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Wrestlemania XXVI, 2010
Two matches in this reviewer's opinion saved Wrestlemania, John Cena and Batista and The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels were first class efforts.

However let's get the bad out of the way first. Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon was a terrible match and the storyline were Bret screwed Vince with his family was really lame not to mention confusing. I know Hart had a stroke in 2002 and hasn't wrestle in 11 years, but I nearly fell asleep during this erm match. Fans popped when Hart locked on the sharpshooter the first time, but they gave up when Hart began teasing using the move on McMahon, they couldn't be bothered and I didn't blame them. Fans did cheer when Hart won but I think they cheered because the colossal bore ended and they were relieved.

The 10 diva tag match was a shambles. Which road agent was in charge of this match? Having Vicky Guerrero perform a 'frog splash' off the top rope on Kelly Kelly was pathetic and she even botched that as well! This reviewer would have preferred to see a match between Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim vs Michelle McCool and Layla.

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match had far too many participants (10), ideally 6 would have had been enough and it felt overly rehearsed. It did have it's moment's for instance such as Matt Hardy hip tossing Evan Bourne off the top of the ladder, Kane choke slamming Dolp Ziggler on the ladder and Kofi Kingston using the ladder as stilts. However I feel the WWE picked the wrong superstar to win. It wasn't long ago Jack Swagger was feuding with the comical Santino Marella on Superstars, it's way too soon to put the belt on him and as I write this he cashed in his briefcase from Chris Jericho and won the World title. Winner should've been Christian.

And the Unified Tag Team title match pitting defending champion's The Miz and Big Show against R Truth and John Morrison was met by silence from the fans in Glendale, Arizona and get this, fans cheered Miz and Show when they won.

But Wrestlemania had it's bright moments as well, The CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio was very good, would have been even better if it was allocated 5 more minutes, Chris Jericho vs Edge was a good match even though some fans cheered Jericho, Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase vs Cody Rhodes was a cool match (fans have caught on to the Orton face turn) and in a shocker Triple H carried Sheamus to a decent match! The real gems are mentioned on the top of this piece. After months of stellar promo's on Raw, John Cena and Batista had a great match surprisingly which ended when Batista tapped to Cena's STF which unfortunately looked terrible on Batista, Cena was obviously not applying any pressure and his arms were not clearly touching his chin/neck.

And The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had another classic match. The whole HBK stuff was awesome when he done the throat sign to the Taker, the look on his face was priceless and the tombstone was great at the end. I just can't believe that Michaels won't wrestle ever again but after watching this match I can safely say Mark Calaway and Michael Hickenbottom are the 2 best performers ever in the history of the WWF/WWE.

Overall grade - A-
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HBK and HHH rocked... the show didn't!
namashi_16 April 2010
I am a unabashed WWE fan, since childhood I have been a fanatic. From Hogan, The Rock, HBK, Undertaker and Triple H have been my idols. WrestleMania is WWE's greatest event, so one expects the moon from this event. Unfortunlatey, I only got to see a mirage!

Coming right away to the Highlights, 3 matches that stood-out were: Career vs Streak, The Legendary HBK vs The Unbeatable Phenom was just superb. Even though one won't get to his Mr.WrestleMania wrestler anymore, one thing is for sure: There was, there is, and there ever will be only one Shawn Michaels. He's a freaking LEGEND! Taker was also amazing in the match. Triple H defeating the Celtic warrior was a excellent match. The Money In The Bank was a match worth-watching. The winner, Jack Swagger, stole the show with a energetic performance.

Minuses: Hart vs Mcmahon. Awful match! Hart and Mcmahon screwed us man! Cena was getting beaten up by Batista, every week be4 WM took place. Cena should've kicked his ass more than what he did. Y2J retaining the title against EDGE was a complete down. EDGE rules, he can't lose! Orton's win was so so predictable, one could just skip it! CM Punk was wasted.

