) is a grief support group that offers friendship and understanding for adults who have lost a spouse, close relative or friend. The support group "HEAL "meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. For more information the contact is Rev. Dan Brothers, lead chaplain, at (217) 223-8400, ext. 6823
9 Feb. 2010
'Addicts Victorious' Program
Dr. Debra Peppers, host of the "Outreach Connection" show with friends from the "Addicts Victorious" program Jerry Jenkins and Gary Schluckebier. Rev. Dr. Gary E. Schluckebier Associate Director of Biblical Counseling and Rev. Jerald F. Jenkins the Executive Director of Addicts Victorious discuss helping people overcome their everyday problems, fears, and addictive behaviors. This is done through the use of support group meetings, a 5-day Biblical counseling program, and individual counseling. Also support for addictions to alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, gambling, ...
16 Feb. 2010
Le Masters Hope Foundation: Missions
Dr. Debra Peppers interviews Founders, V. Scott & Marcy G. Lemasters of the Le Masters Hope Foundation a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in July of 2009 for the purpose of fulfilling the call laid out in Luke 4:18-19. The topic is their upcoming Missions trip to Thailand in March 2010. Scott & Marcy G. Lemasters discuss their past and present Missionary work in Asian countries.
23 Feb. 2010
Major Alan D. Wurtz: Salvation Army
Major Alan D. Wurtz Quincy S.A. EDS Director from Salvation Army is Debra Pepper's Guest. The Salvation Army in Quincy, Illinois serves four counties in Illinois. Dr Debra Peppers spoke with Wurtz about their setup in Haiti and the progress on the Kroc Corps Community Center we have been blessed to have being built in Quincy.
2 Mar. 2010
Dixie Koch, President, Children Are People, Inc.
Dixie Koch, President, Children Are People, Inc. and a missionary to Africa is Doctor Debra Peppers guest. Dixie tells the story of 2007 when God spoke to the hearts of a group of friends while on a mission trip in Africa. It became clear that the time is now to mobilize many people who care about the children of the world. The mission is to endeavor to provide food, shelter, medical care and education to children in need. Join with us to help make a life and death difference in the lives of children!
9 Mar. 2010
Pollee Freier: Author
Pollee Freier author of a book called "Snickers, The Preacher Cat" published by iUniverse, Incorporated in Nov 2009. Pollee discusses her book and gives the synopsis. While Snickers is writing her advice for cat staffers and aides, she finds herself embroiled in what looks like a plot to kidnap cats in the neighborhood. She organizes the Pet Club, which involves a way to warn pets of impending danger. She soon discovers that one cat is plotting to replace her as the leader, so she must act fast to stop rebellion in the ranks! And all of this is going on while Snickers...
16 Mar. 2010
Sherry Bliss: Chrysalis Shepherding Home
Sherry Bliss, Executive director of Tri-State family Service worked with a board to plan the concept of the Chrysalis Shepherding Home, in an effort to find and renovate a house in rural Hancock County Illinois near Adrian, and develop a program to help the residents. Sherry sought after hours of volunteer time and donations of furnishings and money, the home is complete. A chrysalis is a cocoon, the last stage of development before a butterfly emerges. The services center is located in Carthage, IL and is an effort by the Tri-State Family Services to provide a place ...
30 Mar. 2010
Jay Craig: Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch
Jay Craig, Stewardship Director at Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch sat down with Dr. Debra Peppers and discussed his role with the Children's ranch. Jay often does a show and tell to churches, and other organizations, about how they provide homes for formerly abused / neglected children.
6 Apr. 2010
Jaime Havens: Evangelist and Missionary
Jaime Havens Evangelist and Missionary from Pittsfield, Illinois sat down with Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection show. Jaime and his wife Rachel have two sons, Blake and Michael and are missionaries in Africa and India. New Beginnings International Ministries is established as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable corporation. Jaime explains the Ministry is growing, it is our heart's passion and desire to partner with other ministries in their efforts to bring the Gospel message of salvation and healing to those in need. Over the past years, we have given to church...
