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Funny and extreme!
ginamandic5 July 2010
I have to say, cartoons made in Flash appear on Disney XD more and more often. First there was Kid vs Kat, then Jimmy Two-shoes and now Kick Buttowski. I have to say, I didn't expect much from the first two, but when I saw the trailer for KB, I was all hyped up - awesome music, head-crashing everywhere, and god knows what else. When I first saw it, I was at a half of an episode, but I LOVED IT! Kick has a high, rough voice, which always cracks me up because he is only 8 (lol), his friend Gunther is a total comic relief, while everyone else seems too generic. Kick's sister Brianna is incredibly annoying and his mom and dad are just as stupid as ones from "Fairly Odd Parents". Basically, there is no true plot - it's just a kid that wants to be the most badass stuntman/daredevil ever, and finds LOTS of ways to show that. Gunther is his helper, and likes extremeness as much as Kich, however, he's often afraid of his stunts. The look of the show is absolutely the same as other Flash cartoons on Disney XD - fast animation, thick outlines and deformed bodies. If they are making a completely new cartoon, why not at least TRY to modernize it? Biscuits! (when you watch it, you'll know what I mean) Besides these flaws, it's a great cartoon. Funny, fast, and extreme, Kick Buttowski will always set you in a good mood.
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Funnier than Disney's new shows
I love this show, it's extremely funny and really entertaining, so entertaining you'd rather watch this than the newer shows on Disney (2011-present). It was made to make people laugh EVEN MORE than they'd laugh at Shake It Up! (More like F*ck It Up!) Austin & Ally, Jessie, A.N.T. Farm (How about T.R.A.S.H. Fart?), and the other new Disney shows that are worse than Justin Bieber (NOT counting Gravity Falls or Wander Over Yonder, they rock). Kick Buttowski is one of the best shows on Disney, and it's MILLIONS of BILLION times better than Sam & Cat (More like Spam & Brat, those are great names for those dumb whores). If you're bored, this is the CORRECT show for you to watch.
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Fun and OK in the Starting, Mediocre on the finishing
elraroquepregunta27 April 2016
When i Previewed Kick Buttowski, I though that the show will be boring , but i was surprised because this cartoon want to be EXTREME or something, and I liked the action in the show.

The designs and animation are OK

The Characters are pretty likable, Kick (Clarence his real name) is a boy who wants to be a suburban daredevil, and Gunther, he is a Norway Boy, he is the Kick's best friend and he can be mysterious or gross, because he fart

But why am saying that the show is mediocre, simply because in the second season the characters have a exaggerated personalities, to the point that we can call FLANDERIZATION, especially family suffers and that could get tired much like me

It's not recommendatory, but i recommend the first season

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A Great Funny Show
GravityLoudHouseLover231 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Kick Buttowski:Suburban Daredevil a Cartoon that ran on Disney XD from February 13,2010-December 2,2012 with 2 Seasons and 52 Episodes. The show is about a Boy Kick and his Best Friend Gunther doing extreme stunts and while his brother Brad always calls him Dilweed. The Show in My Opinion was really funny and I liked Gunther a lot. The Show featured the voice talents of Charlie Shchlatter as Kick Buttowski, Matt L Jones as Gunther Magnuson & Danny Cooksey as Brad Buttowski. Anyway i really enjoyed this show and I think they still have reruns at like 2 am. Anyway I'm Giving Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil a 10 out 10 stars for being funny. Anyway See you Guys. BYE.
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