WrestleMania has lost it's sheen. But, I'll watch WWE till I live. So, let's forget the minuses of the show, and remember the pluses only!
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Wrestlemania 26
adonis98-743-18650320 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Still stinging from his narrow defeat a year earlier, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels has goaded Undertaker into a rematch by putting his career on the line. Something's gotta give- The legendary streak or the 25 year career of one of the all-time greats! What was the best match from Mania 25 gets to be repeated once more and it's even better with Undertaker showing respect to HBK but also Batista goes against John Cena for the WWE Championship but the well done match of that night was Undertaker and Shawn Michaels both men gave it all and the show wasn't disappointing at all and sometimes it kinda makes me miss those old good days.
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While improvement over last year's a little bit, it is still disappointing though
davielee159 April 2010
This years wrestlemania improved over last years. I thought it was a very solid show but still disappointing in some ways. ( no spoilers in this review.)Below indicate match ratings: 10/10 perfect. 9/10 superb 8-10 great 7/10 very good 6/10 solid 5/10 decent 4/10 mediocre 3- 1/10 awful, or horrible 0/10 abysmal.

Match #1- Unified tag team championship match miz and big show vs. r truth and Morrison- This was a solid opener but only lasted like 3 1/2 minutes. These wrestlers deserve better . At least 3-5 minutes more. 5/10 Miz and show retain the titles.

Match#2- Triple Threat match randy Orton vs. Ted debiase Jr. vs. Cody Rhodes- Although this match was very predictable, the crowd was really into it. This had good storytelling which kept the match going. Everybody was cheering Orton for almost the whole time. Orton is victorious. 9 minutes. 6/10

Match #3- 10 men money in the bank ladder match- This was of course a very good ladder match but there are some let downs. I didn't see Shelton Benjamin barely in this match nothing spectacular. Also there were no shock or AWE moments as expected with 10 wrestlers in this match (too many wrestlers even though it might look like a cool idea). predictable and a little disappointing. However, Evan Bourne stole the show definitely check this kid out. the most underrated wrestler in the WWE. There are some awesome spots in this match. Not as good as MITB Ladder matches in 2006 or 2008. 13 3/4 minutes. 7/10. Jack Swagger is Mr. Money in the Bank. Should have let Evan Bourne win.

Match #4- Triple H vs. Scheamus- This kind of surprised me a bit. I did not think this was gonna be any good but it actually was. HHH looked good in the ring and him and Scheamus had a good story the veteran vs. the next WWE star. 12 minutes. 7/10 HHH wins.

Match #5- Cm punk vs. mysterio- Man! what an awesome match! It had a great finish! But only lasted 6 minutes are you kidding me shame on you Mr. Mchmahon This should have lasted at least 6 minutes longer if it did then i would have rated it a 9. But unfortunately- 7/10. Mysterio wins.

Match #6- Bret Hart vs. Mr. Mchmahon- This has got to be the most disappointing big wrestlemania match of all time. This totally broke down the show even though the crowd was still alive but i was not! The Hart dynasty carried this match as well as Mr McMahon still looking goofy but they just cant save this match. Bret Hart looked awful and totally unprepared and out of shape for this match. He was supposed to end his career on a high note. Bret Hart of course wins. Boy, am i just disappointied.11 minutes. 2/10

Match #7- Edge vs. Chris Jericho - WH title match- This got me back into the show and it was a great match. As well as a great ending. 16 minutes. Chris Jericho surprisingly wins. 8/10

Match #8- 10 diva tag team match - Awful but i enjoyed it more than hart vs. McMahon match. Should have never been on the card though. 3 minutes. 3/10

Match #9- WWE Title Match- Batista vs. John Cena- this was like stone cold vs.the rock at WM 15. These guys are definitely the two big stars after the great attitude era. John Cena wins. Very good match - 7/10

Match #10- Streak vs. career match Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals- What a way to end the show and what a way to end a career. These guys have got to be the best performers in WWE history. After Mr. Mchmahon did not put last year's match as the main event finally he gave them what these great legends deserve. Micheals was amazing and spectacular and Taker was scarily moving and phenomenal. The entrances were just superb and the atmosphere in the night was incredible. Taker should never lose at Wrestlemania and it was the most respectful result HBK has retired and Taker might never retire as he goes 18-0. This is one of the greatest main events to end a wrestlemania and a ppv. Unforgettable and emotional main event. 9.5/10 23 1/2 minutes.

Taker vs HBK highly carried the show. I wish this was the greatest wrestlemania though and I hope their will still be another great wrestlemania to come in the near future. This is my last wrestlemania to buy on PPV.

Best result: Undertaker goes 18-0 Worst result: Jack Swagger wins money in the bank. Best match of the night: Undertaker vs. Shawn Micheals. Worst match of the night: Bret Hart vs. Mr. McMahon

Overall: 7/10
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Nothing spectacular (apart from the last match)
Legend Killer1 April 2010
OK let's get down to business.

