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WWE Raw stars jumping to Smackdown? Shawn Michaels offered Wrestlemania 33 match

Last November, Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson delighted audiences with his portrayal of the demigod Maui in the Disney animated movie Moana. The film has made over $600 million at the global box office since. An impressive haul – considering at least one person contributed nothing towards it.

The Rock’s kind-of-relative Roman Reigns (their grandfathers were blood brothers) has revealed on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning whether he’d seen the movie: “Once, and it was bootlegged…so yeah, sorry Rock.”

Reigns committed a crime without facing any substantial consequences. Which probably means he is moving to Smackdown. Hell, he’d probably get a WWE Championship shot.

Two other Raw wrestlers have also been rumoured for a Smackdown move. Squared Circle Sirens have reported Summer Rae – who’s been out with a shoulder injury since last August – has been at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to get medically cleared to return to the ring.
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Aj Styles teases Royal Rumble WWE return for Shawn Michaels

Next year’s Royal Rumble is set to take place on the 29th January in the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Just like Wrestlemania this year, WWE will presumably try to top their Royal Rumble attendance record – which was set in the same venue exactly 20 years prior with 60,477 people.

And, if everything goes more tits up than Dana Brooke on a sun lounger, they can always just ignore 80% of the stadium like Tna did for Lockdown back in 2013.

To stop that from happening, WWE need some really big draws. There’s already been rumours that the Seth Rollins vs Triple H match is being brought forward from its original Wrestlemania 33 date to the Rumble, Bubba Ray Dudley teased an Alamodome return on Twitter earlier this week, and Stone Cold and The Undertaker are rumoured possible cameos.

The latest idea, however…well, it’s more teasing than Dana Brooke on a
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Flickering Myth’s WrestleMania Retrospective: WrestleMania Xxvi

In the build-up to WrestleMania 32, the Flickering Myth writers look back at previous installments of the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’.

The Card:

Unified WWE Tag Title Match: ShoMiz vs. John Morrison & R-Truth

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted Dibiase Jr. (Triple Threat Match)

Jack Swagger vs. Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane vs. Mvp vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Evan Bourne vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston (Money in the Bank Ladder Match)

Triple H vs. Sheamus

Rey Mysterio vs. Cm Punk

Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart (No Holds Barred Match)

World Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Alicia Fox & Vicky Guerrero vs. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim & Beth Phoenix (10-Diva Tag Match)

WWE Title Match: Batista vs. John Cena

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (Streak vs. Career Match)


Has there been a recent WrestleMania moment that was
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9 Planned WWE WrestleMania 32 Matches That Fell Apart


When WrestleMania 32 was first announced for At&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, it was supposed to be the grandest wrestling show of all time. With a configuration that could support over 80,000 spectators, not only would the venue let WWE draw its legitimate largest crowd ever, but the company would be able to announce a kayfabe attendance of over 100,000. While the brand value of WrestleMania is a huge draw by itself, in order to achieve such a high number, nothing could be left to chance.

The company immediately started crafting plans for a supercard to outdo all others, a lineup filled with dream matches and once-in-a-lifetime confrontations. Every big name from the past who was still capable of competing was contacted – even Shawn Michaels, who very publicly retired following a loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania Xxvi. Michaels declined WWE’s offer, but surely other superstars would come back
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WWE Planning Two Divas’ Matches For WrestleMania 32


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, current WrestleMania plans call for two divas’ matches at the event – one for the Divas’ Championship, and another designed to get the rest of the division onto the card.

Putting two women’s matches on a WrestleMania card for the first time in a decade could potentially be a great idea – in the past, when the company has tried to fit all of the divas into a single bout, the results are usually poor. At WrestleMania XXX, the Vickie Guerrero Invitational lasted less than seven minutes and did little but give the fans time to process The Undertaker’s shocking loss. At WrestleMania Xxvi, a ten-diva tag team bout was even shorter, serving as a backdrop for a Vickie Guerrero-LayCool celebration.