13 Apr. 2010
Dixie Forte: National Day of Prayer
Around 15 different Hannibal churches and numerous people will gather together for National Day of Prayer... it is an annual day of observance held on the first Thursday of May, designated by the United States Congress, as Hannibal Missouri residents come together for National Day of Prayer. This topic is discussed by Dr. Debra Peppers as she interviews Director Dixie Forte on the Christian Television network program "Outreach Connection" Shortly after this episode aired Hannibal, MO Mayor Roy Hark presented a framed proclamation to Director Dixie Forte and the ...
20 Apr. 2010
Steve Eighinger: Reporter and Faith Page Writer
Steve Eighinger writer for the Quincy Herald Whig newspaper in Quincy, IL sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers to discuss his faith and perspective of a newspaper writer.
27 Apr. 2010
Stuart Kelly: 25 years with Haiti Missions
Dr. Debra Peppers guest on the "Outreach Connection" show is Stuart Kelly who was standing outside a building when A major earthquake of magnitude 7 struck south-east of Haiti, on Tuesday January 12, 2009. He has been going to Haiti for 25 years with a mission team to help these people. Stuart Kelly of Hamilton, Ill., and a long- time member of the Ferris Christian Church in Ferris, Ill. flew to Christianville, Haiti as part of a mission team to conduct a conference for the native preachers there. Christianville is a Christian mission in Gressier, Haiti, located about...
4 May 2010
Beth Cornwell: Right to Life Organization
Dr. Debra Peppers guest on the "Outreach Connection" show is Beth Cornwell, President of Adams County Right to Life organization. Beth conveys that the main focus has been the abortion controversy; other right to life issues such as abstinence, euthanasia, infanticide and embryonic stem cell research are also of focused on. Right to life does this to educate the public, keeping the pro-life message visible and encouraging people to take action and pray. Right to Life of Adams County Board Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm at the Resource Center in Quincy, ...
11 May 2010
Jim Daniels: Word Ministries
Jim Daniels from Word Ministries is Dr. Debra Pepper's Guest on "Outreach Connection" Jim has a book he wrote on anger he discusses also referencing with Debra's Book. WORD Ministries is a Locally WTJR produced half-hour program of teachings from the Word of God with Jim Daniels of Quincy, IL.
18 May 2010
Duke DuVall: Light of the World Ministries
Duke DuVall from Light of the World Ministries is Dr. Debra Pepper's guest. Duke is Debra Peppers younger brother and is also a Professional speaker, corporate consultant, and international businessman. Duke conveys Light of the World is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1993, is an interdenominational Christian organization, evangelical in stance, international in scope and made up of men and women from all walks of life and all denominations who share a common vision and desire...to change the world around them. Through Christ-centered alliances with people in...
25 May 2010
Cindy Winters: Grace and Hope Ministries
Cindy Winters of Grace and Hope Ministries sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers. Cindy is the wife of pastor Fred Winters, he was the pastor shot to death Mar 8, 2009 during Sunday services at the First Baptist Church of Maryville, Illinois. Cindy said she forgives the accused gunman, who killed her husband and wishes that he will find peace with God. Cindy conveys the mission at Grace and Hope Ministries is to help others discover God's grace through a personal relationship with Jesus and find lasting hope regardless of whatever tragedy or circumstances experienced in ...
1 Jun. 2010
Brian Stone Ministries
Pastor Brian Stone sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers and Co-Host Duke DuVall to discuss his Ministry. Brian conveys to the hosts that he and his wife have a full gospel ministry in Maywood, Missouri that is engaged in changing the world according to a mandate from God: "Touching a city, a nation, a continent for God." Just as the apostle Paul stated in I Corinthians 2:4-5, "My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God,"...
8 Jun. 2010
Ministries: Olive Tree Outreach Inc.
