Albert Nobbs (2011) Poster


Plot Keywords

hotel 19th century
painter waiter
money ireland
butler running on the beach
woman pretending to be a man asexual
class differences facial scar
scar illness
little boy laundry
illegitimacy illegitimate child
illiteracy cap
ledger rolling a cigarette
bonnet identity
head injury black eye
house painter gender
fight ear bleeding
blood painting
shop tobacconist
cigarette smoking tobacco
hat hugging
beach cemetery
clothes line kissing
dancing costume ball
costume button
ladder kiss on the cheek
lesbian kiss kiss
undressing flea
fired from the job boiler room
snowing snow
death of partner death of loved one
crying tea
old man breakfast
marmalade viscount
accidental death shared bed
sleeping on the floor cunnilingus
oral sex doctor
death death of wife
loneliness blowing out candle
photograph hiding under floorboards
floorboard counting money
counting irish
marriage proposal baby boy
baby pregnancy
unplanned pregnancy breast flashing
saving money hidden money
dressmaker dinner
box of chocolates based on novella
servant bare breasts
period piece hiding place
death of title character secret revealed
lesbian relationship lesbian
ftm binding breasts
based on short story quarantine
tragedy dress
lesbian couple loss of loved one
breasts whiskey
typhoid chocolate
gender disguise nudity
female nudity two word title
name in title maid
secret woman dressed as man
victorian era 1800s
1890s year 1898
dublin ireland cross dressing
transgender lesbian interest
title spoken by character character name in title

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