With two Divas’ matches, WWE can fit the bulk of the women in one bout while giving the Divas’ Title match its own focus.
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10 Fun Facts About My Trip To WWE WrestleMania Xxvi

Kenny McIntosh

With the Royal Rumble in the history books and WWE on the road to WrestleMania, my countdown of WrestleMania trips leading up to the show in Dallas continues this week with my 2010 trip to see WrestleMania Xxvi in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since I’d never been to the West Coast for a prolonged period of time, my friends and I decided we’d go to San Jose, San Francisco, Phoenix and finish the trip off in Las Vegas. This meant going to see the go-home Raw before WrestleMania, all the festivities in Phoenix and catching the post-‘Mania SmackDown too.

It was a lot of wrestling in the space of 8 days, but we were confident that we’d have a great time.

One of the greatest parts of the trip was WrestleMania Axxess. WWE had really upped their game when it came to memorabilia and artefacts on show to the general public.
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10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Dec 18)


Known as the Legion Of Doom when working in the World Wrestling Federation, Hawk and Animal were also commonly referred to as The Road Warriors. Throughout their respective careers, both men were almost-constantly linked with one another. Arguably, they didn’t have as much success in the WWF as they earlier had in the Nwa and elsewhere, but they’re still a memorable team for many fans from the early-1990’s.

As tough as they were, one member of the tandem didn’t always have the strongest stomach. This article features one fact relating to that weakness, and it makes for a highly entertaining story. That’s what this list is all about, providing 10 different pro wrestling related facts that even the most hardcore of grappling fans may not have known about last week.

Joining The Road Warriors are the likes of Rey Mysterio, Finn Balor and Bill Goldberg.
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WWE Royal Rumble 2015: 10 Reasons The Undertaker Might Return


It’s the topic that has had the entire WWE Universe speculating since the night of April 6, 2014; will The Undertaker return to a WWE ring?

The way that Taker lost to Brock Lesnar at WWE’s showpiece event last year suggests the answer to that question is a no. It’s an old school ‘ritual’ that sees a retiring wrestler lose his last match, no matter who the opponent is or the event. All the greats have succumbed to this and The Deadman even sent Shawn Michaels into retirement at WrestleMania Xxvi.

However, this is WWE. Everything that happens in between those ropes is libel to surprise you. We’ve seen all of our jaws simultaneously hit the floor on too many occasions to completely rule out one more match for The Conscience of the WWE.

It seems the entire WWE Universe wants to see Taker finally step
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10 WWE Divas Who Never Held A Title


Every time we hear Michael Cole try to attach some sort of prestige to the WWE Divas Championship, it’s hard not to snicker a little. While it’s fair that Aj Lee’s 295-day title reign did help restore some sanity, there was a period where it seemed like every Diva on the roster was a former champ – and it almost was true.

At WrestleMania Xxvi in 2010, the Divas division was on full display in a 10-woman match that ended when the only non-wrestler in the bunch, Vickie Guerrero, hit a “hog splash” (as the announcers called it) for the win. What’s noteworthy is that all nine of the other Divas who participated in the match (Michelle McCool, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Eve, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim) at one point or another held either the Divas Championship or the WWE Women’s Championship.
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‘Shawn Michaels: Mr WrestleMania’ Blu-ray Review

We are fast approaching the 30th annual WrestleMania event and it is the time of year when many wrestling fans look back on the famous event and revisit the moments that, for whatever reason, were memorable to them. Through the years there have been plenty of memorable moments at WrestleMania and dozens of wrestlers have carved themselves into the tree-bark of history with their performance on the grandest stage in professional wrestling. One of those wrestlers, of course, is the man who called himself “The Heartbreak Kid” and was labelled by fans and critics alike as “Mr WrestleMania”. That man is Shawn Michaels, and this DVD/Blu-ray package is about his legacy on WWE’s main stage.