Dr. Debra Peppers sits down with Debbie Waugh and her husband Russell. They are with Ministries Olive Tree Outreach in Pollock, Missouri.
15 Jun. 2010
Heartland Ministries
Daniel Bock and Nada Whitehead from Heartland Ministries also known as C.N.S. International Ministries near Newark, Missouri are guests on Outreach Connection with host Dr. Debra Peppers. Heartland Academy Community Church with pastor Charles Sharpe also has a TV ministry airing on the Christian Television Network Affiliate WTJR in Quincy, IL. Since 1996 Heartland offers schooling through their Heartland Christian Academy it is in the private Christian education category and ranges from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. Additionally a two-year Christian College ...
22 Jun. 2010
George Hutchings: Shoeman
George Hutchings the shoeman sits down with Dr. Peppers to tell about his work in Haiti and showing the water they have to drink there. Dr. Peppers wants you to know he now accepts high heel shoes. Originally Shoeman Water Projects began purchasing and shipping well drilling rigs to Kenya were droughts and political practices leave people walking miles and miles each day to collect dirty water for their families and livestock to survive. To date Shoeman Water Projects has purchased and shipped four water drilling rigs that have drilled 140 wells serving about 130,000 ...
29 Jun. 2010
Tri-States for Jesus Crusade
Dr. Debra Peppers host of the "Outreach Connection" sits down with her guests Pastor Soondrum and Pastor Lindell Schumake crusade chairman. They are promoting the Tri-States for Jesus Crusade. Earlier in April Lindell Shumake announced that he will seek to replace Rachel Bringer as the next 6th District State Representative in Jefferson City, Missouri, Lindell is from Hannibal Missouri and is also president of the God's Harvesters prison ministry and foreign missions. A large tent at Clemens Field is the scene of the Tri-States for Jesus Crusade, which starts Thursday...
6 Jul. 2010
Robin and Landon Shipman: Autism
Robin and Landon Shipman are Dr. Debra Peppers' guests on "Outreach Connection" Robin conveys she had never heard the word "autism" before. Landon her firstborn son who is also in the studio was diagnosed with this disorder in 1985 on a cold and rainy day in March. Landon was 3½ years old. Robin states "Our lives changed completely when autism was addressed to us. We all want what's best for our children. When Landon was diagnosed, it was 4 or 5 out of every 10,000. Today we know the diagnosis rate now is 1 in 150."
13 Jul. 2010
Chaddock Children's Foundation
Shirley Wingerter foster care/licensing/recruitment manager for Chaddock, Children's Foundation and Doris Durk one of the foster parents for Chaddock sat down with host Dr. Debra Peppers. Chaddock Children's Foundation was established in 1996 as a legally separate not-for-profit organization from Chaddock. All donations received by Chaddock, including bequests and those designated for a restricted purpose, are gifted to the Foundation for investment until needed for current operations or until used for the purpose restricted by donors.
20 Jul. 2010
Arthur 'Flash' Johnson: Olympic Boxer
Olympic Boxer and St. Louisan Arthur "Flash" Johnson sat down with Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach connection program. Johnson also held 7 Golden Glove titles in the light flyweight and flyweight division as an open fighter. He competed as a Flyweight for the United States at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. The Arthur Johnson Foundation raises money for college scholarships for high school seniors in the metro-east. Arthur states the foundation hopes to award 10 or 15 next year. We want to help these kids stay off the streets and off drugs. Education is the best way. ...
31 Jul. 2010
Neil and Tiffany Pikulski: Tough Guys Inc.
Tough Guys Inc. was showcased on WTJR TV on the Quincy Illinois affiliate of the Christian Television Network. Husband and wife team Neil and Tiffany Pikulski sat down with Dr. Debra Peppers sharing the testimonies and what Tough Guys Inc is all about. Tough Guys Inc. , is a small corporation with a goal of fighting for lives, geared around helping kids. Tough Guys Inc. is a clothing line, fund-raiser company, and character program. Within the corporation there are other divisions, and Tough Girls Inc. is one. Tough Guys Inc. feels that you don't have to be a fighter,...