John Morrison & R-Truth vs Big Show & The Miz: Decent enough opener for a Wrestlemania. There was nothing really noteworthy about this match. It was an adequate match, nothing more & nothing less... 5/10

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase: Decent match with good storytelling. I don't agree with Orton being a face (it didn't work last time), but I guess he can always go back to being a heel if this face run fails. The crowd were really into him though. The big question now is what will become of Legacy as I'm sure DiBiase Jr will go after Orton & I have a feeling that Rhodes will get pushed to the side... 6.5/10

MITB Ladder Match: As far as I'm concerned (spot wise), this was the most disappointing ladder match to date. Also, Shelton Benjamin was non- existent in this match which was a huge disappointment as people have come to expect a show stealing performance from him in MITB ladder matches. On the positive side though, the outcome surprised EVERYBODY. I thought for sure that Christian might get this one, but I was wrong. The All American American is Mr Money in the Bank... 6.5/10

Triple H vs Sheamus: I personally believe that it's about time the previous generation stopped bitching about how the younger generation needs to step up & actually step aside & allowed the new generation to do so. Triple H is passed his prime & has no future in the mainevent picture. In the next few years the WWE will be relying on people like Randy Orton & Sheamus (2 men who Triple H has robbed of their Wrestlemania moments). It was a good match however & Sheamus still came out looking strong, but he should've gone over... 6/10

CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio: A very good wrestling match. As well performed as any wrestling match on the card. Rey Mysterio is up there with the greatest in ring performers of all time & CM Punk's stock is continuing to rise as one of the WWE's top performers... 7.5/10

Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon: On this occasion what one needs to remember is a man who was robbed of an appropriate ending to his wrestling career. This match showed everybody for the first time just how bad Bret Hart's stroke was as his movement was VERY limited & the Hart Dynasty was brought in to carry a lot of the match. The crowd was watching a man who had given everything to them & never had the chance to say goodbye properly. The reception he received when he struggled to put on the sharpshooter & then celebrated with his family in the ring was a fitting farewell to the Excellence of Execution & arguably the greatest of all time.

Edge vs Chris Jericho: I'm not buying Edge as a face. Not because he isn't a good face, but because he's too good at being a heel. However this was a good match. The ending was also a surprise as I don't think that many people expected Y2J to leave as champion. There was also a good spot after the match where Edge speared Y2J through the barricade. However, he got a mixed reaction from the crowd which may indicate that people do not fully buy Edge's face persona... 7/10

10 Diva Tag Match: Crap... 2/10

Batista vs John Cena: A pretty pointless entrance from John Cena. The match was actually not that bad considering the limited ability of both men. They have good chemistry together. Despite Cena's lack of ability, his strength will always continue to amaze me. He is quite clearly pound for pound the strongest WWE superstar. Despite a botched reversal into a powerbomb from Batista (a repeat of the finish from their Summer Slam match), the match was a pretty solid effort from both men... 6/10

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels: One of the most anticipated matches in WWE history. It didn't disappoint. I don't remember being this tense during a match. Shawn Michaels' catalogue of classics is just unparalleled. His moonsault from the top turnbuckle through the announce table was breathtaking & don't get me started on The Undertakers jumping tombstone piledriver. What happened after was one of the greatest endings to a Wrestlemania ever (or at least up there with Wrestlemania 8 & 17)... Match 8.5/10... Occasion 9.5/10

Overall it was a decent show. The commentating was VERY lacklustre & they better have JR back next year. It wasn't spectacular until the last match... 7/10
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A Very Solid Show, A Little Better Than Last Year's
Owen Ogletree1 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This show, I feel, is a little better than the previous year. HBK and Undertaker had another classic match, and the world title matches were much better than the previous year's.

Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match: ShowMiz vs. John Morrison and R-Truth - This was a decent match, but at merely three minutes, it really didn't have enough time to make much impact. ShowMiz retains the titles with Big Show's Knockout Punch. RATING: **1/4

Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton s. Ted Dibiase vs. Cody Rhodes - This was a fun match that the crowd was really into. It really did a good job of getting Randy Orton over as a face. He wins the match with an RKO to Dibiase. RATING: ***

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Jack Swagger vs. Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne vs. Matt Hardy vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP - With 10 people, this match is of course, very spotty, but still lots of fun. Everyone got to shine as usual, even the newer talent such as McInyre, Ziggler, and Bourne. Jack Swagger wins the briefcase. Dumb move. RATING: ***3/4

