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Mr. Brooks capitalizes on antiseptic, fluorescent interiors, while the score, by David Buckley, nicely accents stress points.
Village Voice
After memorably sealing Ryan Reynolds in a coffin in "Buried," screenwriter Chris Sparling's attempts to make a two-ATM vestibule equally claustrophobic are less inspired.
Even by the most lenient of genre standards, the behavior of the characters in David Brooks's ATM is ludicrous enough to make anyone grind his or her teeth in frustration.
While ATM does offer a few jolts, we're paired with bland characters and an underrealized premise.
Screenwriter Chris Sparling worked in confined spaces to far better effect before with the minimalist Ryan Reynolds thriller "Buried." He must have used his best ideas there.
The Hollywood Reporter
As with so many films of this ilk, plot holes and inconsistencies abound, with audiences likely to express in loudly vocal fashion their opinions about what the characters should or shouldn't be doing.
Seems assembled from autopilot thriller material, with most of the dull dialogue devoted to plugging potential plot holes rather than anything resembling logic.
Slant Magazine
If both good and evil characters don't behave in ways that make sense vis-à-vis their circumstances, any sense of terror quickly dissipates.
No, the indie horror movie ATM is not about a psychotic automated teller that charges the steepest of convenience fees - your life! - but it isn't much smarter than that premise, either.
Maybe DVDs of "Buried" and ATM will be sold in the same package someday. You could call it a trapped-in-a-box set.

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