3 Aug. 2010
Sarah Smith: Singer and Songwriter
Sarah Smith from Montrose, Iowa sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers to discuss her new CD. Debra states she has known Sara for 10 years and that she has a beautiful singing voice, Sara has written many of the songs she sings. Sara has written 300 songs in her career.
10 Aug. 2010
Prison Ministries
Dr. Debra Peppers host of the "Outreach Connection" show sits down with Larry Thompson and Dennis Mayer, men that give of their time to tell prisoners in Montgomery and Lewis County, Missouri about Jesus.
17 Aug. 2010
Mark Tanner: New Heart Ministries International
Musician Mark Tanner and his wife Suzanne from New Heart Ministries International in Ottumwa, Iowa sit down with Dr. Debra Peppers on the "Outreach Connection" show. Mark Tanner is an accomplished musician and recording artist. Mark has had the great privilege to open twice in concert for Ireland's Robin Mark - Dove Award Winner and Best International Gospel Artist of 2004. Mark also is blessed to have worked with world class violinist Arkadiy Gips from Kiev, Ukraine.
24 Aug. 2010
Brian Carrier: Prayer Box Ministry
Brian Carrier from Prayer box ministry in Springfield Illinois sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers on the "Outreach Connection" program. A white pre-made prayer box card is available to send to the ministry and the person asking for prayer does not have to leave a name or phone number. Volunteers are available to answer the phone and take prayer requests 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Prayer box ministry home is 32 Circle Drive Springfield, IL 62703.
31 Aug. 2010
Linda Mallory: F.L.O. - For Ladies Only
Dr. Debra Pepper's guest for the "Outreach Connection" is Linda Mallory. Linda is with the Cathedral of Worship in Quincy, IL. She works with a ministry called F.L.O. meaning "For Ladies Only". Membership is open to the body of Christ, women in the community, hurt women, and women ready to move forward in ministry. Transforming Life Ministries is also her husband Pastors William Mallory's ministry.
7 Sep. 2010
Wendell McCombs: Prison Ministry
Pastor Wendell McCombs from Burlington Iowa Jail Ministry for Jesus sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach connection program. Jail Ministry for Jesus or JMJ, was co-founded in 2002, and is a non-profit interdenominational organization benefiting the "lost world of the incarcerated and their families". Co-founders are Pastor Wendell and Rev. Denette McCombs of La Harpe. The organization specializes in serving county jails and prisons through ministry, training and licensing people. It currently serves a tri-state area of Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri with 23 ...
14 Sep. 2010
Heartland Women's Recovery
Dr. Debra Peppers sits down with Audrey Emerson and Crystal Morris from "Heartland Women's Recovery Center." They gave their testimony and talked about the program. Audrey Emerson holds a Bachelor of Science from Grand Valley State College but her real passion comes from discipling others in a real walk with the God who has restored her life. She oversees the Heartland Women's Recovery Program, teaches in the Bible College and serves on the Heartland worship team. In May of 1995, Heartland was born from that earlier encounter in the middle of Northeast Missouri ...
21 Sep. 2010
Jerry and Karen Cowin: Missionaries to Brazil
Pastors Jerry and Karen Cowin - Missionaries to Brazil from Wildwood Missouri sit down with Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection Program. Pastor Jerry Cowin from Central Baptist Church on North Central Ave in Eureka Missouri talks about his travels in the mission fields and they talk about the loss of their son and how God helped them through it.
28 Sep. 2010
Fall Sharathon: Radio
Dr. Debra Peppers sits down with Pastor Ken Geisendorfer and Pastor Michael Wortman from KJIR radio station in Hannibal Missouri, They were talking about their Sharathon coming up in October. KJIR fall sharathon will be October 27 -28, 2010. Stating to viewers "This is your chance to help us continue to broadcast the gospel of Jesus Christ through Southern Gospel Music and Christian Programs." The theme this year is "He is God of Enough" from 1 Kings 17:8-16. Pastor Michael Wortman was one of the first guests to appear on Outreach Connection appearing in the 20th ...