Triple H vs. Sheamus - This was actually a pretty good "veteran vs. newcomer" match. The two put on a nice brawl, and it made Sheamus look strong even through defeat. Triple H wins with a Pedigree out of nowhere. RATING: ***1/4

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk - This was a very good match that definitely would have been a classic if it were maybe twice as long. Rey and Punk always have solid matches, and this is no exception. Rey Mysterio wins with the 619. RATNG: ***1/2

No Holds Barred Match: Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon - I don't think I can rate this. This was more of an angle than a match, and it served its purpose. Bret Hart wins. RATING: N/A

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Chris Jericho (c) vs. Edge - This was a very well-wrestled match with some good psychology and storytelling. They did some good drama toward the end. Chris Jericho retains the Championship by cheating, but Edge spears him through the barricade afterwards. RATING: ***3/4

WWE Championship Match: Batista (c) vs. John Cena - I thought this was a great match. It was a nice fast-paced powerhouse match, and they did some really good near-falls. Cena and Batista work surprisingly well together. John Cena wins the Championship with the STF. RATING: ****

Streak vs. Career Match: The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels - Not as good as their previous match, but still another classic between the two. The emotion in this match is unreal, and it was nice they made this the main event. The Undertaker wins again with a 3rd Tombstone, ending Shawn Michaels' legendary career. THANK YOU HBK. RATING: ****3/4

With a match that fittingly caps off HBK's career and a number of other quality matches, this show is well worth checking out.

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Wrestlemania 26 Review
Kevan Thomas30 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
1. Unified Tag Team Championship - The Miz & Big Show vs. John Morrison & R Truth This match had a lot of potential as it started out fast paced. It was starting to build momentum and ended out of nowhere. Way too short at just over three minutes, but it was a decent way to open the show. 4.5/10

2. Triple Threat Match - Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase The first half of the match was Legacy double teaming Orton. It started to get boring but things became interesting again when Rhodes and DiBiase attacked each other. Nice finish with a punt to the head of Rhodes. 6/10

3. Money In The Bank Ladder Match - Similar to the rest of the ladder matches, only in this one there were ten superstars. I prefer less wrestlers in these matches so there aren't as many bodies just laying on the mat outside the ring, but this one had enough nice spots to make up for it. Better than the first two matches, and I liked the finish even though Swagger couldn't get the briefcase for awhile. 7.5/10

4. Triple H vs. Sheamus First singles match of the night, and this one wasn't a disappointment. Sheamus actually looked like a main eventer here, with the help of Triple H of course. There were plenty of near falls which lead to a finish that happened out of no where. 7/10

5. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio The straight edge society were involved in this match early. I was disappointed at how short of a match this was, around six minutes long. But, this was very fast paced with plenty of nice reversals from Punk to counter Rey's high flying. Nice finish as well but this should have been a bit longer. 7/10

6. No Holds Barred Match - Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon McMahon has had some pretty entertaining no dq matches at Wrestlemania in the past, but this just felt like a long promo. The Hart family surrounded the ring after being introduced by Vince, but turned on him and the rest of the match was a slow beat down. Not worth a watch. 2/10

7. World Heavyweight Championship - Chris Jericho vs. Edge I remember when the winner of the Royal Rumble got a main event title shot at Wrestlemania, but I guess they changed that somewhere along the line. This was a very good championship match. It was a little slow paced for awhile, but towards the end there were many near falls which lead to a screwy finish, but it worked. The post match beat down was also memorable. 7.5/10

8. 10 Diva Tag Team Match I skipped this one, I had a feeling this wouldn't be Wrestlemania worthy. N/A

9. WWE Championship - Batista vs. John Cena This was another fun championship match. This match also had its slow moments but they all lead to some nice spots. The crowd was split and pretty hot towards the end of this one as well. I was disappointed Batista didn't get the win here, but both men worked hard to put on a good match. 7/10

10. Career vs. Streak Match - Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker This years main event was a memorable one. This was a rematch of the last year's Wrestlemania classic, and it lived up to its expectations. The pacing was great in this one, and even though it didn't go a full half hour, these two worked hard for 23 minutes. There were some sick spots, one including the announce table. The finish was also very memorable. Great, great Wrestlemania main event and a way to end Shawn Michaels' career. 9.5/10

Wrestlemania 26 was an excellent pay per view. There were 8 matches worth watching, with the only disappointment being the Bret/Vince match. The three main events were all great matches and worth the purchase of the DVD alone. 8/10
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good card but let down by a couple of stinkers
ricky_says_hi29 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
well this was the first Mania i've watched live and i was impressed but thanks to a couple of stinkers that some people should be slapped for putting on the card, it can't beat 19 for best Mania ever.