Shawn Michaels made his WrestleMania debut as part of The Rockers tag team with Marty Jannetty to take on The Twin Towers in 1989 at the fifth annual show, and his last wrestling appearance
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WWE: Why WrestleMania 30 Will Prove If Triple H Knows What He’s Doing

Monday April 7th will be the most important day of Daniel Bryan’s storied 15 year wrestling career. That will be the day that the dust settles from WrestleMania XXX, where Bryan will be taking on Triple H. No titles are at stake. It won’t be the main event of the show, but it will be the single most significant match of his 15 year career.

For the past year or more, Bryan has been the archetypal people’s champion. Everyone loves an underdog, and Bryan has been the ultimate, faced with seemingly insurmountable odds every step of the way. Every time he looks like he can climb to the top of the ladder, along comes another snake to slide him back down again. Just when we thought he’d finally become the WWE Champion at SummerSlam, Triple H and Randy Orton colluded to snatch the belt away from him after
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WWE: Ranking Money In The Bank Cash-Ins

Since its inception in 2005, the Money in the Bank has become one of the most prestigious accomplishments in WWE. The original concept for the match, suggested by Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam, was a Hollywood Dreams ladder match in which the winner would get have their dream come true. For example, if Rvd had won, he would have brought back Ecw. But as the concept evolved, the prize changed into a contract for a World title match that can be cashed in anywhere and anytime up to one year from winning it. The match quickly became a WrestleMania tradition until it spun-off into its own pay-per-view in 2010. Since its inception, twelve (technically thirteen) Mr. Money in the Banks have been crowned. As we wait for the most current recipient, Dolph Ziggler, to cash in, it seems like a good time to countdown the best of the Money in the Bank cash-ins.

WWE: Where Does Jack Swagger Fit On The Road To WrestleMania?

When Jack Swagger debuted in WWE, it seemed like the former Ncaa star was primed for success, being pushed right off the bat on the Ecw brand with a six month long undefeated streak and winning the Ecw World Heavyweight Championship just over five months after his debut.

After a successful run in Ecw, Swagger was moved to the Raw brand, where he’d win the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania Xxvi, granting him a future World Title shot over the course of that year. “The All-American American” cashed in his contract five days later on April 2, 2010, defeating Chris Jericho to capture his first and currently only World Heavyweight Championship.

After a poorly booked 82-day reign, Swagger began to spiral down the WWE ladder, eventually forming a partnership with Michael Cole as a part of the Texan commentator’s feud with Jerry “The King” Lawler leading up to WrestleMania Xxvii.

Dashing: The Legacy of WWE’s Cody Rhodes

In the WWE, a Superstar’s career is made and broken on your personality and gimmick. You could have the best in-ring ability in the world, but if you can’t find a way to connect with the audience and tell a story, there is a good chance your name will be on the Future Endeavours list. Roster members like Santino Marella aren’t beloved by the WWE Universe because of their technical abilities (or lack thereof), but because their character and showmanship has always entertained them and made them laugh. In the world of Sports Entertainment, as WWE calls it, wrestling ability is almost secondary.

This is something that Cody Rhodes has clearly learned during his time in the company. I remember watching his very first appearance back in 2007, in a backstage segment with his father, the charismatic and much loved Dusty Rhodes, and Randy Orton. He would continue
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Video Premiere: Kevin Rudolf's 'You Make the Rain Fall' Ft. Flo Rida

A visual accompaniment to Kevin Rudolf's latest single "You Make the Rain Fall" has been out for viewing pleasure. It features a number of tiny, yet shining drops moving to the upbeat song in front of black backdrop. They are quickly changing from one graphic to another, including forming the Cash Money singer with his signature guitar and also his featured guest Flo Rida.

"You Make the Rain Fall" is taken from Kevin Rudolf's second studio album "To the Sky" which has been in stores since June this year. Released as the second single to follow up "I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)" which features Birdman, Lil Wayne and Jay Sean, it is also featured in the promo ad of professional wrestling show "WWE Nxt".