Oct. 2010
The Ol' Turkey Hunter
Author David Kerr who calls him self The Ol' Turkey Hunter is interviewed by Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. Kerr, who bought a farm at twenty-four tells ironically, how this got him off the farm and into many other jobs to help make the farm payments. This diversity of experiences has culminated in writing, his book titled "Tales of the Strange and Wonderful" published June 2010 by Trafford Publishing. Tales of the Strange and Wonderful uncovers some of the strangest and and long-familiar Biblical themes viewed from a different perspective this ...
Sam Childers: Machine Gun Preacher - Follow-up Interview
Author of Another Man's war and now a biopic film coming out about his life Sam Childers, the Machine Gun Preacher returns with a follow-up interview. This is the second appearance of Sam Childers and Chris return on the Outreach Connection program with Dr. Debra Peppers. Childer's a former drug dealer, now a Christian, fights in East Africa to save Children from being killed and mutilated by terrorists.
Megan Duestehaus: Quanada Food Pantry
Megan Duestehaus with Quanada food pantry is interviewed by Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. Megan Duestehaus - Quanada food pantry is collecting canned goods to give to the needy call (217)-222-0069. A collection of canned goods for Quanada on our December 6th Christmas Celebration. QUANADA maintains a community food pantry at 27th and Maine in Quincy, Illinois.
Pastor and Author Thad Carter: New Book 'Jesus and Fear'
Pastor and Author Thad H. Carter is interviewed by Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. Thad H. Carter is pastor of Shelbina, Missouri United Methodist Church, and author of many faith based books including his latest titled "Jesus and Fear". His book was published in June 2010 by Publish America. Thad H. Carter previously appeared on the program in 2008 to discuss his book "Download Faith not Fear".
Pat Heck/Pansy Knight: Addicts Victorious
Addicts Victorious ladies Pat Heck and Pansy Knight are interviewed by Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. they give out two important phone numbers for addiction assistance.
Douglas Gittings: Singer, Songwriter and Survivor of Attempted Murder
International singer, songwriter, and guitarist Douglas Gittings is interviewed by Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. Douglas tried to take a vacation to relax in historic Clarksville, Missouri, on the Mississippi. The next day he found - and bought - a 150 year old church and began restoration to create the "Missouri Music Hall". Doug spent that winter working on the restoration of the Music Hall, until the spring rains of 2008 brought the flood to Clarksville. The events of the flood would dramatically affect the life of Doug Gittings. Douglas ...
Leisha Kelly: Author, 'House on Malcolm Street'
Leisha Kelly author of the new book "House on Malcolm Street" is interviewed by Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. Kelly who has written several books including JULIA'S HOPE, EMMA'S GIFT, and KATIE'S DREAM talks about her book published in September 2010 by Revell. "House on Malcolm Street" is set in the year 1920. With main character Mother Leah Breckenridge who is desperate to find a way to provide for her young daughter. After the loss of her husband and infant son in an accident, she is angry at God and fearful about the future. Finding refuge ...
Spiritual Roto Rooters: Suicide Prevention Christian Counselors
Bob and Judy Stepanek - Special Christian counseling for teens are interviewed by Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. Judy who is an ordained minister and a board certified Christian Counselor, wants to speak to those at risk teenagers, those who are contemplating suicide as a way to solve problems, stating "you have other options." The counselors go on to say they confront the problems head-on! Otherwise known as the "BULL DOG" approach... I have a "BULL DOG" tenacity and will not give up on the cries for help.
Dawn Schiebner: Salvation Army
Dawn Schiebrer who works with Salvation Army Food Pantry sits down with Dr. Debra Peppers on the Outreach Connection program. The primary topics are about donation request that are growing for food.

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