1) Unified Tag Team titles - ShowMiz* vs R-Truth and Morrison: last year you bump them for Kid Rock, now you restrict them to only 3 whole minutes? if this was a sign the divas were going to have no hope i don't know what else is. it starts to get good with a lot of nice double team moves from Truth and Morrison but Big Show clocks Morrison with a sucker punch to retain. it should have been given at least four more minutes. that was a TV quality match on PPV. 5/10

2) Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase: well nothing to wow technical wrestling buffs but some good storytelling that i enjoyed as Randy has to fight off his former team mates. Rhodes and DiBiase finally turn on each other before Randy punt kicks Rhodes and lands an RKO on DiBiase to get the pin. i think he is most definitely face now. 6/10

backstage Josh Matthews interviews Vickie Guerrero and the other heel divas who bring Jillian to sing "You're Simply the Best". Santino pimps Slim Jim and Jillian turns into Mae Young, who turns into Mean Gene who turns in MELINA!! she smiles and says "anything's possible"

3) Money in the Bank - Kofi Kingston, MVP, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, Christian: wow first 10 man money in the bank match and pretty good once it got going. Evan landed Air Bourne off the ladder to get a chant, McIntyre gets crotched on the ropes when Kane pushes him off. Swagger gets caught under one ladder while Christian and Matt Hardy shove other ladders at him from both sides. Kane tore a ladder in two and Kofi used it as stilts but didn't get the briefcase. in the end Swagger knocks Christian off to grab the briefcase after an eternity. 8/10

the hall of fame inductees come out with Stu Hart represented by his family, Gorgeous George by his 97-year-old widow and Wendi Richter looks stunning, saying "girls just wanna have fun" again

4) Triple H vs Sheamus: another great match that i was really into. it first seemed like a squash but once Sheamus got offence in i really warmed to it and was thinking he might pull this off but HHH finally lays him out with a pedigree. Sheamus was made to look good and this match could help his career. 6/10

5) CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio: if Rey loses he joins Punk's faction but he fights back immediately with his whole array of high flying moves. the match is brilliant and fast paced from the get go and ends great. Serena blocks a 619, Rey counters a Go-to-Sleep to knock Luke Gallows off the apron and splashes Punk to get the win. 7/10

6) Bret Hart vs Vince McMahon: well this was historic anyway but it just dragged out. Vince brings out the Hart family as lumberjacks and Bruce Hart is the ref. Bret turns the tables and says he knew all about it. he pounds on Vince for about ten minutes, allowing the Hart Dynasty to do stuff (Striker has the best line when Natalya slaps Vince, "best of luck in your future endeavors, Natalya"). Bret teases the sharpshooter three times before finally locking it in and Vince taps out. the extra time not needed for this could have been added onto the tag match or the diva match. 2/10

7) World Heavyweight title match - Edge vs Chris Jericho*:

the Royal Rumble winner is this early? oh well it was still bloody brilliant with the crowd backing both men despite Jericho's unlikeable heel character. plenty of near falls and excellent moves but Jericho gets the win with a codebreaker. afterwards Edge spears him off the announce table through the crowd barrier, getting a mixed reaction. 7/10

8) 10 diva tag match - Vickie Guerrero, Team LayCool, Maryse, Alicia Fox vs Beth Phoenix, Eve, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James: basically all divas hit their finishers until Gail botches hers slightly and Eve doesn't even do her finisher. Vickie lands a horrendous frog splash and pins Kelly, having to do it twice after the first awful pin. first we get Ashley and Melina stinking up the ring, then a match revolving around a Playboy cover, then Santino dressing in drag and now this. the year you induct Wendi Richter in the HOF you pull a stunt like this. someone needs to be fired over this. 3/10

9) WWE title match - John Cena vs Batista*: Cena has an Air Force guard to help him with his entrance but last year's was so much better. decent action for about fifteen minutes with some nice back and forth action. in the end after several reversals Cena plants Batista with the FU to give us a feel good moment at Mania. 6/10

10) Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels: epic match from start to finish but Undertaker lands a hard tombstone to pin HBK and end his career. he celebrates with the fans first before leaving for good. 9/10
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