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  • Surfing charters are meant to be a trip to Paradise. With six male surfers stuck on a boat, there's bound to be some friction. When two of the surf crew are replaced at the last minute with girls - the heat is turned way up. The one single girl on board - SAM - enjoys the attention. She has Bull and Rob wrapped around her finger. The frustrated, psychotic, Bull soon decides, "she'll get what she's asking for" and molests her. Outraged, the others abandon him on an island, but the ever-determined Bull returns, and takes control of the boat. He attacks the crew and holds them hostage. He harasses Sam and tortures the others. It's a nightmare battle of wits, on board the yacht, as the five imprisoned friends must survive the fury of the psycho at the helm.


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  • Ever been stuck with a friend who crosses the line?

    A Surf charter to remote paradise. A bunch of mates, uncrowded waves and one rule; leave your girlfriend at home. When this is broken, focus turns towards a single female. She flirts with the attention of her captive male audience. Sexual tension, manipulation and deceit erupt into violence as the Bullish male, hell bent on getting his, has the group caught inside.

    Sometimes we suffer the monsters we create.

    On a boat, in the middle of nowhere, you cant just walk away.

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