Previously, Rudolf's claim-fame single "Let It Rock" was used as a theme song for WWE's 2009 Royal Rumble and the star-studded "I Made It
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WrestleMania Xxvi on NBC August 7, details

NBC and World Wrestling Entertainment® will bring the world.s biggest pop culture event to network television for a second year when WrestleMania Xxvi: The World Television Premiere airs Saturday, August 7 at 9 pm Et / 8 pm Ct. The special will feature highlights from WrestleMania Xxvi set to music from today.s top acts in one lightning-fast hour of family-friendly programming. For one night only, NBC is where television viewers can witness the "grandeur and spectacle" of Wrestlemania. WWE Superstars such as John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and Edge entertained a sold-out crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. While the University of Phoenix has hosted the Super Bowl, major
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WWE Studios Making Gorgeous George Bio-Pic

I attended WrestleMania Xxvi this year, primarily because I got a free ticket, but also because there are few spectacles quite like it. Vince McMahon, say what you will, is an absolute marketing genius, having transformed a fake sport into nothing but entertainment, taking his brand global, building it into a billion-dollar product, and regularly ranking among the top two or three shows on cable television.

Vince got into the movie business several years ago, and while it hasn't been wildly successful, WWE Studios is making nine movies in two years right now, none of them costing over $10 million, all of them pairing his in-ring stars with an increasingly legitimate selection of actors (like Randy Orton teaming with Ed Harris). And now, for the first time, McMahon is making a movie about a wrestler.

Deadline reports that WWE Studios has acquired the rights to the John Capouya book, Gorgeous George
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March Madness, Erykah Badu And Didi Benami: This Week's Deep Cuts

The weather has improved, the outdoor seating is opening up at restaurants and baseball is about to get started, which means that we're getting dangerously close to summer weekends, full of casual walks, short sleeves and long days that unfold laconically. Of course, the Ncaa basketball tournament will keep unfolding this weekend as well. But before you can enjoy that level of supreme leisure, you should make sure you check in with everything you might have missed this week in the MTV Newsroom, which featured more March Madness, a healthy dash of "American Idol" and a decent sampling of Justin Bieber.

» MTV News' Musical March Madness has entered the Final Four, which means that only My Chemical Romance, Muse, Tokio Hotel and Coheed and Cambria are left to fight for the championship trophy. Voting will be open until Sunday, April 4 at 10 p.m. Est. Get behind your favorites!

» The ninth season of "American Idol" continued,
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'24' Canceled, Wrestlemania Results And The Kids' Choice Awards In Today's Twitter-Wood

'24' Canceled, Wrestlemania Results And The Kids' Choice Awards In Today's Twitter-Wood
"24" will end after eight seasons on Fox, and unless the show finds another home, Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub won't be the only ones left to wonder about what might of have been in a ninth season. I'm not sure that Rainn Wilson's character from "The Office" had a great shot at a cameo to begin with, though.

Wrestlemania Xxvi headliner Shawn Michaels also reached an end over the weekend, thanks to his takedown at the hands of The Undertaker. You can see who was watching that, as well as what David Spade thought about hanging out at the Kids' Choice Awards, who stopped for a photo op with Justin Bieber and where Jon Favreau's at with "Iron Man 2." It's all documented in Twitter-Wood for March 29th, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@KimKardashian http://twitpic.com/1boxat - Big pimpin w @SerenaJWilliams @LALAVazquez @Kelly_Rowland Love u girls!
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David Otunga's WrestleMania Picks: How Did He Do?

On Sunday night (March 28), hundreds of thousands of people around the world tuned in to WrestleMania Xxvi, which was broadcast live from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. To give us a teaser on what we might see, we talked to David Otunga, pro wrestler (currently seen on "WWE Nxt" every Tuesday night on SyFy), reality TV star and fiancé of Jennifer Hudson.

Otunga, a lifelong wrestling fan who also holds a degree from Harvard Law School, sat down with MTV News' Larry Carroll to talk about who he thought would come out on top in the four main events from last night's show. How did he do? Let's take a look.

Match: John Cena vs. Batista

Otunga's Pick: Batista. Otunga thought that the six-foot-six, 290 pound WWE Champion's animal instincts would be too much for Cena.

Actual Winner: John Cena. Though Batista seemed to have Cena beaten with his patented Batista Bomb,
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